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When Googlebot crawls your site, it may find some issues with your content like have similar Tittle, URL, Meat Tags etc. These issues won’t prevent your site from appearing in Google search results, but addressing them may help boost your traffic and Overall Site performance.

fix duplicate tittle tag in webmaster tool wallpaper

Webmaster Tool

Let me explain this first briefly, then we will learn how to fix this html Improvements duplicate title tags and meta Description in google webmaster tools.

Always and the first question is, Why “html improvements duplicate title tags” error generates in my website, Is I’m doing something wrong? The Clear Cut answers are Yes, Actually, your are doing this mistake by mistake! Each error generate due to different reason but the basic reason behind this errors are;

Change in the article, after publishing it or when we have one article with two address, means you can access one article with two different URL address.

If you are new on the web, then read “how to write SEO optimize Content” to avoid the mistake.

There are main 3 types of error, and its sub-parts are shown when you do something wrong with your article. These types of error can be easily found within the Google webmaster tools under section Search Appearance>>HTML improvement.

HTML Improvements Type Error in google webmaster tool

HTML Improvements Type Error

The most common problem is related to Title tags and Meta Descriptions. If every page on your site has unique and detailed title tags and meta descriptions, you should be fine. At the same time, you also have to make sure your title tags aren’t too short or too long. You can read the google guideline about HTML improvements duplicate title tags.

Why Should I Fix The HTML Improvements?

We all know that google wants clean, Responsive, Fresh Content site and hates the duplicate contentcopy content sites.  Actually, Google doesn’t mind a small percentage of your pages being duplicates. The problem arises when Google detects too many Duplicate Titles,  Short Meta Descriptions, and Non-Indexable content compared to the total number of the page that your website has.

My theory is that there has to be a specific percentage of HTML improvements that your website should not reach, otherwise that will trigger some kind of alert and some Google Quality team will review your website manually and apply a manual penalty.

For example, If they found that your website is generating pages dynamically with the thin content of little or no value, you’ll get a manual penalty and your website will drop 50 positions in the search results until you fix that.

What are Meta Descriptions, Title Tag And Non-Indexable Title Tag

HTML Improvements section of Google Webmaster Tools divide your website into 3 major parts and then in the sub-category.

1.) Meta descriptions: – Grades your websites into 2-parts

  1. A Long meta description,
  2. short meta description and,
  3. If there are duplicate descriptions on multiple pages.

Meta Descriptions are the paragraph of text that appears on your websites name in a Google search Result and should be no more than 150 characters.

Meta Descriptions in search Result

Meta Descriptions

Note: – Every page should have a unique meta description.

2.) Title Tags: – HTML improvements duplicate title tags are also divided into 5 criteria,

  1. Missing Tittle Tag
  2. Duplicate Tittle Tag, when we have Two Article with the same Title.
  3. Long title tag, Title tags should be no more than 66 characters and should be unique on every page
  4. Short Tittle Tag
  5. Non-Informative Tittle Tags

Title tags are a major driving force in Search Engine Optimization and Google’s algorithm as a whole.  Creating unique, proper length, title tags which contain focus keywords can drive more traffic to your site.

3.) Non-indexable content: –  When google can’t index some content of your website. I never face this problem in my SEO career So, I have no strong information about this, But if you face this problem then please provide me screenshots and information. We want to share this useful information with our audience. You can contact me here.

HTML Improvements Duplicate Title Tags And Meta Description

HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page. See below screenshot, who are not familiar with the meta description for a little understanding.

Snippet preview in yoast Plugin

Snippet preview

In Meta Description section under HTML Improvement, you can find the following error in the website.

meta description error in webmaster Tool

meta description error

  1. Duplicate meta description: – If same meta description finds in your other post (or sometimes, if you copy the first line of your paragraph in the meta description box).
  2. Long meta description: – If your meta description longer than 30 words
  3. Short meta description: – If your meta description miss or less than 10 words.

You can use Yoast SEO plugin to avoid this type of error. Whenever you increase the limit, you will get a Yellow Signal. There is not a hard and fast rule to make a limit you can also go with the yellow signal, but try to avoid red signal appear when you write a more long meta description.

meta description analysis tab in yoast Plugin

Analysis Tab

How To Fix Meta Description Error

Make a Google webmaster Tool account if you not have and wait for two-days so that google can Check and make HTML Report.

  • Click on HTML Improvements Under Search Appearance and then click on the error. In my case, I have 6 error in the duplicate meta descriptions.
duplicate Meta Description in google webmaster tool

duplicate Meta Description

  • After click on it, You will see a list of duplicate meta Description in your webmaster Tool.

This error produce due to two main reasons,

  1. Your one article have two URL, so google consider it two different page and think this two page have the same meta description. But in actually this is only one page with two different address.
  2. Or  Your Two Article have the same Meta Description. In my case, I have the First one.
  • Again click on any error, you will see the link to the two page

In case 1: – You have to delete the one URL.

In case 2: –  You have to change the meta description of any one of the page.

checking the HTML Duplicate meta description error in google webmaster tool

Checking the Error

Note: – When you change the “URL of the article” after publishing it then your post has two address URL, an older one, and a new one.

Let me explain: –  For example, you have a post with URL

After, remove the date

Now google consider this two different page but in actual, it is only one page, Now what you do? Delete any one URL that you do not want to show in the google Search Result. I will tell you how you can delete that page at the end of the article, But now first we learn all type of error.

Short and Long Meta Description Error: – Whenever you find this type of error in webmaster tool, Just go to the page and short or long the meta Description according to the error.

How To Fix Tittle Tag Error

HTML improvements duplicate title tags type of Error is very common because new Blogger doesn’t know about the length of the Tittle.  Sometimes they create very long and sometimes very short.

Missing Title Tag: –  When you do not write the Tittle of the article. There is some case when you only need to show the featured image of the post and hide the title.

Duplicate title Tag: – Again “HTML improvements duplicate title tags” is similar to duplicate meta description tag. When you change the URL or You make Two Post with the same Tittle.

  • Click on Duplicate Title Tag and check the URL. Select which one you want to delete
  • Use Google Page Removal Tool to Delete the page From the google Index.
html improvements duplicate title tags shown in webmaster tool

duplicate title tags

Long title Tag: – When you write the title greater than the recommended length.

Short Title Tag: – When your Write the title tag very short, For Example, one.

Non-Informative Title Tag: –  This Type of error occur when you publish a blank page, like Contact page. In a contact page, there is nothing to write, we just show name, last name, email, and message box,

photo of Contact Page

Contact Page

But for a google, it is just a blank page, which has a no information. It just only increases the Quantity of the page not Quality of your web page. So you can use  Nofollow Tag to tell google no need to index this page.

Non-Informative Title Tag page error in webmaster Tool

Non-Informative Title Tag

So this is a brief guide about HTML improvements duplicate title tags, if you still face any problem please feel free to comment below.

Remove The Page From the Search Engine

  • Go to google webmaster Tool>>Google Index>>Remove URLs and enter the URL of the page which you want to deindex from google.
  • Click the continue button.
Google Page Removal Tool in webmaster tool

Google Page Removal Tool

  • Now you will see 3 option, Leave it as “Temporarily hide page from search result and remove from cache“.
  • Now click on Submit Request button.
After submitting removal page request in webmaster tool

After Submission

After, Submitting the URL you will see a list of URL.

Note: – Google Take 24hr to delete the page from google index. If you add the wrong URL of the page in removal tool then don’t worry, you have the option to reindex the page.

page expire in the google page removal tool

Expire Page

By default in WordPress, if you are using Yoast Plugin then yoast enable indexing of subpages. See below screenshot for understanding subpages;

sub page errorin show in the webmaster too

Sub Pages

you can fix this by disabling this option in WordPress under Yoast Plugin setting.

  • Open your WordPress Admin>>SEO>>Tittle&meta. Then click on noindex and save the setting. But you have to remove the page those indexed already by removing its URL from google,
Sub Page Setting

Sub Page Setting

Important Point

  1. Unlike some other reports in Google Webmaster Tools, there is no button to mark something as fixed here. You have to keep a track of what you have fixed so that when you visit this reports again, you will know what you fixed and what is new and needs fixing.
  2. According to Matt Cutts. It is important to add a unique meta description tag to all the post but you can either skip this. Google can Create a Unique Meta description for your post But it is good practice to add it by yourself.
  3. Google Use Good Meta description or Keyword in the meta description as a ranking factor.
  4. Make a Good Meta Description for the user not to rank in google higher.

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GWT offers invaluable insight into the performance of your website, allowing you to assess and fix crawl errors, investigate backlinks to your site and can even tell you if your site has been manually penalized by Google. It gives us a rare glimpse into how the often secretive Google views your website.

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If you have any suggestion or problem about HTML improvements duplicate title tags please feel free to comment below.

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