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Removing content from Google Search Engine Index is more important than adding in it. Maximum Website Owner Don’t know, the Basic difference between WordPress category and tag. So they do a lot of mistakes during creating/making a Category and tags

Many Businessmen starts their company with the selected Category. But in future, they delete or add New category into their business according to the change in the competition. And the same thing happens with the “New Bloggers”.

When we delete or remove WordPress Category And Tags, we do ONE BIG MISTAKE.

We online remove WordPress category And Tags from the website but not from the Google or major other search engine Index where our URL of the content is stored.

In this article, I will help you to temporary/permanent delete or remove WordPress category And Tags directory from the google search engine indexed.

Then we move one more step to learn is it important to add a category to the search engine. If No, then why?

Introduction To Category

According to the definition”

A Category is one of the pre-defined taxonomies in WordPress. It is used to sort and group content into different sections.

In a layman language, we can say a category is a Group of Post.



The Taxonomy in WordPress is one of those things that everyone uses, but they do not know that they are using it. WordPress Taxonomies are used as a way to group posts and custom post types together.

A WordPress has two very popular taxonomies that people use on a regular basis:

  • WordPress Categories and
  • WordPress Tags.

Remove WordPress Category And Tags From Search

There are some basic step to remove WordPress category And Tags from google search index

  1. Make sure your Robots.txt file is not blocking access to the tags and categories pages.
  2. Search your website using “Site-Operator” to check category and tags.
  3. Submit request in the Google Webmaster Tool.

Step 1: – By default WordPress not blocking category and tags. To ensure this, open your Robots.txt file by typing following URL in your browser. ” (replace with your domain)

Check if your robots.txt file has the following code then just edit robots.txt file and remove the code from the file.

Disallow: /category/
Disallow: /tag/

Hit: – Robots.txt file plays an important role in SEO. They help google search engine, how to crawl your website. With the help of robots, you can tell the search engine which part is private and which prat is public.

Now, check what pages of your site are indexed in Google by typing this search operator into Google.

Step 2: –  This operator help us to check which page, post, category, tag, attachment Id etc is indexed by the google.

Type, (replace with your domain)

Here you can see which data is pick up the google search engine from your website. To learn more about the content that google pick from your website read Google structured data markup.

Now check all the page and decide which page or WordPress category you want to remove from the google search engine.

For example, Here I want to delete all my tags from the google search index. so I select the URL of tags.

Note: – Everything begins with is removed from the search engine. This is called Directory removal.

For example

If you want to delete category then you can use the following UR. But note everything will be de-indexed that begins with

Step 3: – You need a webmaster account to submit a request to google.

  • Here you have to add the URL that you selected for deleting.

In my case, I’m going to delete all my “Tag” page. But you can use the same process to delete the category from the google search index.

  • Now Select “Temporarily hide directory” from the google search index and hit the submit button.

Learn more about Google URL Removal Tool to understand why I select Temporarily hide directory option.

After Submitting, You will get the report of the Request.

Note: – Within 12-24 hours, all of your categories and tag pages will be out of Google’s index.

Is It Important To Add Category And Tags In Search Engin?

You can Add Tags but limited tags. But for the category, the clear cut answer is NO!!!!! Why?

Let me explain it,,,

When I start my blog, I also don’t know about this problem. After few month blogging when I check index history in Google webmaster Tool Under Index Status Option.

Note: – You can also check by using String Operator.

Then I get a shock, I write only 20 posts but google index 857 content. How is it possible?

After a lot of searches, I Got my Answer!!!!!!

Google bots indexing my categories as well as tags.

And After some search, I found a lot of duplicate content on my Blog and Some extra pages due to HTML improvement duplicate title tag Error.

Why I Deindex Category And Tage From Google.

Because Google loves the neat and clean website!!!!!!

Think if you are a google and you have to daily filter a URLs which is just duplicate of the other content then how you feel.

Similarly, if you provide bad information or unfair information to google not rank your website. But if you provide less and the right information to google than google think it is a good High-quality website and reward you by providing organic traffic to your website.

So, I Think this information is sufficient to understand why we have to Remove WordPress category And Tags from the Google Index.

Some Important Point

Just giving a command to google, Remove WordPress category And Tags that is good. But what happen when google comes to your site and found a sitemap of category and tags.

Google reindex your “remove WordPress category and tag” So how you can fix this problem.

So now the Question is, how you can fix this problem?

Now you thing you remove the category from XML Sitemap. Again this is a big mistake.

If you delete the category then google have a  less information to index your post. Providing category to search engine means you are providing a path to google for better indexing of your Site.

Then what is the Exact solution to this problem? The answer is, Just add NoIndex but

The answer is, Just add NoIndex but dofollow tag to a category. So that google can crawl your category but not index it.

  • If you are using Yoast Plugin, Go to SEO >>XML Sitemaps
  • Now click on Taxonomies and follow the screen instruction and save it.

So, this is an only a setting for  XML sitemap, which file we have to include and which one is not.

  • Now Go to Setting SEO>> Title and meta >> Taxonomies
  • Now adjust the meta tag (part of a robots.txt file) setting to put category out of search engine. Ans also for Tags.

Note: – Every site has different Object and different need. First decided which thing you want and the implement it on your Blog

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I think Removing category and tag from the search engine help you to increase the Overall Quality of the website and also Rank. I’m not encouraging anyone to remove WordPress category and tag from the search index. Thing like a google, which thing google want and which one is not.

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If you have any suggestion or problem about how to Remove WordPress category And Tags please feel free to comment below.

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