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Google Search Console

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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service to webmasters (Website Owner) and web developers that allow them to use specific tools and methods to understand the status of their website as well as use it to improve SEO to rank higher.

In Short, we can manage all of the back-end website information/activity and ensure proper indexing when Google crawls your website.

Why we need Google Search Console?

Google search console help us to find the error on your website, check how our site is performing on Google and also help us to optimised our site for Google.

HTML Improvment

This type of error generates when Google’s Bots find one content with two different URL on your site. Usually, it happens when we change the URL of Existing content.

AMP Page

Accelerated Mobile Page service is launched by Google to deliver content very fast to the mobile user by hosting your AMP version of a page on its server.

Search Analytic

Search Analtic help you to find which page of your site is rank higher in SERP and also where from the traffic coming, CTR, Impression, and Average position.

Internal Links

Internal link structure is important to control the link juice of your site, increase the visibility of content and helps bots to find page easily.

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Benefit of Google Webmaster Tools


Blocked Resource

If Google bots not able to index or find your page due to the unnecessary blocking of CSS and JAVA script than you get warning here.

XML Sitemap

You can easily check how many Post, Pages, Tags, Category, and images are indexed by Google bots.

Robots.txt file

This feature helps you to identify which page is file blocked by which Robots.txt file so that we can edit and unblocked it.

Crawler Error

By finding error in your site and fixing by Using google URL removal Tool you can improve your SEO and can achieve higher rank in SERP

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