15 Ways You Can Share Infographics To Help With Your Awareness Campaign


The world is changing and you need to adapt, and you can do that by using infographics as a tool for your awareness campaign. With the right tools, you can create an infographics with ease and share it on social media with just one click of a button. Today, we’ll explore 15 ways you can share infographics to help promote your cause or message!

  1. Use On Your Blog.

One great way to use an infographic is on your own blog. Simply find one that fits in with the topic of your blog post and include it in the text.  For example, if you’re writing about autism, you might do a post with an infographic about the history of autism. If you’re writing about inclusivity, you could include an infographic on gender and race equality in America in your post.

  1. Use On Your Website.

Another great way to share infographics is on your own website. Be sure to add relevant links either in the infographic or in the text that explains it.  For example, if your website is about mental health awareness, you can include an infographic on symptoms of depression with links to more information for people who are interested.

  1. Use On Forums.

You could also share infographics by posting them in online forums. There are subreddits where people will post things they find interesting.  If you have found an infographic that fits the theme of one of these subreddits, simply post it and include a text explanation if necessary.

  1. Share Via Social Media.

You can also share infographics through your social media accounts. Just click “share” and send it out! There are tons of social media sites available for this kind of thing.  Be sure to include a brief explanation of the infographic in your post, and make sure your information is correct.

  1. Use In Your Emails.

Did you know that you can share infographics by email too? You can! And it’s actually quite easy. Simply create an email with your infographic in it, and send it to the people you think would be interested. Make sure you have permission from the person who created the infographic before sending this kind of email.  You don’t want them thinking that their work was stolen!

  1. Use In Presentations.

Another great way to share infographics is by using them in your presentations. You can do this by printing the infographic and placing it on an easel in front of the room.  You can also project it up onto a screen and talk about what you know regarding that topic.

  1. Use In Your Conference Calls.

Another great way to share infographics is in your conference calls. Try creating a slideshow of your infographic and sending it to the people in your call. They can follow along at their own pace while learning about what you think is important!

  1. Use By Creating Your Own Infographic.

If you know how to design an infographic or if you want to learn, then creating your own cool infographic is definitely an option for you. You can write about what you know and the experience you’ve had with your topic, and create a great infographic to get people interested.

  1. Use By Sharing Other People’s Infographics.

If you’re not very good at design or creating things in general, then another idea is to find someone who has created an infographic that fits your topic. Then share it on social media or email it to the people you think will want to learn about it!

  1. Share On Reddit.

If you want to share infographics, then another great idea is to post about them on Reddit. There are tons of subreddits where people will simply share things they think the community will like. So find one that fits your infographic, and post it!

  1. Share On StumbleUpon.

If you’re looking for other places to share your best infographics, then why not try StumbleUpon? Just type in the topic that your infographic is about and hit “stumble.” You’ll find a huge list of people who are interested in infographics like yours, so all you have to do is click “share!”

  1. Make A Presentation Video.

You can also share infographics by making a presentation video. This will give you the chance to talk about the infographic in more detail, incorporating it into your own video rather than just posting it.  It’s actually really easy to do! All you have to do is find an app that allows you to add videos and put them in.  You can even add your infographic to the video with an explanation about what you think it means and how it relates to what you’re talking about.

  1. Use In Your Lectures.

If you’re a teacher or professor, then use infographics in your lecture! Since most students learn better when they can see diagrams and graphs, using infographics in your lectures can help them learn more quickly.

  1. Host Your Infographic Online.

A great way to share an infographic is by hosting it on your site. This gives you the chance to explain what points are important and how they relate to all of the things that you think are relevant with regards to that topic.

  1. Ask People To Share Your Infographic.

If you still think that people might not want to share your infographic because it doesn’t have enough information or isn’t interesting, then you can ask them to share it! Just post a blog entry about the awesome infographic and how much it helped with your topic.  You’ll find that if you explain that you think people will like it, then they’ll usually do what you want them to if not for your sake, for their own.

BONUS TIP: Use Venngage Infographics

Venngage is an online infographic maker that provides a wide range of infographic templates that can be used for many different purposes. To give you an example, here are some infographic examples from their website.