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Look At How You Can Write for Us

Have a knack for technical and trendy writing? Write for us and expand your reach.

HiTechWork has been prominent for a long time now and this is exactly why we have standards to accept original and top notch content to be published on our site. If you consider yourself someone that want a public outreach with their content then feel free to email us your request and sample work at the email address mentioned above.

Who Can Write for Us?

Anyone who wants a public outreach and want their content to make it to the bigger audience. If you think your content is good enough to deliver value and drive traffic, and is related to tech industry; shoot an email.

Although there is a review team that coordinates with you and gives back-to-back feedback on your work, you’ll be fine if your work reflects the type of audience you’re writing for, for your specific content. Your first piece of work may not be guaranteed to air if it needs to be amended.

How to Submit?

If your content is strictly original and well structured, you can email your sample to us at and our team will respond shortly. Although it will take some time to evaluate if your work meets our standards.

You can send relevant images, infographics, listicles, etc. as attachments for us to use in your content. If you are using images, make sure to use royalty-free images or images that you own. We discourage any stolen or pirated property.

Your article/post can be anywhere between 1000-1500 words and all of it needs to include value for the reader. If there’s a sales pitch or a products sale, your article will be criticized. Your guest post is a valuable exposure for you, make sure it has enough value in it.

Guidelines for Guest Post

  1. Your post needs to be anywhere from 1000-1500 words. If it goes beyond that we’ll let you know if we consider it. You can include outbound links to add value. Anything promotional is highly discouraged.
  2. Your copy needs to pass plagiarism test. If it includes paraphrasing of someone else’s work; we’ll count that in plagiarism as well. Make sure your opinions, solutions, value is unique to you and not copied or pirated.
  3. Your document needs to be in standard format. Any format other than the knowns are discouraged. Google Document is the preferred choice to get instant reviews on your work. Same applies on images, add them as attachments, zip files are discouraged unless advised by the coordinator.
  4. Your images shouldn’t include screenshots of your brand or business. They need to be royalty-free or owned by you or your firm.
  5. Make sure you go through the article as many times as you need before sending us. This is saves time for us and for you as well.

Editorial Operations

  • As soon as we receive an article a coordinator will get in touch with you and will be dealing on behalf of the team.
  • Your submissions will be reviewed by the team and we will let you know of any updates.
  • If your copy needs changes, you will be informed and asked for a revision.
  • When your revision is submitted the copy will go through the checking procedure again. Note that your copy will be checked for plagiarism, paraphrasing, grammar, and all the other similar checkpoints.
  • We’ll list the article for a publish date and let you know when it airs.

Terms of Use

  • All the submitted content can be altered, amended, and corrected to best fit the measures held by our writers. We hold the right to make any changes that we may encounter would further perfect the comprehensiveness and value of a copy.
  • The changes can also include downloadable files, links and newsletters. If we see best fit in a copy that you wish to post as a guest.
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