3 Steps to revolutionize your eCommerce Marketing Strategy


Everything is closed due to the lockdown, which includes physical stores.

Everybody is at home, and according to research, web traffic has increased by 37% during this time.

This means that there are thousands of people online.

Maybe they are searching for something or just surfing the internet.

Some individuals or entrepreneurs, during this time, are working on a lucrative business idea say, thinking of launching a mobile game.

Some have already contacted a mobile game development company and they’re halfway there on their journey to launch a revolutionary app.

Similarly, marketers, on the other hand, are continuously searching for new ways to engage customers online.

However, one thing is for sure, and that is that during this time – we learned that that anything can happen at any time.

So, it is essential to always be ready to adapt to the change to meet the needs of your customers.

Plus, you need to rethink your mCommerce app strategy during these times.

Today, mCommerceapp owners are afraid to lose their customers because of the lockdown.

We know that this is a big concern so, we are here to tell you about how you can derive maximum value from your mCommerceapp online.

How you can ensure maximum revenue once the lockdown has been lifted and you are free to rock and roll.

So, in this blog post, we will tell you 3 effective ways to engage your customers through your mCommerce app to boost your revenue.

We will tell you how you can communicate with them and what should be your approach during the pandemic.

Let’s start!

Step #1: Updating Your Customers

You should always keep your customers updated on what you’ve been up to recently.

Not only is this anamazing strategy to keep your customers engaged with your brand but also a way to keep them emotionally attached.

It’s considered a good gesture because while continually updating them, you’ll be staying in touch with them which will eventually strengthen your brand’s and your relationship with them.

As an mCommerceapp owner, it is your responsibility to ensure a remarkable customer experience even when your services are temporarily stopped.

If you don’t update them about what is happening, they’ll feel that you have just disappeared.

Make sure you include them in every step you take during the lockdown.

Tell them that you will ensure that their favorite items will be provided to them once the lockdown has lifted.

For your convenience, we have concise the text mentioned above in the following points.

  1. Inform

Let your customers know that you are out there, and your mCommerceapp is operating silently.

There are several ways to do this. You can inform your customers through emails, social media and your website.

  1. Be Clear

Inform them about what is happening with the existing orders and how you will process them.

There might be some orders that you received before the lockdown, so a little information on the status of theirorders to your customers would be a delight for them.

It would show that you care about them.

  1. Customer Service

Know this, during the lockdown, there will be numerous people asking several questions about your mCommerceapp.

Make sure that your customer service representatives are always available to answer their queries.

An easy way to do this is via phone or a chatbot that can be incorporated on your website or on your social media page.

Step #2: Stop Your Email Campaigns & Start Promoting Your Brand

During the lockdown, people will be a little less towards buying something.

Let’s say an individual has an upcoming event, he might be interested in buying, but the percentage of such individuals would be too low, especially during the pandemic.

So, some things need to be stopped for now.

You should pause any marketing campaign that is aimed towards revenue generation or conversions.

Campaigns You Should Pause

  • Lead generation or activation campaigns.
  • Abandoned cart reminders and browse campaigns.
  • Post purchasing campaigns.
  • Win back or customer retaining campaigns.

Campaigns You Should Run

It is always good to promote your brand.

Especially during the pandemic – this can be a great idea.

You can create campaigns that would promote your brand, by the end of the lockdown, people will remember your brand.

We have some ideas for you on how you can promote your mCommerceapp during the pandemic.

  1. Change Your Welcome Flow

Adapt to the current situation.

Make sure that your products and the content you are creating is in line with the current situation and keep new and existing customers informed.

  1. Celebrate

People are constantly surfing the internet to find something entertaining.

They are really fed up with social distancing, and they want something that can cope with their isolation.

A little appreciation from your mCommerceapp would put a smile on their face.

You can do this by appreciating your customers for their loyalty.

However, make sure you remove any content that is geared towards conversion.

  1. Making an Offer

To engage them once the lockdown has been lifted, make an offer.

Tell them that the offer is redeemable once trading resumes.

Lockdown Is Over
Lockdown Is Over

How Can You Ensure Maximum Revenue Once the Lockdown Is Over?

Obviously, because of the Coronavirus, you are now promoting your brand instead of aiming towards revenue generation.

However, there are some ways to ensure that you again reach the top of your game once the lockdown has been lifted.

We have arranged a few of them that will help you later on:

  • Wishlist: Make your customers add their favorite items to their wish lists.
  • Abandoned Carts: Your conversion campaigns are paused so, tag the customers who are adding things to their Wishlist to re-target them later in the future.
  • Gift or Promotional Cards: Let people purchase gift cards because they can be given as a present during the lockdown, and the recipients can avail them later.
  • Special Discount on Pre-orders: Give your customers a facility – tell them that if they order a product now, they’ll get a special discount. We assure you that this strategy will engage several existing customers and attract some new ones too.
  • Launch a Competition: Gamify your mCommerceapp online experience. Let your customers create and customize a shoe or a suit and tell them that the best customizer among them will win.

Create Educational Content For Your Customers

Educational content will remind your customers about the additional facilities they get when they purchase a product from you.

You can tell your customers about a product or its additional uses.

Also, use lifestyle imagery with such content to give your customers the best experience while reading your content.

You can incorporate educational content in your emails or in your posts on social media.

Make sure the content is geared towards the current situation.

Some examples of topics people would love to read during the lockdown would be:

  • How to work from home?
  • How to workout at home?
  • How to take care of your skin at home?
  • How to stay happy?
  • How to rearrange your home?

Noticed something? The “How to”! people will instantly know directly from the heading that they will learn something new from this post or email.

You can also incorporate a product that you have for sale in your content to get pre-orders.

Tell Them About Your MCommerceApp (Your Brand)

We are promoting your mCommerceapp so, why not give your audience a little info on why you do what you do.

This is the best time to tell your customers about your core values, brand stories, goals and motivations.

During the lockdown, your customers have the time to read about your mCommerceapp and learn more about your brand.

So, tell them about the driving force behind what you do, make it personal.

Some examples of these posts or emails can be:

  • The story behind the brand.
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Meet our team.
  • What we do and why.
  • Our motives.

How Often Should You Post or Send Emails?

Too many emails and posts will just irritate your customers.

You don’t want to flood your customer’s inboxes with tons of emails, right?

So, keep emailing them but at a low pace.

Know this, your competitors might be sending too many emails, and from your side, there would be fewer emails but more valuable content.

In the end, your customers will welcome the change and get engaged with your emails.

Step #3: Utilizing Your mCommerceApp Followers and Community

Social media is all about engagement, right!

For now, all you need to know is that social media has the power to keep your customers engaged,not only during the pandemic but always.

And as usual, we have some ideas for you that will keep your audience engaged:

  • Online polls (Ask them what they want to hear about, or what they prefer)
  • Open questions or favorite brands (likes and dislikes)
  • Use your content to provide tips on using products.
  • Start interactive live sessions.
  • Create hashtags that are specific to your mCommerceapp so that your customers can get engaged and share your content.

Over to You

We know that your warehouse is closed.

But this does not mean that your journey with your customers has come to an end.

What it truly means is that your journey has just changed a bit.

What should you do?

Well, you should avail of this opportunity and promote your mCommerceapp as much as possible.

This period has given you a chance to find new and innovative ways to engage your customers, so do it.

Let’s revise all the things that you read and learned above:

  • Keep your customers informed about everything you do with your mCommerceapp.
  • Engage your customers by using your social media and emails.
  • Pause any marketing campaigns geared towards conversion and start promotional campaigns.
  • Create a list of customers that you can re-engage later when the lockdown ends.
  • Create situation-oriented content using social media that will help your brand stay on top of your customer’s mind.
  • Restart your revenue generation once the lockdown has been lifted and make a comeback with discounts, gift cards and incentives.