4 Types of High Pressure Pumps and When to Use Them


The right high pressure pump can make a significant difference in your operations. Read on to learn about these four types of high-pressure pumps and when to use them.

1. HP/UHP Triplex Pumps

Triplex pumps can handle a broad range of corrosive or robust fluids. For this reason, they are ideal for various uses, including drill pipe cleaning, abrasive cold cutting, hydrostatic testing, marine growth removal, pipe cleaning, sewer cleaning, tank and vessel cleaning, tube cleaning, and surface preparation.

Asia Waterjet’s HP/UHP Triplex Pumps are some of the best on the market. They use the Jetstream pump range, ensuring that these systems are the most reliable and user-friendly option available. The range includes Jetstream 3000, Jetstream 3600, Jetstream 4200, and Jetstream 5200. In addition, HP/UHP Triplex Pumps have a pressure range of up to 40,000psi and a selection of flows.

The versatility of these pumps is demonstrated by the fact that you can change operating pressure while on the job simply by attaching Jetstream’s fluid end conversion. In addition, they are easily upgradeable, with pressure conversions being performed in 30 minutes with only 37 parts in the fluid end.

Moreover, these pumps can be manufactured to your individual specifications and have customizable unit options — trailer, canopy or skid mounted. No special tools or equipment are required, as the pump is designed to be simple to use. Users love the simplicity, with only 37 parts in the fluid end and a unique uni-valve one-piece cartridge.

2. Compact Triplex Pumps

When it comes to specific projects, you need to balance durability and quality with size and agility. In these situations, it is recommended that you utilize a Compact Triplex Pump that is available in a small portable trolley high-pressure unit to ensure that it is easily deployable.

These pumps are suitable for applications including machinery washdown or cleaning; building cleaning, road, pavement, car park maintenance and cleaning; and lake, lagoon, fountain cleaning.

For example, the Dynajet range of Compact Triplex Pumps features products that are compact and durable. Designed to be user-friendly, these German-made units are available with different motors (electric, diesel or petrol)  and are known for their maximum efficiency, unparalleled flexibility, and innovative design. Dynajet high-pressure units combine innovation and reliability to offer the best user experience possible.

If you select a Dynajet model, you can choose accessories for multiple operations, including a water heater for demanding cleaning applications (180 bar to 1000 bar), adjustable regulators, spark arrestors, chalwyn valves, and radio remote controls.

3. Radial Diaphragm Pumps

Radial diaphragm pumps produce high-pressure discharge with high flow, providing a continuous stream without any pulsation. When you utilize radial diaphragm pumps, you can convert them into various pressures and flows without having to switch the pistons. This is one of the reasons these pumps are so popular; they are incredibly versatile.

Featuring a Harben® ‘P’ type radial piston diaphragm pump and two interconnected water storage tanks with a total capacity of 500 litres (110 gallons), the DTB500 Harben is ideal for unblocking, descaling and root cutting. In addition, this particular model is suitable for drains of up to 300mm, thanks to its variable-speed hydraulic-rewind hose reel with a 100m high-pressure hose capacity.

The 400 Series Van Pack has a Triplex plunger pump, a 48 hp water-cooled diesel engine, and the choice of a single water tank with 390 litres (90 gallons) or a twin water tank with 780 litres (180 gallons). Its hydraulic hose reel and radio remote control option suits fat and grease removal and drains up to 350mm.

Another option is the DTX II Trailer which features the Harben®’P’ type radial piston diaphragm pump and has a built-in antifreeze tank. The water tank consists of four interconnected water storage tanks with a total capacity of 910 litres. This design also boasts high-capacity versatility and a radio remote control option.

Finally, the DTM Trailer also has a Harben® ‘P type’ radial piston diaphragm pump and a Yanmar 22 hp water-cooled diesel engine. It has twin water tanks comprising 227 litres (50 gallons) and a manually wound hose reel with 90m high-pressure hose capacity.

This product is lightweight and easy to tow, making it a perfect choice for housing associations, municipalities, and plumbers. Suitable for drains up to 200mm, the DTM Trailer has proven Harben® reliability.

4. Disc Pumps

Unlike many other pumps, disc pumps don’t feature an impeller, piston, diaphragm or screw. Instead, these pumps work because the boundary layer and viscous drag principle produce a pulsation-free laminar flow.

The protective boundary layers are formed because the fluid at the walls remains stationary (relative to the rotating discs), while the viscous drag creates flows of steady laminar streams. In addition, there are no radial loads and no close tolerances.

Due to their unique design, these disc pumps are low-to-no maintenance systems. As there is no device to ruin your product and a layer of protection for the pump, these pumps don’t have to deal with the clogging, cavitation, excessive wear and product damage that inevitably affect the performance of other pumps. This ensures pump longevity and decreased operational costs.

Disc pumps can be used for the toughest applications, including oil, gas and petrochemical applications and municipal and industrial wastewater applications. DiscFlo produces pumps suitable for all of these applications and have been used by the majority of top oil and petrochemical companies in the world.

These pumps can handle applications such as heavy crude oil production operations, the transport of drilling mud and fluids, pumping and transporting heavy crudes, submersible pumps for emptying oxidation ponds, and pumping from marine terminals to oil tankers (to name a few).

On the other hand, for municipal applications, these pumps can successfully pump severely abrasive fluids, highly viscous fluids, fluids containing large or stringy solids, slurries with a high solids content, and fluids with high volumes of entrained air/gas (to name a few). So, again, for these very reasons, DiscFlo pumps have successfully served many of the top municipal water and wastewater companies in the world.

What type of high pressure jetting pump do you need for your next job? Have you used any of these listed before?