6 Solutions to Fix Corrupted AVI Files [100% Working]

6 Solutions to Fix Corrupted AVI Files

AVI Not Playing? 6 Ways to Repair AVI Files Easily

AVI Not Playing

How do I fix corrupted AVI files? If this question is haunting your mind you’re in right place. AVI, a popular video format for a long time, has been around since forever. But it can get corrupted like any other media file which can cause a lot of pain and even result in lost data.

However, with right solutions, you can repair them and get them working again. This article shares six solutions for AVI corrupted file repair and some tips to prevent them from getting corrupted in future. So, let’s sort this out!

Part 1: Common Scenarios of AVI File Corruption

Before you learn how to fix corrupted AVI files, let’s first talk about usual signs that show that a video might have corrupted. Knowing these scenarios will enable you to fix your video playback issues according to their symptoms. Here are common scenarios of AVI file corruption:

  • The video could look fuzzy or have an unclear sound.
  • You could see a green screen, pixelated images, or video might be distorted.
  • Audio and video might not match up, causing a mismatch.
  • The video might not play, freeze, or stutter while playing.
  • You might get an error when trying to open or edit the file.

Part 2: Reasons Behind Avi Files Not Playing Video/Corrupted

There are many reasons behind AVI file not playing such as following:

  • User errors like accidental deletion or abrupt shutdowns during file transfer can corrupt AVI files.
  • Malware can infect and corrupt AVI files.
  • File fragmentation on fragmented disks.
  • Outdated codecs causing playback issues and corruption.
  • Errors in software or hardware problems like HDD issues can damage AVI files.
  • Other factors like incomplete downloads, bad sectors, or using incompatible players.
  • Damage to file header, which holds important info, can stop AVI files from opening or playing right.

Now, let’s look at how to repair corrupted/damaged AVI files easily and quickly!

Part 3: The Easiest Way to Fix Corrupted AVI Files

When having trouble with severe corruption in AVI files, an easy way is to use 4DDiG Video Repair. It’s a professional tool to automatically repair AVI files and handle video playback issues, like error codes, choppy, or fuzzy playback, and audio-video sync problems. With just three easy steps, it’ll get your AVI files back in form. Check out key features of this AVI repair tool:

  • Fix AVI files with playback problems, missing sound, damaged headers, etc.
  • Repair grainy, pixelated, blurry, flickering, jerky, distorted etc AVI videos.
  • Fix slow or no audio-in-video playback issues.
  • Repair multiple video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, SWF, and more.
  • Supports video repair from various internal/external sources like hard disks, SD cards, USBs, and more.
  • Enhances video quality and boosts resolution for better viewing.
  • Batch repairs multiple formats simultaneously.
  • Provides a preview of repaired videos before saving.
  • Offers Quick and Advanced Repair modes.

Here are steps to use this AVI repair tool to repair corrupted AVI files:

Step 1: Download, install, and open AVI repair tool on your computer and choose “Video Repair.”


Step 2: Click “Fix Video Errors” and then hit “Start Repair.” Choose your corrupted AVI files and click “Start Repair” for tool to start repairing corrupted AVI files.


Step 3: Wait for repairing process to finish. Once done, check preview of your fixed AVI files. Play them to ensure the quality is restored. Once you’re satisfied, save repaired AVI videos on a partition where you didn’t lose them to prevent overwriting.


Part 4: Alternative Ways to Repair AVI Files

Other than using 4DDiG Video Repair there are some alternative ways for AVI corrupted file repair if corruption is minor. Here are they:

Fix 1:  Convert AVI File to Another Format

When AVI files get corrupted, it might affect codec info, which can in turn cause issues with playback. Converting video file to another format can dodge this issue by using a different codec. Basically, converting means rewriting data into a new format.

Sometimes, this can fix small problems causing AVI corruption. You can use VLC media player to fix corrupted AVI files by converting them. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open VLC player, head to “Media” and pick “Convert/Save.”

Open VLC player

Step 2: Add your corrupted AVI file and hit “Convert/Save.”

Add your corrupted AVI file

Step 3: Choose “MP4” or “MKV” from drop-down menu next to “Profile.”\

Step 4: Click “Browse” to pick where you want new file to be saved. Then, just hit “Start” to begin conversion process.

Just hit Start

Fix 2: Repair AVI File Online

A quick and automatic way to repair AVI files is by using an online tool, 4DDiG Free Online Video Repair.  It is completely free and can repair minor corruption. Besides, you don’t need to install anything and can upload files up to 300 MB of AVI files. Here’s how to fix AVI file not playing issue with this tool:

Step 1: Vist 4DDiG Free Online Video Repair and press “Upload Video” to add your corrupted AVI video.

Upload Video

Step 2: The tool will automatically repair AVI video which you can preview and download afterward.

Automatically repair AVI video

Fix 3: Use DivFix++ Repair Tool

In case a damaged file header or incomplete download is cause of corruption in AVI files, you can use DivFix++ to fix AVI files. It is a free AVI repair tool that can rebuild index of video files. Follow steps below to use DivFix++:

Step 1: Download DivFix++, open it, and choose “Add Files” to select corrupted AVI videos you want to fix.


Step 2: Make sure to tick “Cut Out Bad Parts” and “Keep Original File.” This is to remove damaged bits while keeping original file intact.

Step 3: Next, click “Strip Index” to remove old index. You can also choose “Check Errors” to scan for issues. The process will take some time. Next, hit “Fix” to start repairing.

Fix 4: Update Drivers

Outdated or faulty display or audio drivers needed to play videos can cause hardware or software issues which in turn can lead to AVI file not playing. Therefore, update drivers to fix AVI files:

Step 1: Type “Device Manager” in “Windows search bar” and right-click on it to open.

Step 2: Find graphic or audio driver you want to update, right-click on it, and pick “Update Driver.”

Update Driver

Step 3: Follow on-screen prompts to get latest version of driver and restart your computer.

Fix 5: Repair with VLC Player

Another way to fix corrupted AVI files is by using “Always Fix” feature of VLC media player. It can also repair AVI files if they are corrupted during download. However, this fix will only make a temporary index that only works with VLC. If you switch to another player, you’ll still encounter same AVI file issue. Follow instructions below to use “Always Fix” feature:

Step 1: Head to “Tools,” and choose “Preferences.”

Choose Preferences

Step 2: Click on “Inputs/Codecs,” and select “Files.”

Step 3: Choose “Always fix” from drop-down menu next to “Damaged or incomplete AVI files.” Then hit “Save.”

Choose Always fix

Part 5: Safety Tips to Avoid AVI File Corruption

You can fix corrupted AVI files but it’s even better to prevent future issues. Here’s what you can do to keep your AVI files safe:

  • Back up your important data regularly to cloud storage or an external drive.
  • Use up-to-date antivirus software to fend off malware.
  • Always eject external drives safely to prevent AVI corruption from sudden removal.
  • Stick to trustworthy software for downloading, transferring, and storing AVI videos.
  • Ensure files are downloaded completely.
  • Avoid sudden power cuts during transfers with a reliable power source or UPS.
  • Keep your computer’s hardware in good shape with regular maintenance.
  • Don’t go overboard with editing AVI files to prevent corruption.
  • Keep your media player, system drivers, and codecs updated and compatible with AVI files.

Now, you can say goodbye to any worries about the “AVI not playing” issue.

FAQs about How to Fix Corrupted AVI Files

Q1: Can corrupted AVI files be fixed?
Yes, you can fix corrupted AVI files if it’s a software problem. For small issues, tools like VLC or DivFix++ can help. But if corruption is severe, try 4DDiG Video Repair. It’s a professional AVI repair tool great for severe video playback problems and error codes. However, if corruption is due to a hardware problem, best to call in experts.

Q2: How do I repair corrupt AVI files on my Mac?
You can use 4DDiG Video Repair to repair corrupt AVI files on Mac as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Or if AVI corruption is minor use DivFix++.


We’ve just laid out six solutions for AVI corrupted file repair, from minor glitches to severe corruption. But if you’re looking for ultimate fix, look no further than 4DDiG Video Repair, a one-stop-shop for all your AVI file troubles. It not only sorts out corruption but also fixes video playback errors, audio and video sync problems, and even boosts video resolution.