7 Cool Mac Tricks You Should Know

Cool Mac Tricks
Cool Mac Tricks

If you have recently purchased a MacBook, then welcome to the club. MacBooks, of course, work as a status symbol, and we love to show off our system to people!

However, more and more people are switching to MacBooks because of the various features they come with. If you are working from home, you might already have realized the importance of a good computer. If you are thinking of purchasing one, we would strongly recommend you go for MacBooks. In this blog, we will talk about some cool tricks that would help you optimize the system to the fullest.

There are various shortcuts and hidden features that would help you enjoy your MacBook even more. A few tricks will help you wrap up your work on time as well. It doesn’t matter if you have macOS Catalina or a prior version – you can enjoy these shortcuts easily on your system.

1.Turn your desktop folders into emojis:

Make your desktop folder icons easy to differentiate and add some fun to them by turning your desktop folders into emojis. Want to know how to do it? Well, create a folder on your desktop by clicking File> New folder.

After that, search an image on Google for the emoji you want. For instance, the smiling emoji. Next, drag the image you want to the desktop and double click it to open it in preview. To make the image transparent, click on the markup icon, click on the image’s background so that a moving outline appears around it, and click Edit > Cut.

After that, click on Get Info. You will see a screen pop up. On that screen, click the blue folder icon and press Command + V.

2.Currency conversions and calculations made easy through Spotlight:

MacBook has one amazing feature, and that is Spotlight. However, not many users know how to make the most of the same. If your work involves a lot of calculation or currency conversion, we have some good news for you.

You can do calculations and currency conversions on Spotlight very easily. To open Spotlight, click the magnifying glass icon at the top left of the menu bar, or tap the Command + Space bar on your keyboard.

For using it as a currency converter, type the amount you will you like to convert along with the currency symbol. And the results will come up.

3.Use Split view to see two applications together:

You can now see two applications side by side without resizing the same. You can do it with the help of Split view.

You can now see it without the distraction of other applications. For example, in MacOS Catalina, go to the upper left corner of the window and click and hold the green full-screen button.

After that, choose Tile Window to Left of Screen or Tile Window to Right of Screen from the menu, and the window will fill that side of the screen.

However, you might need to click and hold the green full-screen button if you have older versions of Mac OS. After that, drag the window to the left or right of the screen to tile it. To escape, hit the escape key on your keyboard.

4.Recover overwritten files:

Overwriting an important file is a nightmare for every Mac user. However, if you are very busy with a tight schedule, we are sure that it might have already happened to you.

However, on your MacBook, you can find the File. You can recover it with the help of tools like Time Machine, Get Backup Pro, and Disk Drill.

To recover it using Time Machine, open the folder where the overwritten File was originally located in the Finder. After that, Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine menu.

You can use the up arrow to go to a time before the File got replaced. First, try to locate the File. After that, click on restore and select the File you want to keep: the old one, the new one, or both. To know about other ways to recover overwritten files, kindly click here: https://setapp.com/.

5.Create a keyboard shortcut for important things:

We are often so busy that we wonder if there are ways to make keyboard shortcuts for the important stuff. And yes, you can do so on your Mac!

Create your shortcuts to find any menu option you like. For this, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, and click the + icon.

You will see a box popping up, allowing you to choose the application you want. Here, you will be able to choose the name of the menu command and the keyboard shortcut. After that, select add.

6.Make volume adjustments more granular:

You can make volume adjustments more granular on your Mac. For example, you no longer need to go either too quiet or too loud in one tap when you are playing a video or music. For this, hold Option+ the up arrow as you increase or decrease the volume key.

You will see the soundbox where you can adjust the volume in a better way.

7.Customize the menu bar:

If you want to hide or customize the menu bar, go to System Preferences> General and click Automatically hide and show the menu bar.

And if you want to customize it, hold Command and drag the icons to various places. You can even remove them altogether.

So these are a few MacBook tips and tricks that you might find interesting and useful. And to know about the recent MacBook launches, kindly read this blog by Forbes.