7 interview questions: how to stay on track

how to stay on track
how to stay on track

Everyone at least once in their life had the opportunity to go through an interview, and it was far from always successful.

We have prepared a selection of the trickiest questions with answers. It will be useful regardless of whether you are looking for good answers to backend interview questions or senior .NET interview questions, or any other specialties.

Read on to find out how employers screen potential candidates by asking just a few questions.

Tell us about yourself in one word

If you are asked to describe yourself in this way, the employer wants to determine your level of confidence and fit with the work style of the company that is hiring you. Think in advance which word can be used to express your readiness to take the desired position.

Remember that there is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance, so strike a balance.

What other positions, besides this one, are you applying for?

On the one hand, if you answer that you are only applying for this position, it may seem that you are not active in your aspirations. If you start listing all the companies to which you have sent your resume, you may give the impression that you have not yet decided on your future job.

How to answer this question? As a business person, do not get into the details of communication with other recruiters. You can mention that you have several interviews because you want to try your hand at it.

Your pros and cons

Another question that employers want to clarify. Here, there can be no unequivocal advice on how to answer. However, remember that each position has requirements that must be met. Therefore, always indicate those advantages that correspond to the workplace that you want to occupy.

Remember that there should be fewer shortcomings than strengths and, in the final result, according to the interviewer, they should not affect the performance of professional duties in the future.

Greatest professional achievements

A person who talks about previous achievements with pride and admiration will be just as eager to achieve in a new workplace.

Usually, the employer pays attention to those who know how to impress with enthusiasm and positivity. However, do not exaggerate, because if you are hired, you will have to live up to the expectations you have created.

Are you planning to start your own business?

If they ask you about it, they want to clarify two points:

Do you have ambitions to lead others?

It is not always correct to tell the future manager that you are not against leading the company as well.

Will you one day leave the company to start your own business?

The employer needs to know that the person plans to work for a long time and will not go into entrepreneurship.

Where would you like to work if given the opportunity?

If you start mentioning other competing firms, you may get the impression of a person who often changes their decisions. The most correct answer: is to emphasize that this particular company is a priority for you.

What does success mean to you?

The answer will describe your motivation and character. After all, success comes only to persistent and responsible people who know how to overcome difficulties. The best thing is not to interpret success as something that just falls from the sky, otherwise, you will seem like a light-hearted person.

Therefore, think through the answers to these and similar questions in advance to confidently and professionally pass any interview.