7 Tips on How to Freshen Up Your Job Search if You Got Stuck

7 Tips on How to Freshen
7 Tips on How to Freshen

Is your email box empty though you’ve been sending piles of resumes and cover letters? Do you feel your dream job is getting further and further away from you? Well, in case this is true, spruce up your job search to maximize your chances of getting a job interview. But how to do it fast and effectively? Check the tips from our experts in the article below.

1: Customize Your Cover Letter

Writing various cover letters depending on the job demands is a no-brainer. Some employers will pay attention to your education, while others will go straight to the paragraph where you’re talking about the way you can help their company. If you don’t know how to compose a strong cover letter, reaching out to cover letter services might be a good idea. Check the tips below if you’ve never written a cover letter.

Start with a greeting and tell the recruiter where you’ve found the job post in the introductory paragraph;

· Mention your education and the background that can help you upgrade the company;

· Tell the reader about similar projects you’ve already worked with;

· List the skills and tools you’ve applied to complete projects;

· Restate your interest in the concluding paragraph and add a farewell line.

2: One Resume Is Not Enough

If you’re applying for different positions in the same industry, the best idea is to tailor your resume according to each job position. For instance, applying for a job as a 2D designer will surely differ from 3D job application. Sure, the functions of 2D and 3D artists will be similar in the core skills. However, they will vary in the tools one must use and the knowledge one must apply during the work process.

It’s the details that matter. Hence, make sure your resume data matches the requirements of the job post.

3: Clean Up the Old Data

This tip goes both for your resume and social media profiles. Especially if you added your LinkedIn profile to your resume. Unfortunately, most job seekers forget to delete outdated information and add relevant ones. Think of the new skills and recent job experiences that showcase your professionalism and credibility. List them in your resume while ensuring the new data is the same in your resume and social media profile.

4: Add Keywords to Your Job Search

You probably already know how to use the search line on job-hunting platforms. However, you might not know about ATS bots. An applicant tracking system is a program that checks professional keywords in your resume and decides whether you’re a good fit for the job. All this happens long before your resume ends up on the recruiter’s desk. So how to make sure your resume or cover letter gets the green light from the ATS system? By using keywords!

· List the names of tools you’ve used to complete tasks at your previous jobs;

· Name the hard and soft skills you’ve developed to perform your job responsibilities;

· Add professional words to the description of your job experiences. For instance, professional keywords for a designer would be the names of programs and techniques used for product creation.

5: Check the Interview Equipment

Sure, your skills and job experience are the main things a recruiter will pay attention to—however, the first impression matters. If the lighting is dim and the Internet connection is slow, the recruiter might get the wrong impression. Hence, check the technical moments before the hiring manager calls you.

· Find a spot in your environment where the lighting is bright enough;

· Check whether your microphone is working properly;

· Make sure the Internet connection is fast enough to prevent lagging.

6: Go Through Your Network

Contact your friends and former colleagues to check whether they’ve got job offers for you. Word of mouth travels fast. Therefore, updating everyone on your job search on social media is a great way to expand your career resources.

Another tip is to become friends with people who have already nailed the job you want on LinkedIn. Ask them how they prepared for their interview and what they focused on in their resume. In other words, the more connections you have, the higher your chances to win a job are.

7: Track Your Job Progress

Most job-hunting platforms will allow you to see who’s checked your resume. Learn more about the companies that pay quick attention to your resume. You might want to contact the company’s recruiter and ask why they haven’t considered you a potential applicant. This might be especially helpful if your skills match most job requirements in the current market. Asking for an honest critique will help you refine your resume.

Final Thoughts

Rejuvenate your job hunt if you haven’t heard from the recruiters for quite a long time. Delete the outdated information and add the recent changes in your skills and work experience. To get employed faster, expand your network and post about your progress in job hunting. Also, don’t forget about keywords and the technical aspect.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!