A Brief Guide To USB C Charger & Its Features 

USB C Charger


Charging your routinely used devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and many others seems difficult for varied reasons such as slow charging, heating issues, and many other reasons. To get over such things, Anker has brought its timeless creation that is all set to shape the future of charging technology. The usb c charger is the same thing that we will be discussing throughout this article. So, a usb c charger is a universal and portable device that is made for making easy and smooth connections with other devices. 

Here, in this guide, you will read about the usb c charger and its key features. Let’s find out how a usb c charger is a device that you people deserve to meet your everyday needs.

What do you know about usb c chargers?

Well, a usb c charger is a port that is mostly used to pair up your device with it for charging, sharing data, and numerous other purposes. This port was first offered by Anker and with each passing year, many new developments were being made in its efficiency and working. This port has charging compatibility, swiftness, easy pairing, low heat dissipation, and many other features. 

Along with being a fast, powerful, and versatile usb c charger works flawlessly when you connect it to any of your devices. 

Features of USB C charger: 

The main features of usb c charger are explained below. 

  • This port usually comes with all the usb c charging accessories such as lead, wires, sockets, etc. 
  • The fast-charging technology is added to this port which enables around 100W maximum output when it makes this port compatible with any of your devices. 
  • It has advanced features that will take your VC gaming experience to the next level. 
  • Data transfer is amazing as you can transfer up to 40GB of data at once with the help of this premium usb port. 
  • It has a small size which makes it handier and portable. So, you can easily carry a usb c charger along with you. 
  • This port has an ultra-durable bending lifespan which is around 35,000. You can easily bend this cable and keep it in any place quite easily as it will easily fit into the given place. 
  • This port went through several vigorous tests and lab experimentations to give you quality and fast charging of your device. 
  • This usb c charger is capable of monitoring temperature several times a day. It has an active shield that intelligently monitors temperature. 
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage can easily be controlled with the help of the temperature sensor in this usb c charger. 
  • Eco-friendly material is being used to reduce the consumption of petroleum in this port. This is a multi-port charger that is used for charging several devices at once without the need for multiple ports or cables. 


Anker has brought the usb c charger which is not only used for multi purposes but is also versatile and universal. It has low petroleum consumption, eco-friendly manufacturing material, reliable charging, sustainable fast charging speed, and numerous other things. If you are worried about the appropriate charging of your routinely used devices then why not give usb c charger a chance? 

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