A Day Without Technology

a day without technology

Waking up a day without technology in the 21st Century! Doesn’t seem right to any of us in this digital world where we have been living for decades now, so it is impossible to imagine a world without it. So, let’s dig into the details with us in this article.

We have become so dependent on gadgets as these machines have made the world smaller and more portable. You can carry these devices with you everywhere you go checking your phone messages every second of that day and become unknowingly addicted to them. And boom, one day, you wake up to no smartphones, no Macbook, nothing. Seems like the Stone Age.

Would Humans Survive a Day Without Technology?

Would Humans Survive a Day Without Technology

If your answer is yes, then keep in mind that when we think of technology, the only thing that comes to our mind is smartphones, computers, and TVs. As we have considered all the other things very normal, we think they always have been there. But realizing that things like electricity, water supply, gas, Air conditioners, and everything are great technological innovations.

This technologically developed has become your necessity it’s not about your needs anymore. We have been running from the reality that we are addicted to our smartphones and AirPods. We are mindlessly scrolling on social media platforms every second of our day. It is unimaginable to think of a day without technology. So, what about actually living without these technological blessings? You’re about to find it all in this article:

Imagining a Day Without Modern Technology

You wake up late and sweaty as both your phone alarm and your power go out. Then, you would go to the kitchen to find something edible. Only to find out that every single thing in your refrigerator has gone bad due to no electricity. You annoyingly reach for your car, which won’t get started, of course. Hurriedly, you rush to take a mode of public transport.

And that too well isn’t working, not surprising at all, so you decide to walk to work instead. Finally, when you reach there, you witness that there are no machines, no computers, no resources that get you which were normal for you. Makes it difficult for you to proceed and start work; it already seems like a bad day.

Waiting to go back home to watch some Netflix and chill, you might add. But the scary thought there wouldn’t be any entertainment, including movies other than a book that you’d be able to read if you light a candle. Suppose you are a typical office worker or a student who knows the importance of technology in education. In that case, this scenario can make you not want to go a day without technology.

Daily Usage of Technology Around the World

Daily Usage of Technology Around the World

It’s hard to keep a record of the average time of using technology around the world; one can never know if it fluctuates or keeps increasing. To give you an understanding, the average time that an individual spends on the internet is of using internet only 6 hours and 41 minutes each day. When globally internet users are combined, they use the internet 12½ trillion hours only in 2023. Almost 4.66 billion people use the internet daily and benefit from it.

Now, remember that this is the estimation of the internet usage of worldwide users. We haven’t even started on electricity and the things that are basic needs and necessities of human lives. How much time would we be spending with gadgets? It might only be explained through one line, which is, “It’s not that we use technology. We live in the technology.”  

Impact on the Human Mind Without Technology:

Impact on the Human Mind Without Technology

Health professionals say that technology has a huge impact on child development, and technology helps students in academics. These gadgets could go well without it, like in earlier times. However, humans who are highly addicted to technology are supposed to live without it. People who use these modern-day gadgets and the internet a lot won’t even be able to distract themselves anymore and will end up with suicidal thoughts.

They might fall into severe depression as they have forgotten how to live a healthy life with technology, and internet addiction has a negative impact on them. It will also lead these individuals into psychological distress. Furthermore, it is not that depression can only be caused by not having access to technology, as people have committed suicides due to online trolling, bullying, and cyberattacks in general.

Advantages of a Day Without Technology

One of the advantages of a day without technology is that you can make more time for your friends and family. Indulging into meaningful conversations and finally living outside of the digital boxes. You can go out and engage in all kinds of physical activities instead of sitting all day with phones in your hands. That free time would help you to live and interact with the real world.

Humans have stopped using their minds as these robotic machine technologies have creative problem-solving skills. Leaving humans behind and so dependent on them, these technologies have made a huge space for themselves in human lives and this world.


Q. Are we using technology way too much?
Yes, we can’t imagine a second living without looking at our phones and TV screens tells us how essential this technology has become for us.

Q. What would happen without technology?
Well, out of a million things that could happen without technology, one is that you won’t be able to connect with your family and friends who live far away from you.

Q.  How does technology affect our lives?
Undeniably, technology has improved the quality of our lives and has a lot of positive effects than negative effects on our lives as it is making daily life much easier for us.


After decades of living in the technology, it seems impossible for us to escape from these digital boxes. Moreover, there are all the pros and cons technology has and what could happen to the world if it vanished for just a day. It can have a huge impact both physically and mentally on humans and can cause advantages and destruction at the same time as mentioned above in this article.