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As we know Google search Console is a most important tool to handle the search Position of your website. As your site starts growing more and more, means you need a team to handle your account activity in order get a better result.

delete and add user to google search console

delete and add user

But the Question is that How we can add user to google search console to share your static with other?

So today we will learn how we can add user to google search console and control the managing level and Reading level access of the new User.

Add User To Google search Console

Manger Property option in webmaster tool

Manage Property

  • After that click on the Setting button on your Top right Corner of the screen.
  • Now select User and Property Owner  Option.
setting option in webmaster tool


  • Now Simply click on Add a New User and a pop-up window will be open.
  • Enter the Email of your new user and hit the Add Button.
add a user to google search console

Add User

Note:  You can give full access or Restricted access to your new user according to his service.

Under restricted access, a user can only Read Data and under full access, a user can edit data in your google search console account. You can learn more about the restricted and full access to google

  • You can also edit the access level setting after adding the user in the search console.
User are Added in Search Congole

User are Added in Search Console

Note; – Original owners can verify delegated (new) owners, but the new ones cannot eliminate the original owners.

LIst of Premission For Full and Restricted Access User

Feature Owner Full User Restricted User
Property settings View only
Sitelinks View only
URL Parameters View only
Change of Address View only View only
User administration
Crawl Errors View only
Crawl Stats
Blocked URLs
Fetch as Google / Submit URL Fetch only
Index Status
Security Issues (malware) View only
Search Queries
Links To Your Site
Internal Links
Sitemaps View and test only
Remove URLs View only
HTML Improvements
Structured Data
Receive messages
Reconsideration request
Disavow links
Link Google Analytics account
Add / remove property owners
Data Highlighter

So ths is the Access that you can give to new user in google search consloe

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