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advanced automotive

Advanced Automotive offers top-branded engine and performance parts, allowing their customer to create reliable and powerful units to meet today’s demanding needs, be it for an everyday road or a highly boosted track car.

Further, their Subaru performance engines are the outcome of an uncompromising design approach that integrated innovation and many years of dedicated experience.

Let’s dive into the services they offer!

About Advanced Automotive

Auto Repair Advanced Automotive offers the best service in Lake Isabella, CA. They provide you with the transmission engine rebuild, engine transmission, computer diagnostic & repair, rebuilding transmission, installing engines, and much more.

Advanced Automotive was a family-owned business and has been run since 2009. They would like to educate their customers and give them choices. The company enables its customers to make good purchasing decisions about the parts and work being performed on their vehicles. They have experienced service advisors & ASE-certified technicians who work with you and service your vehicle.

Moreover, they have accessed the latest technology and made investments in special tooling, diagnostic equipment, computerized reference materials, and continuing education of their staff. They use “OEM or better” quality parts for service and repairs that can maintain the value and reliability of your vehicle. Hence, it will save you money!

Contact Number & Address

+44 (0) 1179 672344 +44 (0) 1179 080053
  Advanced Automotive Performance Ltd 271 Two Mile Hill Road Kingswood Bristol BS151AX
Email: [email protected]

Categories on Advanced Automotive

  • Car Parts by Model.
  • Chassis & Braking.
  • Ford Tuning.
  • Fuel & Electrical.
  • Subaru Tuning.
  • Top Brands & General.


In Lancaster:

One of the customers, Terry Riddle, said that Advanced Automotive is the best parts store he has ever visited. Further, he mentioned their products have fair prices where you can easily install or take a loan to access the tools. However, the only downside is that it is hard to navigate the site as it needs a user-friendly interface.

In Longwood, Florida:

I have had both bad and good experiences in Florida on 434. There must be a need for improvement in customer service these days as the employees are irritated if you actually approach for help. However, the last time I went in, I was greeted politely and professionally; the employee at the register checked out the blinkers I needed to purchase for my Kia Sportage and informed me in a timely manner. Very cheap prices than my expectation on the other hand their air freshener prices are over the top.

Services Provided to:

BuickGMC TruckJeep
ChevroletHummerLand Rover

List of Automobile Technologies

Here are the best 10 automobile technologies:

  1. ADAS-Advance Driver Assistance Systems
  2. Active Suspension systems
  3. HCCI Engines
  4. Variable Compression Ratio Engines
  5. Stage V Autonomous driving
  6. Improved Regenerative Braking
  7. Improved Torque Vectoring
  8. Outboard Electric motor drive
  9. Zonal Cabin climate control
  10. Advanced Sound deadening, etc.

What are the Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2023?

Have a glance here:

  1. Electric Powertrains: Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles, along with advanced electric powertrains, were gaining popularity and providing reduced emissions and enhanced energy efficiency.
Electric Powertrains
  1. Autonomous Driving: Well-developed autonomous or self-driving technologies offer to operate vehicles without human intervention to varying degrees.
Autonomous Driving
  1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): ADAS contains adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking that becomes more prevalent and sparking safety and driver convenience.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  1. Connected Car Technology: Cars have built-in internet connectivity features that consist of real-time traffic updates and remote vehicle control and integration with small devices.
Connected Car Technology
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Head-Up Displays: AR HUD systems calculate relevant information onto the windshield and allow drivers to see navigation directions, speed, and other data without taking their eyes off the road.
Augmented Reality
  1. Advanced Materials: Lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum were growingly used in car construction, decreasing weight and enhancing fuel efficiency without compromising safety.
Advanced Materials
  1. Gesture Control: Some vehicles include gesture recognition technology, offering drivers to control specific functions with hand gestures, decreasing the need for physical buttons.
Gesture Control
  1. Biometric Authentication: Advanced security systems access biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to maintain authorized access to the vehicle.
Biometric Authentication
  1. Advanced Lighting Systems: LED and adaptive lighting systems provide enhanced visibility and safety, with features such as adaptive headlights that can adjust their bean patterns as per the driving conditions.
Advanced Lighting Systems
  1. Advanced Infotainment Systems: Infotainment systems have amazing features such as large touchscreen displays, voice control, smartphone integration, and advanced audio systems for strength in-car experience.
Advanced Infotainment Systems