Android 13 Update All Set to Release Next Month on the Asus Smartphone

Android 13

Android 13 may not be as great as android 12 was, but that doesn’t take away the thrill of a fresh update hitting your brand-new android flagship phone for its latest ROG and Zenfone.

However, many smartphone makers have already highlighted their Android 13 release schedules. Asus is the newest brand to join the list. After operating a closed android 13 beta phase spanning a few months. Asus is set to launch the stable android 13 updates to its latest ROG and Zenfone flagships in December.

In a tweet, Asus stated that the cute, little, and skilled Zenfone 9 would be the first Asus smartphone to get Android 13 in December. Then, it will be followed by the earlier Zenfone 8 series phones, which will get Android 13 in January 2023. Asus also claims that by quarter 2 of 2023, all of its phones will be running Android 13.

Moreover, the Zenfone series 8, Asus’s gaming-focused ROG phones, will also get the newest android version onwards 2023. The whole ROG phone series 6, including the 6, 6 pro, 6D, and 6D ultimate, will be upgraded to android 13, maybe in the first quarter of 2023. Additionally, ROG phone 5 & 5s devices will follow them in the other quarter of the next year.

If we talk about the older ROG phone 3 and the Zenfone 7 series handsets, which were also a part of Asus android 13 closed beta, their stable update shouldn’t be too distant behind either.

Maybe this timeline is not cheering, given that Samsung started rolling out the stable Android 13 last month. But at least Asus is going with the competition. Though, you should hope for some significant improvements, like per-app language options (in supported apps) and opt-in notifications, when the latest android 13 makes its way onto your Zenfone or ROG handset.

There are still a couple of weeks for the Asus Zenfone & ROG android 13 update, so you won’t be able to update it right away on your compatible phones. And, if the update is released, it may roll out in phases, so you may have to be tolerant until android 13 reaches you.

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