Best Anime on Hulu to Stream [2024]

Best Anime on Hulu to Stream

Are you looking for the best anime on Hulu shows? This is the most incredible time there has ever been to be watching anime. That’s not to say anime is at its best in 2024 – instead, it’s just easier and cheaper than ever to enjoy the best anime through dedicated streaming services like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation Now.

The days of expensive DVD releases and imports are over. All of the greatest anime is simple to watch. Every season Japan pumps out dozens of new anime, and you can discover it all on sites like Crunchyroll, in English, the same day they air. Older shows from the ’80s and ’90s are unique, but we’ve highlighted some of the best anime available from those eras here.

Whether you’re brand new to anime or need a new show to watch, our top 30 stellar anime series are ready and waiting to be streamed right now. They run the gamut from action-packed shonen to sports, mecha, and heart-warming slice-of-life.

Good Anime On Hulu
Good Anime On Hulu

Best Anime on Hulu are Listed 

Dragon Ball 

As another classic anime offering, this one stands out because of its oddball characters and nostalgic flair. It follows a weird monkey-boy named Goku who goes on a quest with the help of some equally strange comrades, to find the mystic dragon balls — large crystals that, when collected, give their owner whatever they desire. Anime’s come a long way since this fun romp, but you’ll never tire of revisiting its roots with this show.

Space Dandy

Another space epic, this one is truly out of this world in terms of storytelling. It focuses on a cosmic adventurer whose crew goes looking for new alien species.

That on-the-move theme means each episode takes us to a new planet, explores a new genre, and offers some rare experimental plot devices you usually don’t see in anime. It’s a new show every episode, which means you’ll never get bored.

Sailor Moon

This ’90s anime series is another must-watch for anyone looking to get into the genre or rediscover what makes it so great.

The show follows a group of schoolgirls who learn they’re the reincarnation of alien princesses who must use their newfound abilities to defend earth. The word “girl-power” was created because of this series.

Demon Slayer

Rich visuals and exciting plot twists elevate this Shonen anime to an inventive take on a typical plot. Tanjiro is a young boy whose family is attacked by demons.

Only he and his sister survive. While Tanjiro sets out to become a demon slayer, his sister begins slowly turning into one, forcing Tanjiro to hide her condition as he searches for a cure.

Attack on Titan

This series is a juggernaut in the anime world, spawning movies and multiple seasons and garnering devoted fans’ legion. To understand the hype, you’ll have to watch, but expect inventive action and a gripping storyline.

Set in an alternate universe where humanity has caged itself off from giant monsters known as Titans, the show follows a group of fighters trying to protect their people when one of those walls is breached, and the Titans attack.


Bleach is different well-known anime with a fantasy element built-in. Kurosaki Ichigo is a high school student who, after an interaction with a hollow, gains the ability to see ghosts.

So, naturally, he becomes a Soul Reaper. Truth: the first 60 episodes are this series best. It’s plagued by filler arcs later on, but it’s still an addictive watch, especially if you’re new.

Naruto: Shippuden

For many anime fans, this Manga-based series was a kind of gateway into the animated world. This show is the second part of a larger story about Naruto Uzumaki, a loud-mouth orphan who hopes to become a famed ninja, so while you’ll probably need to watch his origin story first, it’s this instalment that’s the most action-packed.

Naruto’s an adolescent now, still chasing glory with his group of badass friends. There are tons of filler episodes in this one, but you’ll be treated to a thoroughly good time if you can stick it out.

My Hero Academia

Speaking of superheroes, this is another anime series that reinvents the genre, giving fans a school setting and an imaginative take of supernatural abilities and the people who wield them.

In a world where latent superpowers labeled “Quirks” show up in chosen people, IzukuMidoriya is glaringly average, until someone shares their Quirk with him. He must figure out how to use his new abilities while attending a school for the gifted. Okay, so maybe it kind of sounds like X-Men, but it’s not. Trust us.

Cowboy Bebop

Even if you’re not an anime fan, you’ve probably heard of this ’90s series. It’s a cult classic, a legend in the scene, and it holds up decades later as one of the more exciting, adventurous anime shows.

The short synopsis is a world-hopping space western starring a group of misfit bounty hunters, but that doesn’t capture what a cultural phenomenon it’s become. Just watch a couple of episodes, listen to the dope theme songs, and then you’ll get why so many people cosplay this series.

One-Punch Man

This fan-favorite anime series has two things going for it: a killer heavy-metal theme song and more action than a Marvel flick. That feels appropriate since the show follows an invincible superhero who can take out his enemies with just one punch.

What’s truly brilliant about this series, though, is how it ranks and classifies lower-tiered vigilantes and how it subverts stereotypes by making Saitama, the hero, apathetic about his abilities. It’s darkly comedic as some of the best anime typically are.


If you’re looking to get your anime fix, Hulu has one of the most impressive anime line-ups of any streaming service, ranging from the classic series to modern hits that should resonate with fans of all ages around the world.

These are the most immeasurable anime series you can watch on Hulu. We’ll update this post with new titles once they hit the streaming service. Share your valuable thoughts and suggestions in the comment box section below.