Apple Could be Working on The New Airpods Feature

Apple Could be Working on The New Airpods Feature

A recent patent published on March 30 by Apple recommends that an upcoming Apple Airpods could feature a touchscreen case that offers an appropriate interface for users to control the radio receiver earbuds.

As per the reports, Apple filed and made a patent for a case sporting a four-sided shaped touchscreen with a simple OS for monitoring music and using applications. At the same time, it looks like a recall to the iPod, making a control pad manageable without requiring your iPhone or depending on gestures straight on the pods.

Built on the picture mentioned below in the patent is an Airpods case with an Apple watch demonstration on top. It expresses the music control interface used on the wrist to regulate playback for Airpods, whether Airpods Pro 2 or Airpods Max and smart speakers.

Apple Could be Working on The New Airpods Feature

However, if people don’t use an Apple Watch, a communicating case would be a main advancement in terms of accessibility. Whereas it is accurate that some of the AirPods’ current sign controls are spontaneous.

Like stopping music when you take an earbud out, another earbud can fluctuate, such as stealing up and down on an AirPods stem to modify the volume.

Yet Apple company occupied this patent application on September 2022, the same month the firm proclaimed the AirPods Pro 2nd Generation. So it looks like they lost no time to work on latent advancements for forthcoming models.

Meanwhile, an interesting competitor HP Poly Voyager Free 60+ wireless buds, brought the concept in Apple’s patent to life. That was announced at CES 2023.

Consequently, Apple company will not be the first to make a touch screen charging case but will have the blow to norm this feature.

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