Apple iPhone 15 Pro Rumored to have Advanced LiDAR Scanner

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Rumored to have Advanced LiDAR Scanner
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Rumored to have Advanced LiDAR Scanner

Rumors are spreading that iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 pro max models will have an advanced LiDAR scanner. The sensors of the LiDAR scanner of Apple devices allow the use of a technology competent in measuring the distance from a laser emitter to an element present in the surrounding.

According to Barclays, new developments in the iPhone series 15 have separated the iPhone 15 from the pro models. Moreover, apple is said to choose Sony as the sole supplier of LiDAR scanner components for upcoming iPhones. It also said that Sony’s solution would improve performance and power efficiency compared to competing suppliers.

However, it is not specified how the iPhone makers will adopt the LiDAR sensor for iphone 15 series. If this happens, the lower-end cameras would only have a 48MP back camera and would not have the laser capability.

However, Apple’s decision to switch to Sony as the exclusive supplier for the ToF VCSEL in the iphone 15 series is likely to bring about some major improvements in the camera and AR applications while also reducing power consumption.

The new ToF sensor, assembled with the new processor and display technology, could make the iPhone 15 pro models the most power-efficient devices yet. This advancement is set to revolutionize the battery lifespan of the iPhone 15 pro series.

As per the reports, Apple will also come with RAM from 6GB to 8GB for the upcoming series. The devices also likely come with a new titanium finish and a periscope lens on the larger pro iPhone, which could bring about even more major improvements in the camera section.

Hence, with the major improvements, the apple iPhone 15 series could be Apple’s most remarkable flagship phone yet.

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