Apple Pay $12m Fine for Alleged App Market Abuse in Russia

Apple Pay Fine Russia

MOSCOW (Reuters) Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS): Claimed on Monday, Feb 27, that the United States of America tech giant Apple had paid a 906 million roubles ($12.12 million) fine in a Russian antitrust case. Claiming manipulation of its dominance in the mobile applications market.

1 US Dollar = 74.7265 roubles

Apple did not instantly reply to an appeal for comment but has formerly “respectfully disagreed” with a FAS ruling that Apple’s distribution of applications via iOS gave its products a modest benefit.

However, the FAS resolute in August 2020 that Apple had abused its dominant position. And then allotted an instruction requiring Apple to eliminate provisions giving it the right to discard third-party apps from its App Store.

That passage tracked a protest in March 2022 from cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab which said that a new version of its Safe Kids application had been declined by iOS. As the American Apple company was composed to launch a similar service.

The FAS said in a report on its Telegram network that “Apple has paid a 906 million rouble antitrust fine”.

Apple had tempted the decision at numerous phases but failed, and at last, accumulated with the command the FAS alleged.

Apple stopped all products sale in Russia a year ago, at the beginning of 2022, after Moscow despatched its armed militaries to Ukraine and restricted its Apple Pay facility in Russia.

In 2021 Russian law demanded all devices with internet access retailed in the country to be fortified with accepted software by Russian companies.

This (Anti Apple controversial bill) was announced in a determination to endorse Russia’s tech companies. But detractors said it was an effort to stiffen state control through the Internet.