Apple Pencil Tip Replacement Guide

Are you a student, a business person, or a sketcher? The iPad and Apple Pencil are flawless tools for working proficiently. But after using an Apple pencil for a year or more, the tip will no longer respond. Like the majority of Apple gadgets, its pencil doesn’t survive for very long. However, auspiciously Apple authorization bids the pencil tip replacement that you can transform from yourself.

The Apple server offers two extra pencil tips when purchasing it. Though when a person procures the second generation of Apple Pencils, it does not offer an extra tip.

This post will tell you when Apple pencil tips have to change and its hacks and tricks.

At What Time An Apple Pencil Tip Replacement

When you encounter most of the below signs, it is time to replace the Apple pencil tips.

  • Tip feel Rough

When you experience that, the tip of the Apple Pencil begins roughly when you touch and run the finger over the tip. If you feel friction while using the iPad, it may be time to change the tip.

Though keep using the pencil on the iPad screen in this situation, there is a risk of scraping up on its screen, and the iPad will damage.

  • Using the Apple Pencil Tip Over A Year (Need Replacement)

The Apple pencil tip may endure for years if you use it lightly. But it might not make a year if it is drawn every day. However, the average Apple pen tip generally needs replacement at least once a year.

  • iPad won’t Respond

sometimes iPad faults to connect or respond to the apple pencil, which can cause of tip of your pencil. In this situation, you have to press firmer the pencil, and then it still does not respond, so check it to unpair and then pair it again.

However, the Apple pencil tip needs a replacement if the pen is still not responding to the iPad.

Apple iPad Pencil Tip Replacement – 4 Steps

Apple iPad Pencil Tip Replacement
Apple iPad Pencil Tip Replacement

Follow end-to-end steps to learn the target on how to exchange the Apple pen spare tip.

  • Step 1 – Cautiously detach and twist the tip of your Pencil by turning in a counter-clockwise
  • Step 2 – When you eradicate the tip from the base, a golden pin appears, and put the tip to one side.
  • Step 3 – Now place the new tip at the pencil base and screw it in a clockwise direction until it is inflexibly protected.
  • Step 4 – Check your new pencil tip on the iPad, and you will see a new, energized transformation. That’s it.

1st VS 2nd Generation Apple Pencil – Reviews

1st VS 2nd Generation Apple Pencil
1st VS 2nd Generation Apple Pencil

Apple pencil’s 1st generation was released in 2015, and the 2nd generation of Apple pencil was released in 2018. Both models offer classic creativity like gradient and compression sensitivity and many more.

Let us hover over to the race of which model of apple pencil is best.


Both models of pencils are alike when it comes to drawing presentations. However, second-generation pencils have a technical benefit, including a button that is not physical. But it delivers to switch and choose eraser, color, current and last tool by double tapping the flat edge with your hand.

Moreover, this button has not directly to do with the drawing. The 1st Apple pen has no comparable option.


Both reproductions of the apple pencil have identical kinds of a tip. The glass of the iPad is secure and will be saved from the pencil taps against it. But remember that don’t expect the pencil tip to work for more than a year.

However original Apple pencil arises with two spare tips in the box. But unfortunately, the 2nd Gen of Apple Pencil does not come with any replacement tip.

Cost and Compatibility with iPad

  • Apple pencil 1st Gen = 99 U.S Dollars
  • Apple Pencil 2nd Gen = 129 U.S Dollars

The original iPencil is comparable with (iPad pro 1st and 2nd Gen) (iPad Mini 5th Gen) (iPad Air 3rd Gen) (iPad 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Gen).

The 2nd Generation of Apple pencils is more compatible than the original one. It works with (iPad Mini 6th Gen) (iPad Pro 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Gen) and (iPad Air 4th and 5th  Gen).

Functional Design

Both pencil models have 8.9 millimeters of thickness, which is ideal for the utmost people’s hands. However, the original pen design is round, whereas 2nd generation pencil has a smooth or flat edge.

In addition, like Airpods, the Apple Pencil has a silken texture elegance. But pencil 2 has a matte texture unaffected by lubricant and fingerprints and feels like an actual wooden pencil.

Get the best pencil to work on an affordable, compatible, and sufficient iPad for your work.

Wanna Use Apple Pencil for Long Term (Avoid Pencil Replacement Tip)

Apply these hacks to use the Apple pen for long-lasting and sidestep to replace it.

  • Band the Pencil with Stylus Sling Holder

The stylus sling iPad holder has a tiny compact for the lightning connection refuge that can be used to put the Apple pencil into it. Moreover, it helps to shelter and secure damaging the pencil and its tip.

However, this (stylus sling holder) is utilitarian while going outside with an iPad.

  • Attach the Pencil Clip

The pencil metal clip is a reliable hack to dodge replacement and protect your Apple pencil and its tip. The clip allows the pencil to attach to the notepad, your pocket, and the iPad’s cover.

  • Stand the Apple Pencil Straight with A Belkin Stand

Belkin stands, grasps the Apple pen upright, and secures the tip. This stand is double the case used to accumulate the pen carefully when you are not consuming it.

  • Influence Apple Pencil with the Magnet to Avoid Tip Replacement

A magnetic link to the iPad is an unfailing resolution to avoid losing and destroying the Apple pencils.

Moxivare app has adapted a more dependable magnet source set for iPencil to cover and attribute to the iPad.


We hope this post helps you understand the Apple pencil and its replacement tip. Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions about this post. We are always here to help you.

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