Apple Thunderbolt Display Knowing The Specifications Details

Apple thunderbolt display
Apple thunderbolt display

A monitor that did everything: Apple thunderbolt Display is the sequel to Apple’s LED Cinema Display. This monitor looks very attractive, has good performance and supple features. Users with the budget to devote to this monitor will not be dissatisfied. Moreover, if you desire to enjoy your MacBook a little more, the thunderbolt Display is likely on the top wishlist.

Let’s see its specifications, features, and performance that help you to determine more about this Apple invention.

Overview: Apple Thunderbolt Display

Apple’s LED Cinema Display: The Apple Thunderbolt Display, which Apple released in July 2011, was the first to use the clap of thunder fitting together. This device is actually an unconnected monitor that can access three power USB 2.0 ports: a thunderbolt port, a Firewire 800 dock, and a gigabit ethernet Port.

Moreover, this device allows daisy chaining that reduces the records of cable connections and can be applied for multiple displays. However, the connectivity is very wild and can deliver up to 10 gigabits per second. In addition, its bi-directional feature (transmitting and receiving data) makes the speed and connectivity more striking.

As compared to FireWire 800 and 3Gps, the thunderbolt technology is pretty faster and can support audio data and power video calls in just one device. However, the video has high tenacity and accessibility because you have to use just one device to link with audio and video as a substitute for using a separate port.

Apple Thunderbolt Display Specs

Apple Thunderbolt Display Specs
Apple Thunderbolt Display Specs

The thunderbolt display is projected to be the ultimate docking station with many incredible features. Below we have shared the specifications of this Apple’s invention.

Release date20th of July 2011
Model numberA1407
Display27 inches of screen display
Audio and VideoAllows making calls and playing music videos and games.
Height and width49.1 cm and 65 cm
Brightness375 cd/m2
Colors16.7 million
Pixel density109 px/in
Response time12 milliseconds
MaterialAluminum frame and glass front
System requirementsMac OS X 10.6.8 or later series, thunderbolt port
Cable connectionsBuilt-in thunderbolt cable and MagSafe cable up to 85W
Camera and microphoneBuilt-in HD camera and microphone
Original price$999

Apple Thunderbolt Display – Screen Design

The Thunderbolt is made up of an anodized aluminum metal body and has an expensive 27 inches of diagonal screen. The switching panel is also placed in the silver aluminum cabinet and can adjust the panel’s height and rotation for a better angle. The glass of the screen is very reflective

However, the apple logo is at the hindmost, and the facetime HD camera is placed at the uppermost of the cabinet. Moreover, the cabinet correspondingly grapes audio system with two speakers and a woofer that sends 49 watts of amusing crystal clear sound with the deep base comeback.

Though, the functioning buttons are not available on this monitor. Adjust the settings like resolution, brightness, screen rotation, color selection, and others in the system preference display in the control panel.

Ultimate Cable Connections

Two cable wires can project from the hindmost of the cabinet first is a three-split power cable, and the second is a double title MagSafe power connector and a thunderbolt cable connector. The Thunderbolt also allows you to connect up to six other computer devices. The MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and Mac Pro is straightforward to catch up.

When you plug in the power cable, you can influence and charge your laptop with the monitor MagSafe plug. Moreover, a firewire 800 port, ethernet port, three USB (2.0) ports, and a thunderbolt port are available on the backside. Once you connected the ethernet port, the Thunderbolt received notification within a second.

Performance of Apple Display

This monitor has (10Gbps), two times better performance than USB 3.0 (5Gbps), 20 times faster than USB 2.0, and 12 times quicker than FireWire 800. For users who work with large documents and wants to arrange them side by side, the Apple thunderbolt Display is idyllic for observing small text. The smallest font size is 5.3, which was readable and well-distinct.

Moreover, it shows accurate colors, which you can check from the DisplayMate color scales test from dark to light. However, you did not see any tinting or overly saturated colors. However, you can shift this monitor anywhere without disturbing color fluctuation or going through that dark screen. But if you use it for games, unfortunately, you will encounter some slight lag or glitch.


Every Apple Thunderbolt display arrives with an annual limited guarantee. And 90 days of unrestricted telephonic support from Apple technical experts. The Apple care protection plan covers your date, time, and additional purchasing data when you procure it from Apple.

Moreover, if you contract to help from incidents of damage protection, the AppleCare+ includes the service fee of $99 for screen damage or $299 for other damages. All these damages information include in this data. For further information, you will get 24/7 urgent contact to Apple support by phone or message.

Final Words: Is the Apple Thunderbolt Display Worth Buying?

The first monitor offering high-speed connectivity, high image quality, and great audio output is at the top. But unfortunately, this overpriced monitor may not be reasonably priced for most customers.

As per our team’s review, it is worth buying but very expensive. So, I hope you like the post. If you have any queries, you can ask us without any hesitation.