Apple’s New M1 Max: The Entrance of a Beast and What For?

Apple’s New M1 Max
Apple’s New M1 Max

Startled with the hype, the M1 Max just dropped and people have been crazy over it. Why’d you call it a beast though? Have you looked at the numbers?! (That includes both; price and configuration)

Okay let’s not get on the numbers just yet. Each of us interpret the numbers based on our own comprehension of those crazy numbers. What we’re here to talk about is the fact that Apple has managed to shove so much value in so little chip and of course they’ve put a crazy price tag on it! –I mean it’s Apple we’re talking about.

Now, do we not want a 34GB RAM and 8TB ROM with Turbo Boost Frequency of 3.2GHz and 16-inch LED? Of course, I’d give my left nut for that. And I haven’t yet talked about the whole specs but just so you know (if you don’t already); Apple just blew the cap off of modern-day video rendering, photo editing, color grading, video game (yes, they’re not for gaming according to Apple but sweet Jesus! The graphics!)

Alright back to it. Do you need that much? Maybe not…not everyone needs a $6099 (without tax) laptop just to sit in their lap…with a battery life to keep that in your lap for a day or two. Okay yeah, I agree it can be very cool to have that luxury but not everyone can afford that. Expecting the general customers to go for that option is a bit odd.

Who Wants This Beast? No, I Mean…Who Needs This Beast?

The only people this device serves the purpose of having 8TB and Lightning McQueen kind of speed processor-The Media Guys and Girls.

Rendering, loading 4k/8k, color grading, and everything cool…needs the processor to be as fast it can be. MacBook Pro 14 with the M1 Max crosses the limit of perfection. Since you need this work done with a lord forbid light speed, this becomes more than a luxury-it’s an investment for your work.

Yes, It’s True-Intel is Faster

But there’s a catch, the catch is pretty simple and it’s the power consumption. M1 Max with 10 core CPU; 8 high performance cores and 2 being high efficiency cores-they’re 70% faster than the M1 chip. Although on the other hand comes Intel’s Core i9-having 14 Core CPU; 8 being high performance cores and 6 being high efficiency cores. The Turbo Boost Frequency hits 5.0GHz while M1 Max only settles on 3.0GHz.

Back to the catch we were talking about. The Intel i9 uses 115 watts of power where the M1 only uses 90 watts maximum. With that amount of energy, the i9 flushes the battery out of the computer. While M1 Max is said to do ton of work for a whole day on a single charge and still has some juice left for the other day. This gives a huge favor on the M1 Max side as the battery is one of the most important things for any of this high performing device deserver which in this case are our media guys and girls.