Archero Guide (Tips & Tricks for Beginners)

Archero Guide
Archero Guide

Archero is a simple action game; a player just needs to move their hero and avoid the missiles of their enemies. But going to the next level can be very difficult without accurate information. So, we have compiled this Archero beginner guide for our readers to help them progress and succeed in the levels.

Do you Know About Archero?

On March 24, 2019, Habby and Monduz Games published the most anticipated Action-adventure game that surely fascinates game enthusiasts. This game was actually developed by Monduz Games and released for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

The game title is in some way related to archery; it does not mean that the game is all about archery. The main purpose of the game is to abolish every single opponent end to end your way without being knockout. However, the game has two diverse modes (1) The normal mode and (2) The Hero mode.

As we mentioned above, while playing Archero, your main point is to terminate all enemies to proceed to the next level. Whenever a player progresses to the next level, they will find several prizes to help recover their advancement.

Moreover, playing the Archero game is very candid. A player just needs to shoot arrows in motionless mode simultaneously to avoid being hit by the enemy monsters.

Tips & Tricks 1: To Play the Game

Tips And Tricks for Playing the Game
Tips And Tricks for Playing the Game

Campaigns: Constantly Assume the Nastiest

Presently Archero game has 26 diverse campaigns termed as chapters. These chapters have an assortment from the newbie approachable Verdant Prairie to the anew added Land of the Dead. Every chapter has monster enemies’ prizes, loot, and supervisors.

Archero Guide for Game Energy

In a game like Farm Heroes Saga, Archero correspondingly has an energy and leveling structure. Players will have to wage five energies whenever they play a campaign chapter. But usually have a determined of 20 at any given time. This energy expense lets a player play a campaign and keep on till the player dies for that particular campaign.

However, players can improve their energy by 1 point every 12 minutes. Consequently, a player has to wait for 4 hours to improve the determined (20) energy a player had used for the 4 games they have played. While players can also gain energy from loot and other sources.

Level Structures

There are three types of levels in the Archero.

  • Hero Levels – A player can look at their hero level by navigating to the equipment screen and tapping “Change Hero.” Every hero has attack power and health points that improve with the hero level.
  • Campaign or Chapter Levels – The campaign level depends on a player’s performance per the chapter phase. When a player defeats an enemy in a stage, they will get gold coins that will be added up to raise the level. Furthermore, every campaign level bounces access to three Random number generator (RNG) preferred aptitudes for the attacks. But a player can only pick one of three per level.
  • Adventure Levels – When a player plays a game, whether deceases or succeeds in concluding a chapter, they will approve some experience points (XP) as loot. This XP is added to the adventure level, which pledges into how many epochs player can upgrade their talent section.

NOTE: RNG (Random Number Generator) is an ability to maximum HP boost.

Guide to Normal Mode and Hero Mode in Archero

As mentioned above, the game has 2 modes. 1: normal 2: hero mode. Players can unlock the hero mode when they complete a few levels and campaigns in the normal mode. The hero mode is actually a hard mode for campaigns and levels that have been unlocking.

Enemies and monsters have been noticeably enhanced in hero mode. On each level, there are also traps and blockades; some enemies might move and attack in new ways. However, the rewards and loots for completing levels in hard mode are pretty identical to normal mode. The players who complete the challenge will earn unique rewards for each chapter.

Promo Codes

Archero developer occasionally gives promo codes during advertising campaigns through sponsored videos or other media. However, these codes give different items and game currencies depending on the promotion type.

Suppose a player fortunate out gets one of these, so the player just needs to click the game menu on the map screen, tap on the settings option, and enter the code into the insert promo code.

Archero Game Currency

In the Archero game, there are three types of currencies. Here we have described the Archero in-game currency guide.

  • Gold Coins It is the most commonly found currency to advance a player’s talents with the RNG conclusive, which talent a player will get.
  • Gems – It is the most versatile currency to buy several character heroes that are better than two free heroes, Atreus and Urasil. Moreover, players can also use gems to recover a hero if the player dies in the middle of the campaign.
  • Coupons – The coupon currency is principally for cosmetic kinds of stuff used to buy different get-ups for the heroes.

Tips & Tricks 2: To Fight in Archero

Some Best Primary Aptitudes

Whenever a player completes a level, they will get to choose an ability. Here we share some of the best skills you can select when you are preparatory obtainable.

  • Attack Speed – This skill can faster your attacks.
  • Front Arrow – When you have this boost, you can fire an additional arrow.
  • Blood Thirst – This aptitude can partially restore health on kills.
  • Ricochet – When a player is not facing difficult bosses, this skill is good because the arrow bounces between monsters using this.
  • Blaze – Increase extra damage when a player lands a shot.

Angels and Devils: Guide to Select the Archero Power-on

In Archero, a player will come across angels and devils during the chapter stages that offer aptitudes to powerups the hero.

  • Angels – This power offers a choice between curing or an RNG option. A player can find angels through a chapter as they appear on stage without any enemies.
  • Devils – Allows a player to have a precise technique to be bidden. Players have to defeat a boss enemy without receiving any damage. At the same time, it does not offer price but suggests strong aptitudes such as an extra life but will decrease the max HP boost.

Use Cover to Dodge Attacks from Enemies

The enemy fire can dart to attack patterns and block casual positions on the map. But keep in mind that some enemies can fire over the blocks or fly body crashes that can go over walls.

Speed, Defense, and Practice are the Best Key to Win

Do you know speed is the best defense, Defense is the best offense, and the offense is the best offense? Balancing speed, defense, and practicing all three is the only technique for Archero to conquest the game.

However, the best strategy to use is that a player needs to be rapid to dodge monsters and enemies. A few seconds before enemies hit you, attempt to predict where they will land.

The End of Archero Guide

Here we have covered the beginning guideline of Archero. We hope this gaming post lets you have a better time playing and let you enjoy the game. If you find this post interesting, let us know in the remark section.