Basic classes in Final Fantasy XIV: a short guide for a beginner

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

There are quite a lot of different classes in Final Fantasy XIV and it will be difficult for a beginner to figure out which class to choose. In this article, we will talk about the basic classes and help a beginner make his choice.

The most recent expansion made numerous changes to the game and succeeded in re-engaging gamers. You must finish tasks, take part in raids, and explore dungeons in order to advance through the game and level up swiftly. Naturally, you need a strong and competent team for this because even a small error might ruin the entire dungeon. The best aspect of the game is joining raids with your prized character and experiencing the thrill. But to do this, you must invest a lot of time in the game by grinding a lot. It’s exhausting. Nevertheless, by using the final fantasy 14 boost services offered by a qualified team, you can upgrade your hero quickly. You’ll avoid bothersome teammates and save time.

Paladin (Gladiator)

The Paladin, which eventually turns into the Gladiator, is our first tank. It is a good choice as a starter class for beginners because it is quite easy for them to play at early levels, with its simple basic rotation of skills. As a weapon, he uses a sword and shield and is the most traditional tank in the world of Final Fantasy 14. He has a large number of defensive skills and with pumping, he masters a variety of holy magic, which corresponds to his role as a paladin. It is worth noting that the role of the tank is always in demand, which means that you will receive additional bonuses for completing group content and at the same time the shortest waiting time in line for various dungeons. This is a great choice for those who want to start playing a tank in Final Fantasy XIV.

Pugilist (Monk)

This is a melee fighter who uses skeletons as weapons. His task in the group is to quickly destroy the enemies that the tank collects and distracts. This is the most mobile class in the game because he often has to change his position during combat, as his abilities cause additional damage or give additional bonuses, depending on which side they were inflicted on. But it is difficult to recommend Monk to beginners.

Marauder (Warrior)

He has an axe in his hands and you might think that this is a DPS class. However, you will play the role of a tank, collect packs of mobs and take on bosses. His defensive abilities are weaker than paladins, but they have a shorter recharge time.

If we make a rough comparison between a paladin and a marauder, then we can say that the second is more focused on attack, and the paladin is more focused on protecting himself and the group in Final Fantasy 14.

Lancer (Dragoon)

This is the next melee class. He spawned quite a few memes in Final Fantasy because of his special jumping mechanics. Jumping in the game has no verticality. But they have a rather long animation, during which Lancer cannot move, which in turn often leads to numerous deaths. Otherwise, it functions about the same as Pugilist, adjusted for the fact that it has fewer positional skills and can increase the attack of the entire group.

Archer (Bard)

This is the first ranged DPS in Final Fantasy 14 that deals physical damage. Initially, he uses a bow as a weapon, but later he learns to play various musical instruments, which makes him a strong support class. But at the same time, he can inflict serious damage on enemies. Since almost all of his attacking abilities are triggered instantly, this allows him to keep his enemies at a distance and not be constrained in his movements.

It is perfect for any beginner who wants to try playing this game with lots of awards and nominations, but it is quite difficult to master it to the full.

Conjurer (White Mage)

It is the first healer to use a staff as a weapon. In Final Fantasy 14, healers, in addition to healing skills, also have a lot of attacking abilities. And they are not intended only for the passage of solo content. You will be expected not only to treat allies but also to cause damage to enemies.

Otherwise, the white magician is a traditional healer. Players will take damage, and you will react with the help of strong heals to one target or the whole group. Just like in the case of the paladin, a white magician would be a good starting point for this.

Thaumaturge (Black Mage)

Perhaps the most popular profession in Final Fantasy 14 is Black Mage. It is often chosen by streamers (according to Twitch statistics, the FF14 game has quite a lot of viewers). As a weapon, he uses a two-handed magic staff and is the first magic DPS. He explodes and destroys everything that gets in his way. Unfortunately, for this, he has to cast spells for a long time and stand still all the time, which makes him the least mobile class in the game. Therefore, it will take some skill to manage it.

In general, if you like big, powerful, and beautiful explosions and causing heavy damage to the area – this class is for you.

Arcanist (Summoner)

Summoner is one of the classes that opens when the Arcanist reaches level 30. It represents a magical DPS, who is assisted in battle by the creatures summoned by him. As a weapon, he uses a book with magic spells and has a large number of skills that cause damage. If you like magic classes with pets and periodic damage, this is your choice.

Regardless of which class you choose, you will have a lot of fun playing Final Fantasy 14. So try different classes and find the one that suits you.