Become A Crypto Trader With This Simple Guide- Points To Note

Become A Crypto Trader
Become A Crypto Trader

The capitalization of the crypto market is around $445 billion, and it touched $1.15 trillion in 2021. You can more hundreds of coins in the market and more coins will be launched soon. Investors gained a huge profit from this market during the pandemic, and now large investors and business houses are investing their funds including their capital shares in cryptocurrencies. Visit us!

So, you can start trading cryptocurrencies to earn a stable profit from this crypto market, but trading cryptos can be difficult. It is similar to stocks, where you can buy stocks from stock exchanges and sell your stocks at higher prices, but you can find some differences between the stock market and the crypto market. Cryptos are more volatile than stocks and forex, and you must have a clear idea about crypto trading to become a successful trader.

This article highlights some helpful tips to become a successful trader; read on to know more in detail to have an overall better understanding.

Tips to become a successful crypto trader:

The Crypto market is quite complicated because you can find this market run by computer codes and measured by an algorithm. You don’t necessarily require becoming a tech-savvy person to get started into the world of crypto trading. Note that even a small mistake during your crypto trading can lead to a huge loss, and you should not invest in scams and unknown schemes.

Make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps to start your crypto trading; read on to know more in detail!

  • Create an account on an exchange platform: You need to open an account on a crypto exchange to trade cryptocurrencies. It is like your Demat or forex trading account where you need to fund your trading account to fiat currency to buy stocks and bonds. You can open a crypto account and fund your account by linking it with your bank account or credit card. Make sure, you must aware of the charges of such crypto exchanges because they can charge a hefty fee for funding your crypto account through credit cards.
  • Verify your account: You cannot trade cryptocurrency without verifying your account. KYC verification is mandatory and you can complete this process digitally. You need to submit your ID proof and supporting documents to your exchange to verify your KYC. Once you are done verifying your account, you can then seamlessly start your crypto trading process.
  • Choose a wallet: As you know that cryptocurrencies are a digital or virtual currency that do not have any physical form. You cannot touch, carry or store such digital currencies in your physical wallet or locker. In order to store your crypto coins and tokens, you should consider choosing a digital wallet. Such wallets can store your keys, like private keys and public keys, and you can use the QR code available on your wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrency. You can either choose a hardware or a software wallet. In the case of hardware wallets, you need to connect a device to your system to access your crypto account. You can download an app operated by your exchange to use their software wallet. Hardware or cold wallets are safer than hot or software wallets.
  • Do your research: Without proper research, investing your funds in any stock, bond or cryptocurrency can lead you to serious losses, and you need to learn about the market to make an informed decision.
  • Choose the best currency: People always prefer to start crypto trading with BTC because it is the oldest coin that has occupied a major part of this market. But you must diversify your portfolio by adding other coins and tokens as well. You can choose stablecoins and Altcoins to earn a huge profit. Make sure, you must open an account on an exchange where such coins are available, and you can easily trade such coins and tokens from your single trading account. In this case, you can try BitIQ.


You can hold your coins for a longer period to get the best returns, or you can trade such cryptocurrencies daily. You need to choose the best trading strategy according to your needs, and you must have an exit plan to sell your coins at the right time.