Best Fallout Games: From Best to Worst Ranked by Critics


Best Fallout games? This question is always tricky for any die-hard fan of this franchise. Produced by now-defunct Interplay Entertainment, the game’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that a TV show is in work by Amazon Studious based on the plot of the game.

After Fallout’s franchise parent company was dissolved, it was reinvigorated by Bethesda Softworks, famed for Elder Scrolls, in 2008. They started with Fallout 3. Instead of typical isometric point-and-click action, a slick third-person shooter game was introduced. The game was opened to widespread mixed reviews. It was well-received by many who praises its gritty gameplay and smooth graphics. But some slammed the game for potholes in the storyline.

The series boasts a total collection of nine games. We have rated each Fallout game from the eyes of critics to find out which game stood out as best.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 was overwhelmingly rated by gamers and critics alike as the worst game in the Fallout series. Metacritic and International Game Database reviewed the play and stopped short at 52 and 51 ratings.

Rating: 52

Best Fallout Games: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

In the fourth game in the Fallout series, Brother of Steel was slammed by critics as the game developers put all their eggs in the basket of combat action, which failed to carry the game throughout. The much-focused RPG has missed the forest for the trees. A balanced approach may tilt the game in rave reviews.

Rating: 65

Fallout Shelter

The game has fared better than its predecessor mentioned in the list above. It started as a mobile game, Fallout Shelter, then introduced on other platforms. However, the game was criticized for lack of catch to hook the gamers. Besides some other ignorable issues, the game was, overall, good.

Rating: 70

Best Fallout Games: Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Conceived as a spin-off story, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel eventually brought the riveting element in the game. Not to mention, slick squad-based gameplay also made the game super-excited. However, the intense difficulty level and no out of single-player story content have been criticized.

Rating: 73

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is generally billed as ‘one of the best Fallout games’ of all time. The game was cheered for its creative writing, gradual character development, and compelling story arc. But, according to many critics, Fallout: New Vegas was criticized for annoying bugs and performance issues that came as a bit of blot on the game. The reason for these issues is cited as a result of the early release of the game by Bethesda publisher before the engine developers Obsidian Entertainment completed their work on the game’s vision.

Rating: 76

Fallout 4

Fallout 4, like Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, are much praised for the sections that these games were liked. The gameplay of Fallout 4 especially received rave reviews for its expansive world with abundant resources. Nevertheless, there are some critics of the game, too. They raised objections that Fallout 4 failed to carry the RPG roots initially set in Fallout: New Vegas. Instead, Fallout 4 took a paradigm shift from RPG to action-adventure. Moreover, the game’s title failed to impress the fans, but critics praised it.

Rating: 84.5

what is the best fallout game
what is the best fallout game

Best Fallout Games: Fallout & Fallout 2

Fallout, followed by Fallout 2, inspired by Wasteland, was given rave reviews by many critics. It was praised for excellent graphics, extensive plot, and thorough RPG mechanics. On the other hand, the Fallout 2 game has set on the same path his predecessor achieved success; however, the lack of improvements made the game less original. In a nutshell, the first two parts of Fallout have been received well by the fans and critics alike in the realm of classic RPGs. Both fans and critics harked back to the game’s old traditional roots and hoped the game revived since.

Rating: 88

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is regarded as ‘one of the best Fallout games ever produced.’ The reason for its excellence can be found in its ability to successfully translate the gameplay of the RPG originals to the open world of the game. Many critics considered this as ‘revolutionary’ of their time. Few critics even called the Fallout 3 RPG mechanics better than the franchise’s first two installments. The game is still etched in the memories of Fallout gamers when it was first launched in 2008. Many would compare the game to Fallout: New Vegas, its successor. However, Fallout 3 stands out in the franchise on its own as the best game ever produced by Fallout developers.

Rating: 90

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