Best Portable Laser Engravers for DIY

Laser Engravers for DIY
Laser Engravers for DIY

For DIY lovers and enthusiasts, a laser engraver is a must-have to engrave graphics, names, dates, codes, or anything else in no time. But they would not prefer to have a large and bulky laser engraving machine; instead, they would go with either a handheld portable laser engraver or a small desktop machine. It will be easy to carry and complete the job in no time, and most importantly, it will be more affordable.

In this article, we will share some portable laser engravers that are ideal for DIY purposes and small businesses. We will discuss different products along with their features, pros, and cons to help you select the best one without any hassle.

1) xTool F1

xTool F1 portable laser engraveris specifically made for DIY, side hustles, and site jobs. It is a versatile engraving and cutting machine because it contains two laser technologies: Diode Laser and Infrared Laser.

The 10W diode laser can engrave wood, acrylic, glass, leather, paper, ceramic, rock, etc. It can also cut wood, acrylic, leather, and some other materials without any hassle. The infrared laser technology is exceptional for metals and plastics. It can engrave silver, gold, platinum, stainless steel, iron, and aluminum in no time.

The machine can engrave at an exceptional speed of 4,000 mm/sec, which is incredible. It will only take a few seconds to engrave complex images and patterns. Moreover, it offers 0.00199mm engraving accuracy. Thus, you get fine details of graphics and exceptional results.

It is a lightweight and handheld machine, so you can easily use it for DIY purposes. It offers auto-focus, liver engraving preview, password lock, and tons of features that make it extraordinary. You can also engrave cylindrical and spherical objects by RA2 rotary attachment. With that being said, you can engrave rings, drinking glasses, balls, and almost 90% of cylindrical objects.

Beginners can use this machine without any hassle. There is native free software that makes everything easy. Mort importantly, you can use the machine anywhere because its exhaust can be connected to an air purifier. You can even use it inside your kitchen. It is a safe, powerful, and versatile portable laser engraving machine that every DIY enthusiast should consider.

2) LaserPecker 2

LaserPecker 2 is another handheld laser engraving machine with galvanometer technology. It can engrave materials at an exceptional speed, which is 600 mm/s. It is a 450nm diode or blue laser that can engrave wood, acrylic, cardboard, glass, fabric, leather, coated metals, stainless steel, and paper.

The machine offers incredible results because of its 0.05mm accuracy. Secondly, the engraving spot measures only 0.05 x 0.05 mm. You will get extra fine and perfect results on engraving. The best part is that the machine offers a quick live preview. So, you can adjust the position of the graphics before engraving. It eliminates errors and helps in getting the best results.

It is extremely portable because of its lightweight and power bank. You can engrave with it anytime and anywhere. The incredible feature of the machine is the roller base. It helps in cylindrical engraving and allows you to engrave objects up to 2 meters long. The machine rolls on the objects and engraves during the movement.

You can use the machine through your computer or mobile application. It has made engraving easier than ever before. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The machine also has some safety features to prevent accidents. It automatically stops in case of tilting or overheating. You can also enable a password for safe usage.

3) xTool D1 Pro

xTool D1 Pro is one of the favorite laser engravings and cutting machines of DIY experts, professionals, and small business owners. It is a desktop laser machine, which is quite compact and easy to move and carry. If you want a bigger engraving area compared to handheld machines, it could be the best option.

It is a diode laser machine that can engrave wood, acrylic, glass, ceramic, stone, rubber, leather, and some metals. The engraving area is about 16 x 15 inches long, which is more than enough for usual projects. Surprisingly, it can be increased by two times through its extension kit. You can also engrave almost all cylindrical and spherical objects by using its special 4-in-1 rotary attachment. Thus, it is a versatile laser machine that can work on a wide range of projects.

The laser module of the machine can be changed. It is available in 10W, 20W, and 40W. It is ideal to get the 10W and 20W. The 10W module is more than perfect for engraving. Its fine spot takes care of the fine details. On the other hand, the 40W module is a cutting beast that can cut thicker materials in no time. It can even oxidize the metal surface and bring vivid permanent colors.

The accuracy of the machine is 0.0004 inches, which is commendable. You won’t see any doubling or errors in the final engraving. It will take care of the tiny details that matter. The speed of the machine can reach up to 400 mm/s; therefore, it offers higher productivity.

The machine is suitable for beginners. They can use it without any experience. It offers easy focusing, simple native software, and simple directions to get started. The machine also possesses some safety features, such as automatic turn-off in case of fire or tilt. If you are looking for a simple, robust, and all-in-one laser machine for DIY, add this machine to your list.


DIY enthusiasts would love to have a laser engraving machine to take their creativity to the next problem. But the problem is that they cannot go with a large laser machine because it takes up too much space and costs a lot. The option for them is a desktop or handheld laser engraving machine. We have discussed three incredible options that can help in getting amazing results. You can choose any of them according to your needs and requirements. Look at the features, pros, cons, and specifications to decide what’s better.