Best Programming Languages for Android App Development in 2024

Android App Development
Android App Development

Do you know why this is an era of smartphones? Why do people cannot think of taking a step outside without having their smartphones with them? Why do technologies are getting more updated to create more advanced smartphones? All these have one common answer. The use of Android apps. 

Whether you want to go somewhere or order something online, you must use an application built using a programming language. So, it is easy to understand why programming languages are essential in building any Android application. But the question is, what are the languages used for application development? Well, there are plenty of them. As a coder, you all need to understand what is right for you. Once you do that, choose one of the best Android development services to create your application. 

1. Java

Whenever the thought “bring your Android app development solutions to the future” hits, the first programming language that comes to mind is Java. Java had been the official Android application development language (now it has been replaced by Kotlin). That is why it is the most used programming language for Android applications. 

Many apps in the Play Store are designed and built in Java. It is also the most supported and popular programming language. Java, the most veteran programming language, has a strong online community of coders where a novice or an experienced coder can place their problems and get a reply. 

But despite all these benefits, there is no doubt that Java is a complicated language; therefore, many coders find it difficult to write and execute codes. Also, Java covers complicated topics like GUI, null pointer exception, constructors, inheritance, a checked exception, error handling, etc., and now the use of SDK (Software Development Kit) extends the problem. 

2. Kotlin

Google declared Kotlin the official Android app development language in 2019. Though it has been a secondary official language of Java since 2017, now it has become more popular as an official application development language. 

Being a cross-platform programming language, Kotlin can work with Java and run on the same Java Virtual Machine. However, Kotlin is a more flexible and easy-to-understand language compared to Java. It does not have long and complicated scripts, does not include any over-the-top features, and its syntax is also easier than Java. That is why a coder does not always need to put a semicolon at the end of completing every line of code. So, simply put, Kotlin is simpler than other programming languages, especially Java, making it a one-stop destination for building a robust application. 

3. C++

When you learn about Android app development services, it is only common to come across C++ programming language. C++ is one of the oldest programming languages designed using NDK or Native Development Kit. 

Even though this programming language is well qualified to be put in the category of the Android application-building programming languages’ list, most parts are implemented using NDK. Also, C++ has its code library, which can help to execute the programmes. 

C++, even though a programming language taught at the beginning of teaching many programming languages, is much less flexible and difficult to set up than other languages. C++ also can show more errors in a code, and there is no advanced way to catch and throw the error. That is why Java, Kotlin, and Python are the most used programming languages for building Android applications. 

4. Python

Python is the most used and advanced Android app development programming language. Even though Android does not support any native Python development, it is well-recognised as an application-building programming language. 

The basic thing to know about Python is that tools can convert Python-made applications into Android-compatible packages, which is how a Python-made application can easily run on Android devices. Also, Python has an open-source library that provides the required support to build Android-compatible mobile applications. 

5. Dart

When discussing the selection of Android app development services, the name that invariably comes to mind is Dart. In a realm where Java stands as the reigning champion among programming languages, Dart emerges as an undeniable contender. This prominence is not merely coincidental; it stems from Dart’s stature as an open-source programming language coupled with its elegantly uncomplicated framework.

In the realm of software development, the pursuit of simplicity without compromising quality is a formidable quest. Dart’s ascendancy has been swift and remarkable due to its innate simplicity and its ability to deliver top-notch applications seamlessly adaptable to both mobile devices and laptops. Its meteoric rise in popularity is a testament to its inherent capability.

A distinguishing factor that firmly establishes Dart as a haven for programmers is its distinguished patronage from Google. Endowed with the prestigious title of a client-optimized language, Dart offers developers a unique advantage – a real-time view of changes as they diligently craft their projects. The swift and smooth performance Dart facilitates adds an extra layer of allure to its already appealing attributes.

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Programming languages have always been a boon. It is because of these languages we can use various useful applications. But choosing the right one is essential as, with time, the demand changes and the programming languages get updated, or a new one comes in. So, knowing the potential programming languages for creating robust apps is only possible if you have enough knowledge. So, be careful and choose your programming language properly.