Best Warzone Player [You Might Not Know Of]

best warzone player
best warzone player

Best warzone player you might not know of? According to the survey in June 2022, over 100 million people played the COD warzone. Warzone is a free action-based game that gives birth to many giant players. However, these players make Warzone a part of their earnings. Call of duty Warzone was released in march 2020, and the gamers of that time who played this now are millionaires.

If you are a 90s kid, many of you might hear from your parents that stop wasting time on gaming, but they didn’t know that these gamers become celebrities one day shortly. Warzone is the updated version of COD and has become tremendously successful after the launch.

However, In this article, we’ll be ranking the best players in the COD warzone based on current criteria like Warzone earnings, KD, win percentage, total kills, etc.

List of the Best player in Warzone with characteristics

Best player in Warzone with characteristics
Best player in Warzone with characteristics

People keep asking who is the best player in Warzone, then let us tell you. There is an uncountable list of pro players you can find on Warzone. However, we have some top-notch players on our list and will discuss them with their characteristics.

1.     Aydan

Aydan was born in the USA in April 1999 andparticipated in many game battles tournaments. He earned over 300k in the COD warzone and named himself to be the first winner of the Warzone who earned that amount before getting into fortnite.

Characteristics:Aydan clutch1v4, takes advantage of that hop-up spot, gets one down and takes the other down as well, and listens for this outplay to reset the gunfight. This is what a lot of pro players are able to do.

They disengage, pull up fully reloaded, reengage and continue this process. Aydan slowly whittled down the enemy team and hop-up the spot again, platting up and killing, then came out snaps to the next guy.

2.     Metaphor

Luke, known as a metaphor known for the best sniper player of a warzone, was a twitch streamer and YouTuber uploading videos of his solo gameplay of COD. Luke was a Canadian national; his estimated earnings from 27 tournaments were $28,688.

Characteristics: metaphor has to be one of the nastiest snipers in a warzone. Hands down for this player. However, there are many competitors of him though he also happens to be on mouse and keyboard transitioned league as a dominant player. He has leaped and was the most phenomenal player within the COD warzone.

The one drawback is that he didn’t appear much in the cash prize tournaments. But we put him on the list because of his sniper skills. Luke also appears in the list of players who succeed in having 100k over kills, and his score per match is 10 kills. Luke mostly plays solo, and many of you know that solo is the hardest battle royal.

3.     TeeP (Warzone Player)

TeeP’s real name is Tylor polchow was born in July 1992 in the USA. Currently, he retired from gaming and instead is a content writer of games. His previous identity name was TeePee, but after winning the world champion tournament of 2014, he introduced the new name TeeP.

Characteristics:TeeP is my favorite one on the list because of how methodical he is about playing a game. However, somebody out there might not know who Teep is. He’s a call of duty legend and won countless majors when he was a pro player in the CDL.

The most appealing quality of TeeP is his genius play, strategy making, teaming, leverage, complexity, etc. He is an all-rounder in Warzone and is comfortable using any gun.

4.     Mutex

Mutex(Charlie Saouma) was born in October 1994 in Canada. His earnings from 47 tournaments are $114k. According to a survey, his monthly earnings from a single twitch approx is $34,216. He is Lebanese by ethnic raised in Canada.

Characteristics: mutex just dropped a solo quad world record and dropped 61 kills and something like that. Although, when it comes to Warzone, he is known as the player with the highest number of kills. Also happens to have the highest warzoneKD on the list, with 5.85.

A mutex has over 112000 kills, so this guy definitely knows how to get a job done. Hence, his average score per match is 12 kills, and he’s on the top list because he achieved the highest number of kills. Unlike metaphor, he also plays excellent with sniper though he never uses it that much.

5.     JoeWo

You can also call him NRG JoeWo his real name is joseph Wohala, and he was born in October 1997 USA. He currently works as a gaming content creator and joined NRG e-sports in February 2021.

It has been over three years now he’s playing. By connecting every report, his monthly earnings are over $60,000 monthly.

Characteristics:JoeWo is the giant monster in a warzone though he is also famous as a movement king in the arena. Moreover, he’s doing everything for the out finest players and is essential if you are a solo player.

Just like Aydan, JoeWo also plays well with hop-up spots, and it’s crucial to know while playing because no one will be brought back no one res.

You need to win gulags instead take out people and outsmart them in a way by outplaying them in one of the smart power positions. JoeWo is a perfect guy who can adjust to any team.

6.     Jukeyz

Jukeyz (Liam James) is an English best warzone player born in February 1997 in England. Maybe few peoples know that he starts from $1 and now are at the top list and a famous pro player and streamer. His followers on twitch currently are 208k. However, his overall earnings from 69 tournaments are $215k.

Characteristics:Jukeyz is very aggressive while playing but knows how to position himself and is smart enough to escape a critical situation.

However, he plays a lot of 2v2 kill races and wagers all that stuff, and it’s crazy that he makes his list considering that he is almost always at a competitive disadvantage being on 150 and 180 pings playing on EU with the vast majority. Jukeyzis always ready to play against and compete himself. Moreover, if he plays in North America, he could do much better in the tournaments.

Best Warzone Player In Short

We categorize this list of the best player in the Warzone so you can take this as a helpful guide. If you got entertainment within your job, what could you need then – These monster players’ earnings are much more than any official employee.

However, a single gameplay video benefits them from different platforms like youtube, twitch, paid sponsors, etc. Many peoples use to watch their live streams because they want to learn the positions they applied to their game.

Therefore, we explain the article’s top most prominent players of Warzone to make you learn from the techniques they applied during their gameplayso you can polish yours after then.