BitLife Prison Escape: How to Escape Like a Houdini

BitLife Prison Escape

Want to live a life with no real-world consequences? Bitlife can give you that. Wondering what on earth Bitlife is? It’s a game with real-life experiences but, VIRTUALLY. In Bitlife you can make a range of choices that you cannot be able to makein the real world. Like, pursuing a different college degree or ending up in jail, for partying hard! So, in the latter case, we come to your rescue to teach you how to pull off the Bitlife prison escape.

Tell Us More About This BitLife

Developed by Candry Writer LLC, BitLife is a life-simulator game, or you can say, a better version of SimCity.

In the game, you are living your life from birth till you croak, eventually. The gameplay is rather easy. You have to choose between the multiple options to live your life on every action. You can do several things in the game. Like:

  • As a baby, you can go to a hospital
  • Afterward, as you grew, say 4, you can now ask for money from your parents
  • At the age of 6, you can go to school

You can also start a life with your right partner in the game, have kids, and live your life to the fullest with them.

However, just like in the real world, in BitLife, if you choose to do harmful things, it will directly affect your life. For example, if you do drugs or other bad options, your health in the game decline. On the opposite, if you choose the right options you will flourish.

So, you can see life in BitLife is the same as in the real world. But with one edge: There are no real-life consequences of your choices in BitLife.

Good behavior will earn you points while bad ones will, probably, wind up in prison. And if you end up in one, that’s where you need us to tell you how to pull off a Houdini-style of BitLife prison escape.

BitLife Prison Escape: How to Get Tossed up Therein First Place?

Before getting out of BitLife prison, you first know how to throw up in one. This is EASY. Some of them are:

  • You can assault someone
  • Break into someone’s home
  • Burglary in homes or elsewhere
  • Stealing something from someone

How to Pull Off a Matrix Move in BitLife Prison Escape

Once you are tossed into jail, NOW it is time to come up with a plan to escape. Before, vanishing like Houdini from a cell—it is important to know the security there.

There are three different levels of security in the prisons of BitLife.

  • Minimum
  • Medium
  • Maximum

So, each level has its security. In the minimum and medium level of security, you can easily set free yourself. But in the maximum BitLife prison escape, it can be extremely difficult. And worst, if you get caught while escaping, your sentence only gets increasingly more.

Monitor Guard Moves

While escaping from the prison, which is no easy feat, you must closely monitor the movements of the jailer in BitLife prison escape.

  • Guard normally moves twice when you move
  • You can trap the guard as he walks horizontally only
  • On the other hand, you can move in any direction from left to right
  • Corner the cop to the wall

BitLife Prison Escape: Map of Prisons

Below is the list of prison maps of BitLife’s security prisons.

3×4 Map

Escaping from this map is piece of cake. It is tiny and escapable. The easiest way to break free from this prison is to push the cop to the corner to trap him.

3×5 Map

This map is also easy as cake. However, with only one wall, it may seem difficult at the bit. As walls are the place you can trap the guard to leap to your freedom. To escape from there, simply trick him to get into behind that one wall. While you move to the freedom gate.

4×4 Map

4×4 map has three different maps. In the first map, the guard is on the right angle. Frankly, the map has only a right angle. So, you have to pull off a Matrix move by tricking the guard into winning. The second map has given the cop a slight edge over you. But the horizontal movement of the cop will let you easily escape him by trapping him in the walls. The third map is a play of back-and-forth, where the cop gets confused in the three-enclosure wall, while you escape from the prison.

5×5 Map

This map is something you call “maximum security.” Getting out from it seems rather hard. Due to loads of right-angle walls on the map; the guard has only one thing to do to catch you: not to move at all (no pun, intended) Well, it is not remotely possible to escape from this prison map, when the on-duty guard is in its static position. But here comes the trick: you can trick the cop far more easily than you can imagine. So, this map may seem difficult but it is anything but.

You Can Get Ribbons For BitLife Prison Escape

What are ribbons? They are kinds of awards which you get in your character’s lifetime. There are multiple ribbons in BitLife. Every ribbon is for a different purpose.

Two ribbons are associated with the prison escape.

1.      Jailbird Ribbon

For Jail Ribbon, you have to escape thrice from prison. While you died in the cell, the Jailbird ribbon will automatically set on your grave.

2.      Houdini Ribbon

The bar is pretty high for Houdini Ribbon. You have to dodge the prison guard and escape prison several times. The next part requires you to up your age simultaneously with your level also. Rob again, a house, probably. You will surely end up in prison, AGAIN. Set yourself free without alerting the cop. Then finally, you will be worthy of getting the Houdini ribbon.

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