Building a Loyal Fan Base: Tips on How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud and Grow Visibility


When you attract more and more people who start noticing you on SoundCloud because of your own music, the more you increase your chances of becoming the next recognized artist. Here are some tips you can use for rapid Soundcloud plays growth.

Keep in mind, however, that according to the site’s terms of use, you cannot follow countless accounts quickly. Otherwise, the upcoming artist must expect a warning from the administrators. Although these rules seem quite restrictive at first glance, they make sense. This effectively eliminates a fair share of spammers and robocalls from the service.

On SoundCloud, you can have a maximum of 2,000 followers per account. If you follow a person you have just removed from your friend’s list (using the Unfollow option), you risk blocking your account and the option to follow people. If, after receiving a warning, you do not stop the forbidden practices, your SoundCloud account will be blocked for 2-3 days, then for a week, and so on.

When we start observing a person, it is widespread that they return the favor. At the same time, by adding new content to your profile regularly, you are assured that it will appear in the news displayed to people who are watching you, which will also help you improve your statistics over time.

Of course, the best way to increase SoundCloud plays is to publish songs of the best possible quality. The SoundCloud portal is based not on the file size but on its duration, allowing you to publish content in WAV format, which allows you to maintain better file quality.

How to Get More Soundcloud Plays by Using a Good Marketing Company

Once you’ve created great music and shared it on other social networks, it’s time to let the real players do their thing. You need big numbers to get famous, and it can take you years of hard work to do it on your own, and that’s 50/50.

A great artist can get lost among the 20 million famous competitors. Your fans are the ones who can help you stand out. When people see your tracks, the first thing they do is check the number of plays, reposts, and comments. If your title doesn’t get more SoundCloud plays, users will automatically judge whether the title is boring. The easiest way to get this fan base is to use marketing strategies.

You can buy small plans from marketing companies to drive traffic to your account and extend the playtime. Give your page a social boost to improve your SoundCloud presence.


Groups are also a good way to promote your work, but it’s worth remembering that a lot of time and commitment is required for this method to have the desired effect.

Each published work cannot belong to more than 75 groups. Therefore, it is advisable to choose Apple music groups related to the criteria that the music you create meets. To learn about the criteria for each group, just read its description. To find the groups you are interested in, on the left side of the menu under Groups.

To join a SoundCloud community, select Join; however, to unsubscribe from it, you must select Leave. The limitation of 75 groups applies only when you add songs.

Spend Enough Time Writing an Interesting Bio That Will Catch People’s Attention

When visitors go to your SoundCloud profile, they see your bio first. This is an important part of any profile; you must ensure you fill it out. This is also an important part of SoundCloud marketing strategies. It allows people interested in your music to learn more about you.

Filling out a bio is the perfect way to give visitors information about what you do and much more about you. You can also add information such as your location, the type of music you play, your reasons for becoming a musician, and where you hope your music career will go. This is information that will help you connect more closely with your fans.

How to Get Plays on SoundCloud on Social Media Accounts

When creating your SoundCloud page, include links to your existing social media profiles. This is a simple and wise way to increase SoundCloud plays. For example, you can provide a link to your Facebook and Twitter pages, which means your fans are always updated with your music. If you have one, you can also provide links to a website and a place where subscribers can sign up for your newsletter, which is a good cross-promotion strategy.

When you make it easy for people to start following you, the more you increase the likelihood of building a long-term relationship with new fans. Keep it from slipping away until you ask them to sign up for mailing lists or subscribe to you on other social media platforms. It would help if you used this to see these visitors again after they leave your SoundCloud page.

Now that you’ve created promotional content for independent artists and fans, it’s time to get your game on the social network. SoundCloud provides a common environment for other social media sites. You can easily link your SC to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube channels. This makes it so easy to share your work with other networks, which will promote your SoundCloud page.

This social media strategy does not mean that you have to be on all social networks, nor does it mean that you should choose Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter because they are big pictures. You need to choose a platform where you can find your potential fans.

Your Songs Should Include Relevant Tags

When you write descriptions for each song, make sure they are relevant, including the type of keywords that potential fans will search for when they are interested in your music genres. For example, you should include the genre’s name to make connecting with people interested in that type of music easier. When you choose relevant tags, include any other relevant information that will help fans find you and your music.

If you want, you can use your genre-specific tags instead of the ones they suggest. For example, if your song is acoustic, add an acoustic tag. This way, even if a person isn’t interested in the pop tracks you’ve released, they might be interested in the acoustic version. This is an ideal method of increasing your reach and allows you to connect with different types of audiences.

Use Album Artwork to Promote and Enhance your Profile

Album artwork matters, especially on SoundCloud. Your artwork will be there if your track is embedded in a blog. If you share your track on Facebook, your album art will be there, too.

Your album or track cover represents your music wherever it is. So this is mega important. Before anyone hits play, the artwork attached to your track needs to stand out from other artists. So do that and choose something that represents your music and you. Your album or track cover represents your music wherever it is.

  • Hot tip: album artwork is a great reason to invest money into your project. If you need help creating your desired image, hire a designer or photographer that fits your budget.

Posting any of your album artwork will help your profile stand out. Whenever possible, only use images of exceptionally high quality. Using blurry pictures that have nothing to do with your music can give people a bad impression of you and your music. In many cases, the artwork attracts visitors to listen to one or more of your SoundCloud tracks. Hiring photographers or professional musicians to help you create your album artwork to get noticed is best.

Make it Easy for People to Buy Your Music

You need to include one or more links to make it easier for people to buy your music. For example, when you sell songs through iTunes, Spotify, or CD Baby, you can add a link that will appear as soon as someone listens to one of your songs. These links will make it much easier for visitors to buy the track directly from you. If you have free download songs, you should also include links where your visitors can access them.

Another good idea is to allow visitors to download one of your songs for free, provided they subscribe to you or give you likes. This is an easy way to draw attention to your music and attract more listeners. The best part of this approach is that as more and more people start listening to your music, it is more likely that they will buy your tracks and music. Think about the different ways you can give away your music while at the same time collecting contact information about your fans or getting them to like or subscribe to you.

Understand your Target Audience

When sharing your content in the music industry, you must target the right audience. Knowing your demographics can help you identify where potential listeners are and their habits. This will be relayed to you in your post. You can find information about how well your music is received by your audience in Soundcloud Insights.

With today’s social tools, you know who your potential fans are, their activities, and their current location. Find tastemakers like DJs and know who their fans are. You can easily see if a tastemaker has your potential fan base with their mix type.

Add a “Buy” Link

Listening and liking are nice. But liking and listening can’t buy you that new microphone you’ve been eyeing for so long. Luckily, SoundCloud allows you to add a ‘Buy’ link when you upload a track. Just click the “Metadata” tab during the upload.

Please change it to Stream on Spotify and provide a link for extra streaming. Or write “Donate” and provide a link to Patreon or PayPal. You’ll be surprised how many super fans will support your music.

Private Pro Tools

SoundCloud allows you to share private links to your tracks. It’s great for sharing unfinished tracks with collaborators, sending demos to labels or blogs, or contacting other outlets like radio stations with exclusive content.

Sharing a private link gives your music a personal touch and a sense of exclusivity, which is great for connecting with tastemakers. It’s very easy to do.

  1. Just upload a track and make it private.
  2. Save it and go to your SoundCloud profile.
  3. Click the track you want to share privately and the “Share” button.
  4. You’ll see a private URL unique to your track!

You can even private your entire playlist if you want to share your new music. Plus, you can reset the private link at any time to make your private links time-sensitive.

SoundCloud is known for making famous singers famous. It is, therefore, imperative that you promote your music on this platform. With over 20 million music creators on the platform, it has become as competitive as other social networks like YouTube. You must produce high quality and difference to stand out and buy organic SoundCloud followers cheaply.

Fix your SEO

An undeniable part of your branding and marketing is ensuring your audience can easily find you and your music on multiple platforms. People can only find it if you give them information about your songs. SEO is also important in SoundCloud and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Conclusion: Make Good Music

Good music gives you clarity, balance, and satisfaction. This is an important basis for the music industry. Nowadays, anyone can be a musician as you can easily make on Soundcloud upload your songs online. This has made it difficult to become popular if your music is not mixed and mastered. If you have low-quality music, you may miss your chances of gaining more fans, as those using the platform will be forced to press the next button and look for better music.

Whenever a SoundCloud user finds your music and presses the play button, they should be greeted with good beats and voices; these two are the first impressions; remember that first impressions are important. Once they fall in love with the rhymes and beats of your song, they will recommend it and share it with friends on social media.