Chromebook Wont Charge Issue (How To Fix It Quickly)

Chromebook Wont charge
Chromebook Wont charge

Chromebook has become very popular these days because they are very lightweight, easy to use everywhere, and they are not very expensive. The Chromebooks are now used in every field, such as writers, teachers, students, and many other fields. So nowadays, most hardware devices create problems like charging, buffering, and hanging issues. So, if your Chromebook wont charge here, we have given you the guide about the reason and issues that your chrome OS is not charging. Moreover, we also share some methods to fix your charging problems, and I hope they will work for you.

Reasons: Why Wont My Chromebook Charge?

These days most hardware devices create problems. Sometimes the Chromebooks on your Lenovo, dell, and HP devices malfunction for some issues. We must check these things before moving ahead to fix the problems and issues. So here are the reasons why your Chromebook is not charging.

  • The main reason for the Chromebook not charging is the battery charger. Probably sometimes, it is not connected correctly, so it will not charge it.
  • Chromebook will take time to charge when you do not charge it for a long time.
  • Sometimes the wall outlet and plug are not working, so try to charge the Chrome OS on other sockets.

How to Check the Battery Issues: Chromebook Wont Charge

You can check the hardware (battery) problems to keep charging your Chromebook. To check the hardware problems, do follow the steps.

  • Tap on the time icon on your Chromebook.
  • Here go to the settings
  • Then click on the about chrome OS and select the diagnostics
  • Now, wait a while to collect the information that includes the electrical current, cycle count, and battery state.

When the chrome operating system detects the problem, you must check the battery health percentage and the charged Rate. If these are at the low point, your battery has a problem. Here we gave you two simple methods to detect your battery issues.

1       Check The Charging Rate of The Battery

Suppose you are searching whether your battery is working properly or not. To detect battery health, you must keep in mind these essential tips.

  • If the chrome OS detection says that the battery percentage is above 50 percent, the health of your battery is fine.
  • When the chrome OS detects the battery percentage is lower than 50 percent, your battery needs to be replaced.

2       Verify The Charging Status

Another way to check if your Chromebook wont charge is using your chrome command (CROSH). To verify the charging status of your chrome, follow the steps and detect that is your Chromebook battery charging properly.

  • First of all, plug in the Chromebook to the charger.
  • Now click the CTRL + ALT + T keys at the same time.
  • The CROSH will open on your chrome.
  • Now type the battery test _1 and tap on the enter
  • Then Crosh will detect your battery health.

NOTE: here, you must determine that the battery health should be more than 50 percent—another thing you must check is the charging battery status.

If you see the status of (battery is discharging), then the problem with your battery or cable wire. So here, you have to try to charge your Chromebook with another charger if the battery is starting to charge, so you have to replace your charger with the new one.

Moreover, we have shared with you all reasons and causes about your Chromebook wont charges, so in the below guide, we are going to share some fixes that will resolve your issues.

4 Easy Fixes: How to Fix the Chromebook That Won’t Charge?

You must ensure that the charger and power system are working properly. If you did not see any problems with that, unplug the charger and plug it back in 20 to 30 seconds. Then check if it is started working or not. So here below is the guide where we shared how you can fix your Chromebook charging issues and hope they will solve your issues. So follow these fixes to solve your problem.

  1. Charge your Chromebook in Recovery Mode

Are you trying to charge your Chromebook, which is still on the one percent now? You are just fading up with this situation. So here is another option to fix your problem. You can try to charge your Chromebook in recovery mode. Do follow the steps if you have no idea how to keep your device in recovery mode.

  • First of all, click on the Esc button and hold it. Then refresh.
  • Now click on the power button at that time while you are holding the Esc key.
  • Your Chromebook is now in recovery mode.

NOTE: You must close the lid to charge your device completely. When your device is fully charged, the light of your laptop will turn white. When it is charged, open the lid, start your device, and check whether it is working smoothly.

  1. Update the Chrome Operating System

Nowadays, it is speedy and easy to update your chrome OS. When there is a bug and clash on your chrome OS, it is probably possible that your Chromebook wont charge. So check out if there is an update on the pending. Do follow the steps to update your OS.

  • Open the settings on your Chromebook.
  • Select the about Chrome OS and then check for the update
  • If an update is available, it will automatically start downloading your chrome OS.

If there is no available update, this means that your chrome OS is already updated. But maybe, your Chromebook battery has some problems that you have to resolve.

  1. Removed the Battery and Got a New One

When you have checked the battery health and seen a positive result, you don’t have a battery issue. If you detect low battery health, just remove the battery from your Chromebook and replace it with a new one. To place the battery on the Chromebook, follow these steps.

  • To start the process, remove the charger from your device.
  • On the back side of your device, remove all the screws gently and put them on a side.
  • When the back panel of your device is removed, now remove the battery connector.
  • Then take the battery out from the Chromebook.
  • Now set and connect the new battery from the screws gently.
  • Then put and set the back panel of your device.

After carefully completing all the steps, put the charger on your device and open the plug. Now leave your Chromebook to charge at least for 30 minutes, and check whether your battery is working properly.

  1. Visit Your Chromebook Manufacturer

If all these methods do not succeed, you have the last option. Contact or visit your Chromebook manufacturer for help. If your laptop device is from these companies, try contacting them.

  • HP
  • LG
  • DELL


Are you in a hurry, and your Chromebook wont charge? So try to check your battery and determine where the main problem is? So here in this article, we tell you all the reasons and issues that the Chromebook wouldn’t turn on or not charge, and also we give you some fixes that help you charge Chrome OS. So tell us in the comment box which method works for you and which company Chromebook you have.