cPanel: Definitive Guide

cPanel Definitive Guide
cPanel Definitive Guide

How to make your website experience and management less grueling? The answer: cPanel

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What is this cPanel?

it has two definitions. One is a bit formal and the other one is for the layman.

The formal definition will cater to the tech geeks. For them, c-Panel, “it’s a system of an online Linux-based GUI or graphical interface which was modeled on a control panel to moderate or manage your web hosting.”

Got anything?

Probably, no!

So, for the layman, we will simplify the concept of c-Panel.

For beginners, is essentially helpful. As it allows an individual to better manage his/her website without any snags. Managing a website can be a taxing task, but with cPanel, you can easily manage the website with a system called WHM or Web Host Manager.

c-Panel is typically an easy-to-use, non-technical dashboard that allows you to manage and access the technical features like hosting and configuration of a website easily without much technical knowledge.

c-Panel lets you do several kinds of stuff. From overseeing domains to managing web files, and opening websites, while also creating and updating emails accounts and whatnot.

The private web-hosting control panel is considered one of the most popular dashboards in the circles of hosting companies and web developers.

Is cPanel Free?

c-Panel is not accessible as it is a third-party application. Although most hosting suppliers have c-Panel in their hosting plans at no additional cost, Some other providers will deliver c-Panel free for the first year and then charge a fee for subsequent years.

But Wait How are You Going to Access Your cPanel Dashboard?

It’s a piece of cake.

Consider you do not get your c-Panel access from your host.

So, what to do next?

Simple, follow the below instructions to easily get your access to the c-Panel dashboard in no time.

A condition is required to have:

  • The site’s URL HTTP should start from append: 2082 and 2083 to your domain’s end

This is followed by typing your URL on the web with 2082 or 2083 at the end. Once you go to the address, a pop-up box will appear, where you can simply enter your c-Panel credentials

Some of the Benefits of cPanel

There are many benefits of c-Panel. Some of them are as listed:

  • Simplicity: Many people around the globe use c-Panel because of its simplicity. You can easily use the cPanel’s dashboard without any sort of technical knowledge.
  • Flexibility: Just like simplicity, c-Panel is flexible to use due to its actions can be easy to perform.
  • Security: c-Panel keeps your site from malware and other risky elements.
  • Compatibility: To improve your site’s work, compatibility is key here. c-Panel is working intandem with different browsers to promote compatibility.
  • Smooth management of mails: With c-Panel, you can make your email eye-catching with the option of editing it. You can also edit or delete the emails from your dashboard (c-Panel)

Top cPanel Host Providers

Selecting the best c-Panel host to meet the needs of your WordPress website is essential. You must be cautious about choosing a web host based on its performance, consistency, customer support, pricing, and features. Some of the top web hosts using c-Panel are:


It is one of the significant and best-rated hosting suppliers that use c-Panel. Bluehost is well respected and one of the senior web hosting companies. They supply automatic WordPress installs, SSL certificates, 24/7 support, and a free domain. WordPress legitimately suggests them as a hosting provider.


It uses c-Panel, hosts millions of domains, and is one of the most famous web hosting suppliers. Hostgator provides its customers with a one-click WordPress install, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and support. We believe that it is one of the best hosting providers.


It is friendly and hosts millions of websites. It has become the most popular and well-known web host that uses cPanel. Greengeeks also has quick installation, an accessible CDN, free site migration, and great support.