Cryptocurrency Community: Discords to Join

Cryptocurrency Community
Cryptocurrency Community

As cryptocurrency bloomed in the past few years, it has already gained much attention from many individuals. This means that there had been communities that were built because of the cryptocurrency industry. There are also a lot of groups or teams from different industries like the media, government, and financial institutions working closely in cryptocurrency. 

Whenever a topic is discussed, an online community is formed. Since connecting online would be the easiest way to communicate, especially for individuals in different countries and locations. Going online would also be the best way to spread information since it is something almost everyone can access nowadays. 

Some of the most popular platforms are Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Discord. Some cryptocurrency online communities have been bringing out topics on these platforms to discuss. Everyone on those platforms is free to give their opinions, comments and suggestions. However, there are times when a host on Telegram or Discord would discuss certain topics in the cryptocurrency industry. 

These discord groups are considered a common ground for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts but still, most of the time, these discord groups have subchannels to accommodate everyone based on their interests. 

Nevertheless, the end goal for these discord groups is to get everyone educated about cryptocurrency, its market information, the exciting trends, anticipated projects and updates. Here are some Discord groups you may join if you are interested.

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Elite Crypto Signal

This discord group was created way back in 2018, and just as the name implies, this discord group proudly highlights some of the oldest cryptocurrency investors in the market. The main goal of this channel is to connect everyone and help its members to make a profit in trading from cryptocurrency. 

Since most of the hosts in this group have almost a decade of cryptocurrency experience, this group focuses on technical approaches and market-based outlooks. Since most hosts in this group are considered experts as well, they offer training in the cryptocurrency market at an affordable price. 


This discord channel is an interactive discord group that provides mostly general information about cryptocurrency. Although, members are free to join in the in-depth conversation about the updates, arising concerns and latest projects in cryptocurrency.   

More than that, people in the group will be informed about basic and useful tips on trading and investment without considering their expertise there. 

Although these discord groups do not take responsibility for the losses, they also provide warnings that cryptocurrency is still highly volatile. The members who do follow the tips are aware of their own risks. 


This discord group is mostly for beginners or those who are at the entry-level in the cryptocurrency industry. This discord group is best known for giving out genuine and, most importantly, free guidance to those who show interest in cryptocurrency. 

This group helps members to explore the cryptocurrency industry as easy as possible, knowing that cryptocurrency might be a complex thing for most of us. This group also recommends trustworthy phone applications or platforms to get started with their investment. 


As we can see, this decentralised currency is continuing to grow and develop; it is just as important to put together all like-minded people, which is what this discord group is for. In harmonising people with the same mindset for the decentralised currency, this group discusses topics like future decentralised tokens thoroughly. 

With that, the members of this group are prepared to interrupt the current centralised economy from different industries like financial, political and economic chains worldwide. 


This discord group is focused on individuals planning to have a short-term investment with cryptocurrency, also known as pump and dump. The members of this discord group are guided on how they can maximise their investment by bulk investing in cryptocurrency over a short-term period.