Dead By Daylight Codes (Get Free 150k BloodPoints & Charms)

dead by daylight redeem codes 2021
dead by daylight redeem codes 2021

Dead by daylight codes are like the game’s main ingredient, just like a burger is incomplete without ketchup. This code is available directly by the developer to the player. On the other side, the Dead by Daylight game is the most popular horror team game. There are four players front to front with a killer, and they must repair generators to flee the map before being killed. It seems straightforward, but it is anything.

DBD codes are used to get everything free, from blood points to cosmetics and charms. We have compiled a list of DBD codes that will never expire. However, the behavioral interaction in the game drops the chances for redeemable codes for dead by daylight players to collect & claim. You can use them for everything from upgrading your best Survivors to customizing your charms and cosmetics.

To help you progress through the Bloodweb a little bit faster, we have assembled every code you need in DBD to give you a better chance of surviving your next trial.

What Are Dead by Day-light Codes

dead by daylight redeem codes 2021
dead by daylight redeem codes 2022

The game Dead by Daylight codes are the combination of multiple letters that combine to make a code to get free stuff for finishing the level. These codes are helpful for players as they award them free blood points. It allows them to get that new teachable perk or item a little quicker.

Another wonderful bonus is charms that you can wear to your survivor or put on a killer hook. It allows you to express yourself. Additionally, cosmetics like Meg Thomas’ former “Boop the Snoot” mask can be redeemed.

Dead By Daylight Redeem Codes

dead by daylight redeem codes
dead by daylight redeem codes

This article will inform you about whether new codes are available or not. Here are below available active codes below, so use this code as soon as possible because you never know when they will run out! However, we have already checked these codes. Please let us know in the comments if you find one that is expired so we can remove it!

Valid Active Code – For Dead by Daylight

Here is the following valid active code for the game Dead by Daylight that you can use to get free goodies or items to make the game more adventurous.

dead by daylight promo codes
dead by daylight promo codes

Active Codes


LIGHTSCAMERABP100k Bloodpoints – (New!)
59th3959k Bloodpoints
REVEALED100k Bloodpoints
MORICHRISTMAS100k Bloodpoints
HOLIDAYSPECIAL100k Bloodpoints
HOHOHO100k Bloodpoints
EASYASABC150 Bloodpoints
CIPHERSALAD150k Bloodpoints
INSERTCOINArcade Machine Charm
PRIDEIn-game Pride Charm

Expired Code – For Dead by Daylight

Here is the following expired code for the game Dead by Daylight, but these codes are not in use because they are already used, so leave it. I mentioned it here just to let you know which one is expired.

dead by daylight bloodpoint codes
dead by daylight bloodpoint codes

Expired Codes


FORHONORFor Honor charm
TREATYOURSELF100k Bloodpoints
DbDDayJP2021202,100 Bloodpoints
HALLOWHOOPS1031 Bloodpoints
NOTATRICK100k Bloodpoints
DWIGHTCROWDwightcrow charm
BOOP MegPiggy Mask
NICE69 Bloodpoints
Pieceofcake Rainbow Flag Pride Charm
RANKROULETTE250 000 Bloodpoints
OVER50005,001 Bloodpoints
FROSTYDEATHThe Deathslinger’s Frosty Eyes
DBDDAYJP2020202K Bloodpoints.
DISCORD150K150K Bloodpoints
HAPPY1001100K Bloodpoints.
bilibili200k 200K Bloodpoints
ETERNALBLIGHTBlighted Jack charm
VK100K 100 000 Bloodpoints
AD800947-01A7-4DEF-8aAD250K Bloodpoints
KENPOUKINENBI2021 40K Bloodpoints.
FROSTYTWINS The Twins’ Frosty Eyes
SWEETDREAMS Perk Treats charm
HOLIDAYFORMAL Felix’s Holiday Formal Sweater
ENTITYPLEASED 150K Bloodpoints
ONLY5000 5K Bloodpoints
MidorinoHi2021 50K Bloodpoints.
TWITCHORTREAT Trap-o-Lantern charm
FROSTYBLIGHT The Blight’s Frosty Eyes
TWITTERLORGE 100K Bloodpoints
NICESTOCKING Survivor’s Stocking Charm
DISCORD200K 200K Bloodpoints
NAUGHTYSTOCKING Killer’s Stocking Charm
KodomonoHi2021 60K Bloodpoints.
METATRON Cheryl’s Sweater of Metatron
SNAPSNAP Zarina’s Snap Snap Sweater
PATHFINDER Elodie’s Pathfinder’s Sweater

How To Enter Codes in Dead by Day-light for Redeem

Getting redeemed dead by daylight is not more accessible. Moreover, by following the steps below; you can get all blood points as soon as possible.

dead by daylight codes 2021
dead by daylight codes 2022
  • Open the game dead by daylight
  • Choose the option “Store” in the bottom right of the screen from the main menu, and the store will show up.
  • Then, click on the top right of the redeem code screen.
  • A new UI window will appear, as shown in the screenshot Then, Input your code into the box.
  • If you tap on redeemed successfully, the item will display at the bottom center of your screen.

Expired Dead by Daylight Promo Codes

The following are expired codes that were formerly accessible but are now no longer valid. Please do not attempt to claim these codes as they are no longer valid.

codes for dead by daylight
codes for dead by daylight
S. No

Dead by Daylight Promo Code


1EASYASABC150,000 Bloodpoints
2CIPHERSALAD150,000 Bloodpoints
3FORHONORFor Honor Charm
5BOOPMeg’s Pig Mask
7HOHOHO100,000 Bloodpoints
8HOLIDAYSPECIAL100,000 Bloodpoints
9INSERTCOINArcade Classic Charm
10MORICHRISTMAS100,000 Bloodpoints
11EASYASABC150,000 Bloodpoints
12CIPHERSALAD150,000 Bloodpoints


In conclusion, the game Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular games. This game has exciting features that you should check by playing this game. In addition, the codes of this dead-by-daylight game make the game more enjoyable because by redeeming the code, you can get multiple things by entering this code while playing the game, and the codes are mentioned above. Please read on and use them.

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