Ditch Basic Grocery List (Cloud Grocery List for Family to Share)

Ditch Basic Grocery List
Ditch Basic Grocery List

Okay, guess what? Ahh, I gotta write about it okay? So hear me out…happens to me and probably many others like me. I go grocery shopping with a grocery list and upon reaching the store I blank out. What was I here for again?

Okay no…not like that but a couple of things slip off of my mind and it sucks when you return home and you realize you never bought those bagels…or toilet paper or whatever it is.

Even if you remember all of the stuff, there’s something that someone at home wanted you to bring and it slipped off. Grocery shopping must be the least favorite task for you to go back to twice a week, or worse…twice a day.

This is why today’s tech exists. Even though we know little about how to use them to fully arm ourselves with productive tools and maximize efficiency, we always have that tech guy who figures out how to do that and writes a post about it, don’t we? You’re welcome!

Okay stop beating around the bush and come forth…what is it? Jeez, right hold on.

Using Reminders App on iPhone

It’s only going to work on iPhones with iOS 12 or later. So, if you have one, read on. We use the reminder apps for different things, say, for example, you have different lists for different assignments or chores. Whether it is work-related or not. Notes are pretty handy.

The Reminder can also be used for one specific and unspoken purpose. That is grocery shopping.

Picture this, you have everything on the list and you bring everything but someone from your family needed something that they told you last night or they forgot to even tell you. This app is especially good for that purpose because you can make a collaborative list and have everyone put stuff in.

Not only that they can put stuff in, but you’ll also have a very cool interface to see where the stuff can be bought from and whatever other specs regarding that particular thing, they want you to get. So, next time you are at the grocery store you know exactly what to get, where to get it, and what flavors or whatever to bring.

Reminders Will Tell You What to Get at a Specific Location

This is another cool thing about the app, you can get pinged once you are at a place what to get or do there. Works just like when you go from one room to another and forget why were you here. No, you can’t use it to navigate in your house, nope, doesn’t work like that (I checked).

If you’re going to the store and you want to check if your brother’s comic book has come yet, you can put that in Reminders. Once you are at the location, you’ll get a notification to go check that comic first, pretty simple, isn’t it?

Why Use a Reminders’ Monthly Grocery List?

Bear the technicalities with me, here we go. There’s a bunch of features that you can use for different purposes like:

  • Where to get a specific product?
  • Notes about something
  • At what time do you need it?
  • What’s the priority of that product?
  • At what date do you need it? (if you have a monthly grocery list).

This makes things easy to navigate and works perfectly if you have a college grocery list. Don’t let the clumsiness get the best of you. Now let’s set up a list.

Let’s Set Up Your Grocery List

If you are already familiar with the Reminders app then skip to the section where I tell you how to make it collaborative. The rest of you follow me.

Open your reminders app and it already should be ready to use. You’ll be given the reminder list by default. You can click on Edit and change the name, and color, and yes this is where we’ll choose to make it collaborative by clicking “Sharing”.

Once you click on sharing, you’ll be asked to add a contact. You can add your family members if you are making a monthly grocery list for your family or a college grocery list with your roommate.

Once they get the list in their messages, they can open it in their Reminders and tweak it however they like. They’ll be able to edit and make changes just as you can. Let’s see what features you have in hand with your grocery list.

What Features Do You Have with Reminders?

There is not much to explore on the reminders app but these couple of features come in handy.

For starters, you get to make a list then we will customize it based on:

  • Where to get it from?
  • When to get it?
  • What are the specifications?
  • How urgent is it?

Where to get it from?

If you want to get something from a specific location, you can use two features here. Either add Location and get a notification once you are there. Or if you want, you can use the Notes and add the location with any other details that you want to get.

When to get it?

You can use the Date and Time feature here to set up a time when you need to get certain things or set a general reminder to get all the groceries, say, on your way back from work or a class.