Download the Latest Blue & Red Pokemon Soundtrack Available for Streaming

Download Blue & Red Pokemon Soundtrack

On the Pokemon celebration day, the pokemon company released the soundtrack for red, blue, and green pokemon for streaming. Now you can download it on your available device and enjoy the moment.

If you catch the pokemon sound library, you need to have VPN to access it because its region is locked to Japan and Asia. If you visit the website, you will access 45 soundtracks from the original soundtrack with the ability to download individual versions of music. The Pokemon company claims that the music is free to use if you wish for so long, and it’s not generating revenue.

For those who cannot visit the site, the entire red & blue pokemon playlist has been uploaded on a Youtube channel for your perusal with minor timestamps.  You can hear this soundtrack by clicking on Listen to Red & Blue Pokemon Soundtrack. In celebration of Pokémon Day, The Pokémon Company plans to reveal 20 minutes’ worth of news during Pokémon Presents today.

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