Elden Ring Secrets & Discoveries The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Elden ring secrets
Elden ring secrets

Elden ring secrets are the most mysterious comparedto otherrelated games. Though many secrets are buried beneath it, most of us are still searching. However, there are hidden secrets in different forms like the entire quest, weapon bosses, cool lore, or sometimes storytelling.

Searching for those secrets is kind of like an adventure sort of thing, but nobody wants to leave the table without food unless they eat a little chunk.This means the eagerness doesn’t allow doing so to be left behind without knowing these secrets.

After reading this article, you’ll see your perception of playing elden Ring will change because you’ll come to know about some secrets after this which you didn’t know of. Elden ring type of games come with many code signs that game creators left for us to search on our own.

In this article, we’ll share some secrets of elden Ring you might not know of. So stick with us till the last.

Top 6 Elden Ring Secrets You Wouldn’t Know Before

Top 6 Elden Ring Secrets
Top 6 Elden Ring Secrets

One thing that makes the elden Ring unique from other soul games. How they craft hidden secrets in every aspect of the game so professionally that you need to dig hard to get to know about it.

However, the size of the game alone gave us the golden opportunity to know many of the secrets this game has. Although how vast in terms of gameplay findings, lore discoveries even real-life references for the thing we see in the game.

Therefore, we’ll bring forth some top 8 secrets that’ll blow your mind because it blows ours also at first.

1.     Beast design of elden Ring

One which ties the game with real life and fascinates me the most is the graphics of the game and the secret code signs inside it. However, when first looking at the elden beast, you might get confused about what the heck you’re looking at when this thing emerg.

But as for the lore of elden Beasts, according to the elden star item description. We know that this beast is the being that came from outer space through asteroids and crashed in between the land and became the elden Ring.

The vessel by which the greater will controls the happenings of the land between. However, you might have a question about why this beast has a cosmic structure. It’s because its structure was taken from the laniakea supercluster, the vast collection of a galaxy that includes the milky way. And so you can see how it’ll be a perfect design choice to convey a being that supposes beyond our imagination.

The elden Ring has wings and a face which I assume at first to be an eye. However, it looks like an amoeba which also makes a lot of sense according to lore’s perspectives.

2.     The Ripley scroll

You know that Ripley’s scroll is the old hermetic literature and is a symbolic depiction of the formula you’ll come to see in elden rings through secret signs. In the game, you’ll see a great tree surrounded by towers, each representing an element and a royal court member.

This defines the moon and sun with the red king and white queen. However, each represents a demi-God. The sun and moon represent the golden order and the carrion family, where the red king is a redagon, and the white queen is America.

Moreover, there is a lot more like a wheel which symbolizes the eye of the fire giant. If you have ever noticed, the Ripley scroll image is very similar to the game logo, making it secretive.

3.     Secret abilities of nomadic merchants

The group you often find in unusual locations is a nomadic merchants group dispersed around the map. They are friendly and peaceful and sell player goods.So many players are enthusiastic to know their hidden elden ring gesture secrets.

However, you can only see it if a player gets into a fight with any of them. They’ll show you their unseen abilities on the spot. These nomadic merchants mostly used frenzied flame chaunts in combat, making them dangerous that you’ve not thought of. These nomadic merchants engage with the lore of Gods and find their great caravan fallen to the hyperactive flame.

4.     Elden ring Melina’s tattoo secrets

The lore behind Melina’s tattoo is still a hidden mystery that isn’t solved yet. However, the best explanation I’ve seen seems to be the common consensus and understanding people are using now. Melina’s tattoo looks rare because it doesn’t have similarities with the game itself. ‘

Although if you look closely at the tattoo, it resembles the outline of the crow’s talons. While it’s not one-to-one, this would make a lot of sense from the lore perspective because eye wrinkles are commonly called crow’s feet.

However, it is a sign of death according to several methologies. We do not go into depth but tell you the motto of the game is destined for death. However, the eye covered by that marking opens only if Melina is still alive and destined death is unleashed.

5.     Elden ring graphics resemble classical paintings

We’re going to explore even more of elden Ring’s visual inspiration because so many of elden Ring’s design choices are straight out of classical paintings. You probably know that a part of the game where Mikola came out from the cocoon so where they got the idea from.

They take the idea from Salvador Dali’s painting called geopolitical child watching the birth of the new man. It even got the drop of blood from the hand that we see in the intro to Moog’s fight. Regarding begsinski paintings, we have a lot of giant robe skeletons on the thrones, etc.

However, there’s a lot of other visual inspiration to be found in the painting of the past, but these were by far my favorites. It also falls under one of the elden ring gesture secrets.

6.     The life cycle of the falling starbeast

We can find these gravitational riffs all around the lens between these massive craters that seem to result from meteors. When approached, revealing the falling star beasts that caused these damages well, people quickly noticed the morphology similarities between the falling star beast and the stale natural born of the void.

They quickly discovered that there was an evolutionary line here. The shape of the falling star beast appears to be like an ant lion larva that is found on earth and can hide in sands. We can also find a full-grown star beast that shares the same base form as a normal star beast except with the skeletal head growing out of its front.

There are also unusual and mysterious creatures in this game that captivate you every time, whether these creatures exist or not.


Q1. How many secrets are there in elden rings?

Ans. We couldn’t tell you that because this game is all about mystery, and nobody knows how many secrets we will come to see in the future. The game developer is the only one who knows the count of secrets.

Q2. What was the secret behind Melina’s closed eye?

Ans. It’s because its eye is somehow interlinked with the dark moon, saying it to be Ranni’s eye tied to the golden order. However, the tattoo on her eye resembles the crow’s feet, a sign of death according to several methodologies.

Q3. What are the things you should not miss in elden Ring?

Ans. There are several things you shouldn’t be dear to miss

  1. Mimic’s Veil.
  2. Margit’s Shackle.
  3. Armor with special effects.
  4. Blasphemous Claw.
  5. Purifying Crystal Tear and Mohg’s Shackle.
  6. Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones.