English speaking test from Mercer | Mettl helps identify training needs for skills development

skills development
skills development

Language proficiency is using language in different settings, contexts, and topics. It is to attain real-world linguistic tasks and use them in everyday talk. Hence, the English-speaking test checks your skills in these practical situations. You take the test to evaluate your language skills as a non-native speaker. This can help you to prove your knowledge and how good you are at it. It is advantageous to a company, a government agency, an educational establishment, or only for you.

When we declare that someone speaks the language fluently, we mean that they have a high level in speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. However, as any teacher knows, learners often have strengths or weaknesses in specific skills and, in a few cases, can attain high levels in, for instance, writing and reading while unable to speak or listen at a comparable level.

For some highly specialized jobs, for example – these skills may not matter much.

 However, English is an important skill in the global world and is the official language in many different contexts, so someone without a good ability in all four skills will greatly decrease their opportunities in education and professional life. With the dominance of English in the business world, the advantages of the English speaking test help identify training needs for your staff for skill development.

What is an English-speaking test?

Well-designed English-speaking tests can rate a person’s grasp of essentials such as grammar, vocabulary, and usage. They can show how perfectly someone articulates themselves in speaking and writing. Proficiency tests can also determine a person’s ability to know the language they hear and read. Different standardized English tests cater to the needs of employers, visa seekers, students, and job applicants. Corporations and job seekers use business English proficiency tests to scrutinize English-language skill levels in a business context. These tests show how perfectly a candidate or employee communicates in customer service calls or sales meetings.

The ability to use English in several contexts involves multiple language skills. 

If we want to evaluate someone’s speaking ability, it is important to make that person speak. One cannot infer ability in one skill from performance in another or from using tests of language knowledge, e.g., grammar and vocabulary, as proxies for communicative language ability. Thus, if the employer wants to accurately assess communicative language ability, they need to include tasks that elicit a wide range of skills associated with communicative language.

Mercer | Mettl English speaking test

The English speaking test from Mercer | Mettl addresses the existing BPO industry challenges. This English speaking test tool is completely machine-administered and auto-graded to examine a non-native speaker’s ability to speak and know English. This English fluency test software is a scalable means of evaluating prospective hires’ capability with high accuracy by simulating a VNA trainer. It is also a valuable and ready-to-use assessment solution for corporate houses to hire for sales profiles and critical client-facing roles.

Wrap up 

Thriving staff management means evaluating job applicants outside your organization, maximizing your corporate language training program or business English course, and recognizing the most qualified candidates for internal promotion prospects. When business English fluency is important to achieving your corporate goals, an English speaking test can give you the tools to make accurate skills assessments and excellent talent management decisions. These tests will allow you to build and maintain a staff with the language skills to thrive in a highly competitive international marketplace.