Entropic Shard: In Destiny 2, where do you look for your Shard?

entropic shards
entropic shards

Do you want to find an Entropic shard in Destiny 2? While out on patrol, take a look at the little pyramid buildings that you can find floating around the Europa. Are you wondering where to find the entropic Shard? It occurs in an anonymous place in Europe, where it assists with numerous objectives and quests.

Before delving into the hunting and searching experience in the Entropic Shard in Destiny 2, you have to look into the unlocking of the Salvation Grips. Being an entropic shard adventurer, finding shards is your main task around all the given locations on the map. You will have to shoot to register in the game as you have found them. Finding a shard at random paces will necessitate a thorough search that does not overlook any hints to its existence.

entropic shards destiny 2
entropic shards destiny 2

The Quest of Entropic Shard

The first Quest for an Entropic shard seems to come across the Europa Aspect of Control. The Aspect of Control allows you to enter the world of adventures. Getting experience in the Aspect of Control involves more than five entropic shards on the given map. It seems pretty interesting to find all the shards shattered on the map without any indication. So, you may need to noodle around the map in different locations.

Acquiring Entropic shards will also grant you some benefits to help you with your other tasks. The only option left to destroy the Shard is through the Exotic Grenade Launcher. You need to finish the Beyond Light campaign to activate such a weapon. As soon as you get to the Exo Stranger world, you need to bring on the realms of Quest in the Darkness Part 1. Let’s unlock it through the door of Stasis Powers. Studying darkness triumphs leads to a better understanding of the beyond light. Then critical facets of learning the Aspects of the Control mission will unfold in the next level with new Stasis Abilities. An attempt is to gather merely five Entropic Shards while tracking their location. Without losing its track, you have to find its location for the rest of the other four shards.

Asterion Abyss

Now, let’s take up the Charon’s landing journey and ride into the Asterion Abyss, which takes you to the Vex structure leading to the Concealed Void Lost Sector. Here is the great deal on finding your first Shard in the Void Lost Sector. Take your right, turn around, head to the Eventide Ruins, and turn your left again. The next step is to climb the building and ascend, facing the coast. You’ll get notice of the first Entropic Shard from the top. So, you can shoot it with your Stasis weapon of Salvation Grip. Try to plug it so that it completely shatters then disappears completely.

Entropic Shard in Concealed Void

The next journey begins with going down the Vex structure and searching for the Lost Sector Logo. Let’s head toward the concealed void. If you want to kill the inside Fallen or sprint to the boss room, decide promptly. The room seems empty. Go straight to the center of the room. Try to find the next Entropic Shard floating in the air of Vex Tech. You can speed up your attempt to acquire anEntropic shard by slaying your enemies, including the boss. In that case, you can quickly grab it by looking in the right direction.

Get your Shard in Cadmus Ridge.

After grabbing your Entropic Shard at the Concealed Void, the next destination is right around the corner at Cadmus Ridge. Let’s get back to Charon’s Landing, then turn left in the direction this time. Take your left side to face the Bray Exoscience entrance gate. You can get it in a precise location with the Terrestial Guide on the Europa Armour Guide. You can find your third Shard in a nook where treasure chests appear frequently. Smash it, and you are ready to go forward to the next level of Europa.

Riis-Reborn Approach to get your Entropic Shard

Head towards Cadmus Ridge on the northern side of the Eventide Ruins to begin your journey. That’s where you’ll find your Entropic Shard. In that location, you don’t need to go quickly. You reach the room where you face the Aramis Stasis-infused Fallen after passing past the Vex and Fallen. Keep your route to the right through the gravity lift door. Ascend to the top of the first gravity lift. After that, you can run past your foes. As you walk through the room’s hall, enter the room where Phylaks chased you down the aisle first during the Beyond the Light Campaign. Use the gravity lift to get to your Shard, and look beyond the steps. Walk around to the left to the stairs ahead of you while getting to the elevator’s top. There you get your fourth Entropic Shard.

Technocrat’s Iron

Make your way straight to the door as you get out of your gravity lift. There you enter the zone of Technocrat’s Iron. Get your route to reach the room where you fought your factory Brig. For instance, stop on your way and look for the pillar on the right side. There you get the entropic Shard hovering in an open space. Shatter it once you acquire it, then let it get forward in your journey.

Entropic Shard: Kell’s Rising

Keep track of the Kell’s rising area once you return to Riis-Reborn Approach, where you found the last Entropic Shard. While going through the way until you reach the fighting area of the boss, you can find many exciting platforms. You’ve got to pass through the gravity lifts and then a teleporter. As you get out of the teleporter, jump up the platform to enter the hallway. Get right to the point; your next visit will be the Spider Tank at the Sabotage Series Mission. Stand there and look for the stairwell on the right side of the building. On the right side of a tiny stairway, you must defeat two Vandal snipers. Then go ahead in the staircase direction and look underneath it to find your next Entropic Shard. It’s there at the reach of the end of the city on the last platform.

Eventide Ruins

Start your journey at Eventide Ruin, located northwest of the Asterion Abyss. You can go through the Cadmus Ridge, but the Asterion Abyss takes no stride once you reach it. You have to ride through Charon’s Landing and make it to the scavenged factories. Right on the coastline of Snow Bank, you can head to the left of such a massive structure. It is in the destroyed part of the building where you need to search for the broken large metal chunks. The Shard is tucked in there behind the steel girder and pipes. You will find your next entropic Shard.

Bunker E15

Bunker E15, located within the lost sector, is the next spot where you can obtain your Shard. Continue through the lost sector until you reach the friendly robots imprisoned in the vex and the enormous window with a glimpse of the next area. You must now combat the free machines and liberate the frames. In the vex structure, you’ll discover BrayTech security frames. Before facing your boss, you get to fight more minotaurs and release plenty of boundaries. When the cyclops eggs are dead, turn around to the right. Due to its hiding spots throughout the surroundings, you must call out the Bungie while it is barely visible. You’ll be able to claim your Shard in that hiding area there.

Entropic Shard in Creation

You can find your Entropic Shard in the area of Bray Exoscience. It is the last entropic Shard you are entitled to get in Destiny 2. Get into the vicinity of Bray Exoscience through Cadmus Ridge. It is easy to grab the destination, considering the lost lament quest is active for the lament.

To find your Shard, you need to go deep into that area, where you find it floating between two walkaways. To reach your destination, notice the stairs by taking a right at the door that appears to be the white lab room. Look for another entry inside the right wall and follow the appropriate path. You get your linear route that opens up into the vast factory hall. Notice your last Shard down on the broken glass floor platform where a few rooms appear before the big Exo area. You can attempt to grab it while it’s floating in the air.

A final thought!

Getting all of the Studying Darkness Triumph assignments completed in the Aspect of Control appears to be a good idea. After obtaining your five Entropic shards in every aspect of control, one of the shattered titles is Beyond Light Triumph. The player should travel to the crux of darkness as you get your nine shards shot successfully while on the Destiny 2 complete journey. The game will reward its fans with the second aspect of control in Destiny 2. As you get all your monsters killed in the Quest. Gamers who want to improve their stasis skills in the game could find this advice helpful.