ESL 14 Pro On Fire, Gambit Beat Team Liquid In An Interesting Face-Off

ESL 14 Pro On Fire
ESL 14 Pro On Fire

In Friday’s ESL Pro League Season 14 action, Gambit Esports swept FURIA Esports to remain unbeaten.

Team Liquid (2-1) swept Team oNe (2-1). Two more days of round-robin group play lie ahead for Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas (2-1).

In play’s opening round, NiP topped Team oNe (0-3) 16-11 on Nuke and 19-15 on Overpass. Nicholas “device” Reedtz of Denmark led Ninja with 54 kills and tied Sweden’s Nicolas “Plopski” Gonzalez Zamora with a plus-12 kills-to-deaths differential. oNe’s Mario “malbsMd” Samayoa led the team with 56 kills and a plus-8 differential.

Entropiq (1-2) lost to Liquid by a 16-12 score on both Vertigo and Overpass. Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic of Canada led Liquid with 56 kills and a plus-24 differential, while Alexey ‘NickelBack’ Trofimov of Russia logged 43 kills and a plus-4 differential for Entropiq.

On Inferno and Vertigo, Gambit defeated FURIA (1-2) 16-8 and 16-5 respectively. In the win, Kazakhstan’s Abay “Hobbit” Khasenov recorded 40 kills and a plus-23 difference. FURIA’s most prolific kill leader was Yuri Santos of Brazil, who recorded 25 kills with a minus-5 ratio.

In the round-robin opening round of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, 24 teams are divided into four groups. The winner of each group advances to the quarterfinals of the playoffs, while the second- and third-place teams in each group advance to the round of 12.

As of Sept. 12, all matches will be best-of-three, except for the playoff final, which will be best-of-five. The championship team will earn $175,000 from the $750,000 prize pool. The second-place winner will receive $60,000.

Round robins have already been completed by the first three groups. ENCE and Team Vitality finished second and third in Group A, respectively. OG, forZE and Complexity Gaming placed first, second and third in Group B, respectively. Mousesports and Fnatic placed second and third in Group C, respectively, behind Natus Vincere.

Time Table For Next Matches In The League:

Team Liquid vs. Team oNe

Gambit Esports vs. Entropiq

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. FURIA Esports

ESL Pro Season 14 prize List:

1st — TBD — $175,000

2nd — TBD — $60,000

3rd-4th — TBD — $30,000

5th-8th — TBD — $13,750

9th-12th — TBD — $10,00

13th-16th — FaZe Clan — $22,000; Astralis, — $17,000; TBD — $7,000

17th-20th — BIG — $15,000;Team Spirit, Sinners Esports — $10,000; TBD — $5,000

21st-24th — Bad News Bears, G2 Esports, Evil Geniuses, TBD — $3,000

Group D Teams Game Record

  1. Gambit Esports, 3-0, 34
  2. Team Liquid, 2-1, 18
  3. Ninjas in Pyjamas, 2-1, 5
  4. Entropiq, 1-2, -12
  5. FURIA Esports, 1-2, -19
  6. Team oNe, 0-3, -26