Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Office 365

About Office 365
About Office 365

Microsoft Office is being used by over a billion people globally. It’s understandable because it makes a lot of things easy. If you own a computer, you’ve undoubtedly used one of their products. Because the software is so popular and useful, many organizations rely on its tools and features to manage documents and interact.

There is no excuse for small and medium-sized businesses in India that want to grow and increase productivity not to use Microsoft’s Office 365. So, what is Office 365, and why is it important? This article answers all of that and provides comprehensive information on this popular software.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based option of the Microsoft Office suite. It is also subscription-based, so users only pay for the packages they want. Personal users, corporate entities, and educational establishments are among the subscription choices.

Office 365 also includes all of the conventional Office Suite’s essential apps like word doc, Outlook, Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, and OneNote. In addition, based on the subscription you choose, you may also receive access to additional applications that makes working easier..

How Does Office 365 Differ From Other Versions?

As stated earlier, Office 365 is a subscription-based service that gives you access to various applications based on your payment. As a result, users will only be able to purchase the suite by paying a monthly subscription cost rather than a one-time fee as with traditional Office Suite. One significant advantage is that customers will always have access to the most recent, updated versions of Office 365. This is superior to purchasing a new copy, as on-premise customers must do.

Office 365 is also a cloud-based service with all information provided on it stored in cloud storage. The suite is intended for use online and has everything you need to function. Microsoft’s servers host all of its programs, services, and data. SkyDrive would save your documents to the cloud, but you can still save data locally.

The exciting part is that you can access all your information even when you have a new device. After payment of your subscription, you will be required to provide your details, including a unique login username and password. With these details, you can access your cloud storage at any time.

Why is Office 365 Important for Your Business?

If you own a business in India, here’s why you should consider using Office 365 to manage your work activities:

  • Simple accessibility

Office 365 allows for cross-platform synchronization. You will be able to sync your work between iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. This enables you to access your data even when you are not near your usual device. Office 365 apps are also available in both browser and app versions, which is convenient.

  • Effective sharing

Office 365 allows an organization to optimize its intranet, making it easier for members of different teams and clients to collaborate on a single project. In addition, businesses will be able to share content with people both inside and outside the organization by using SharePoint. If you’ve been looking for software your organization can work on, look no further than Office 365. It helps teams collaborate better, deliver optimally, and save vital information accessible to every team member.

  • Improved communication

Intercommunication is simplified with Office 365 as it is when you choose the right gaming platform and know how to play online game following this article. An organization cannot function without effective communication, and in the virtual world we live in, tools that allow for this are valued. Office 365, with features like Skype and Exchange Online, ensures that your company’s information is not lost and vital details are sent to different users promptly.

  • Increased productivity

Office 365 gives your company the critical productivity tools it needs to create data, manage data, and collaborate among employees. It provides an all-in-one experience because it does not require the installation of multiple software apps to function. However, many businesses find it challenging to work with different apps because they can miss vital details when switching to these apps.

Office 365 understands this, which is why it provides all the essential work applications in one place. Easy navigation, better interaction, and increased productivity are the perks of this software.

  • Security and safety

Office 365 provides a secure way to save data without worrying about physical or digital disasters. Since Office 365 is cloud-based, your saved data can be retrieved and is always accessible. Your personal information is also secure and protected through an encrypted system; only those you give access to can see the information stored.

When logging in, for example, there is multi-factor authentication. Additionally, your files can be inspected regularly to protect them against dangerous bugs. When any inconsistency is spotted with files, you will be notified of the proper steps to rectify the same, if possible.


The importance of Office 365 for business owners cannot be overstated. It gives your company a slew of incredible tools that will boost productivity. You can also use the tool to optimize your daily tasks as an individual. For example, you can use the word document to write, create slides on PowerPoint, and manage work progress on other applications.