Everything you need to know about playing as a PVP Defense Paladin in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King
Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

In this guide, we will go through such an important game stage as a result of all the efforts to accumulate equipment, gold and pumping and participate in the most interesting game collision format – PVP.

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class Protection for Paladin
class Protection for Paladin

General concept of the class Protection for Paladin

A Protection paladin has excellent defensive stats, is able to self-heal and deal constant damage to the target during PvP. Ideal for players who don’t like pure takns that can hold a lot of damage but don’t have the strength to deal damage back.

Optimal PvP Build for Paladin Protection
Optimal PvP Build for Paladin Protection

Optimal PvP Build for Paladin Protection

One of the build options for PvP will include skills from the Retribution and Protection branches.

Retribution while ignoring 2H and active skill buffs allows you to upgrade your attack and movement speed so that when combined with an active defense, you will be fast and armored to kill opponents and withstand most retaliatory strikes.

What symbols should you pay attention to:

  • Glyph of Seal of Vengeance – Increases your Vengeance Specialization Mastery by 10 points.
  • Glyph of Justice – Increases Judgment damage by 10%.
  • Seal of Vengeance – Imbues attacks with the power of light, which greatly increases the strength of the paladin’s attacks and greatly reduces the chance to dodge or parry an attack.
  • Glyph of Salvation – Increases defense by 20%. Transforms Hand of Salvation into a personal buff that greatly increases Defense.

The main abilities and mechanism of actions of the Paladin in PVP in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Even though a Defensive Paladin might not seem like much of a PVP class, it does have a number of nice perks.

It is almost impossible to restrain a paladin with negative effects – he can remove all types of slowdowns, stuns and holds on his own, and a high speed indicator will not give even the most agile characters a chance to escape.

Despite buffs, Paladin deals increased damage for a limited period of time under buffs rather than on a permanent basis, but this does not mean that Paladin is not a PVP class, especially in group battles, where he can protect allies and deal significant damage to opponents.

Let’s go through the main skills


  1. Seal of Vengeance – the main skill of the Paladin, increases any damage with a small cooldown and allows the Paladin to independently inflict heavy damage to opponents, while remaining the main defender of the group. Attacks are inflicted with light amplification.
  1. Judgment of light, wisdom and justice – each of the skills is applied to the paladin and interacts with the owner of the skill, replenishing a certain parameter at the expense of the attacker. Light restores health, wisdom – mana, justice – greatly slows down the attacker and blocks all opportunities to leave the battlefield.
  1. Shield of Righteousness – one of the main attacking skills, allows you to strike with a shield with a boost from the power of light and, in combination with Judgment of Justice, will not leave the enemy a chance to run away from the battlefield and receive full damage from the entire combination of skills.
  1. Hammer of Wrath is a powerful skill that is designed to finish off the enemy. The paladin throws a hammer that deals high damage on impact, but the skill can only be used when the opponent’s health is less than 20%.
  1. Exorcism is a strong offensive skill that is applied frequently and consumes mana. Deals increased damage to undead and demons. When combined with the Art of War talent, which reduces the cooldown of basic skills and allows you to use most of the offensive skills without reading after a critical hit.
  1. Sanctify – A strong mass strike with the power of light around the Paladin. Does not require a target to cast, works great against invisible targets and groups of opponents, as well as characters with summoned pets.

Auxiliary Skills:

Hand of Freedom – Removes any movement-related debuffs from the target, and can be stolen or dispelled.

Divine Shield – removes all negative effects and grants temporary invulnerability. Can be dispelled by an enemy Priest.

Purification – removes one negative effect of any power. Always keep the skill on the hotbar when playing in a group.

Hand of Protection – Significantly increases the physical damage resistance of the target. Use to protect mages and priests from rogues, hunters, warriors, and other targets with physical attacks.

Repentance is a strong immobilizing skill. The target loses the ability to move for one minute, but any damage removes the target from the debuff. Needed to reduce the distance or retreat from the battlefield.

Hammer of Justice – Stuns the target. Use the skill to interrupt casts and any skills that require a cast time.

Avenger’s Wrath – significantly increases attacking abilities by eliminating the defensive behavior. Turns a Paladin into a Berserker.