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Digital Marketing

Why do you need a digital marketing strategy? And how to build an advertising campaign to avoid losses? How important is a sound digital marketing strategy for an online business? Digital marketing blog – what is it and what is it for? 

Let’s understand everything in order. 

In fact, in the 21st century, it is digital marketing that promotes and popularizes the product. But it is important not just to tell about the product, you need to find an audience that will be interested in this product. Any marketing campaign starts with defining business goals and building a strategy to achieve them. It is through proper promotion of a digital marketing campaign that you will be able to: 

  • Make your website more popular. 
  • Attract new customers from different traffic channels. 
  • Create and increase the base of potential customers. 
  • Expand your business. 
  • Increase profits and brand popularity.

It is important to understand the ultimate goal of a digital marketing strategy. A well-formulated work plan motivates employees and reduces the financial cost of an advertising campaign.

What is a digital marketing strategy? 

A digital marketing strategy is a long-term plan that is needed to grow a business . It is implemented through the use of various marketing channels. Why you need a digital marketing strategy: 

  • Increased return on investment. 
  • Structuring actions. 
  • Analysis of audience reaction. 
  • Collection of real statistics. 

How to develop a digital marketing strategy: 

Set a goal. 

You must clearly understand what final result you want to get, what needs to be done for this and what budget you will need. 

Find out your target audience. 

How well you know the habits and needs of your customers depends on the success of an advertising campaign and the correct use of the budget. 

Describe your client profile (ICP). 

The Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics tools are great for this . Understanding the web habits of the audience improves sales. Of course, not all areas need it. For example, if we are talking about an online store, you can neglect SEO or Google Ads at the start. 

Determine effective marketing channels. Answer these questions: 

How exactly will you promote your product? 

Where is the best place to buy it? 

What websites do your target audience visit the most? 

If it’s a local site, they mostly use Google Ads, My Business, Facebook Ads, and local directories. For an online store, SEO is the best. Of course, it all depends on the planned budget. By the way, in the US, the approximate cost of one advertising campaign is $1000-10000 per month. Explore other traffic channels like TikTok and Instagram . In the beginning, it is best to choose 1-2 channels and place maximum emphasis on them. After adding other traffic sources. 

  • Set up the technical part. To do this, you need to automate the work of e-mail – so the mailing will go quickly and efficiently. Check the site for errors in the user’s conversion path. Do usability testing for responsive and desktop versions of the site. A checklist that will help you do this is the Usability checklist . It is important to check the site before launching advertising campaigns. Otherwise, you risk getting a very low conversion rate. 
  • Create a chat bot. This will simplify and improve communication in instant messengers. 

Direct the efforts of the team in the right direction, use the right tactics – and remember the ultimate goal.

Why is a digital marketing strategy important? 

A digital marketing strategy is an important part of business development. Here are some aspects that confirm this fact: 

  1. Real assessment of the demand for the product. You will see how many people are willing to pay for a product. And this is your potential profit. You can check how many impressions a particular query has in the Google Keyword Planner Tool . 
  2. Understanding your clients. The better you understand your audience, the better the site becomes. The product must always be in stock and meet the requirements of potential customers. Otherwise, they simply won’t buy it. A high-quality product page consists of a detailed description of the characteristics, several photos, prices, reviews and discounts. 
  3. Reducing the risk of losing money. Proper use of finance allows you to make an online store more interesting with a smaller budget. 
  4. Avoidance of duplication. The strategy should be designed specifically for your target margin categories in the store. Using someone else’s promotion plan is ineffective. This is fraught with a senseless waste of time and resources. 
  5. Determine your market share. The potential audience will statistically demonstrate the demand for your offer. Analyze this data. Think and determine why people should buy your product. Gather statistics with Google Keyword Planner Tool. The resulting numbers will show: how much traffic you get from Google Ads, search engines and what percentage of organic traffic.
  6. Optimization of human resources. It is important that each employee clearly performs the assigned task. This requires a step-by-step action plan. 

The speed of the project implementation directly depends on the work of each person. The team must act like a well-oiled machine.

Difference between digital marketing strategy and digital marketing tactics

Marketing strategy and tactics – what is the difference between these terms? Let’s figure it out in order. 

Marketing strategy – talks about the direction you want to achieve. How to build your marketing strategy: 

  • Find what makes you stand out from your competitors. 
  • Try to focus on your “highlight”. 
  • Calculate financial costs, human resource costs and deadlines. 

This is how you determine the profitability of your advertising campaign and the expected profit. It is necessary to make both a positive and a negative forecast. Develop a plan of action in case of failure of the advertising campaign. Analyze competitor websites. Find their weak spots. Remember: opponents’ shortcomings are your advantages. Once you’ve set an end goal, determine how you’ll achieve it. 

A marketing tactic is a set of tools for the successful implementation of a marketing strategy. For each site you need to develop an individual plan. Here are the marketing steps most commonly used by marketers: 

  • Creation of a website or online store. 
  • Analysis of the market potential based on the queries that users make. 
  • Website improvements and testing of new targeted traffic channels. 
  • Analysis of competitors both in terms of the site and advertising campaigns. This can easily be done in similarweb.com , ahrefs.com , semrush.com services . 
  • Launching the first Google Ads campaign and analyzing the results of micro and macro versions. 
  • On-page site optimization, in 1-2 months off-page planning. 

Strategy and tactics in digital marketing are interdependent – use them in synergy and achieve your business goals.


A properly built digital marketing strategy is the key to successful promotion. Focus on the result you want to achieve. Make a detailed plan and follow it step by step. Apply various marketing tactics, look for creative solutions. In most cases, customers buy not because they need to, but because of good advertising. Product presentation plays a vital role in its promotion. Stand out from the competition and demonstrate your value to the consumer. A smart digital marketing strategy is a guaranteed profit.