Facebook Jail – 8 Easiest Ways to get out of it

Facebook Jail - 8 Easiest Ways to get out of it-02

Worried about getting out of Facebook jail? Here are the simplest ways to get out of it. Users must be aware of the Facebook jail, which can cause complications and hurdles to their accounts. Even a minor mistake can lead to the closure of the account.

Simply put, Facebook jail occurs when Facebook suspends any account or profile for violating the Facebook Community Standards, intentionally or unintentionally.

Therefore, users are accountable for different penalties depending on the duration of posts uploaded. The posts can be for hours, days, weeks, or even up to the removal of the profile. The sentences last up to 21 days approximately.

Facebook Jail

Facebook jail is a term for those who use their accounts to promote and sell products or services. Earning through Facebook and doing business on FB is common nowadays, and people use it as a promotion platform.

Why do users get into Facebook jail?

get into Facebook jail
get into Facebook jail

People are sent to Facebook jail for different reasons depending on their frequency of posts, likings, and comments. The following are a few examples:

o Users get suspended if they have been sharing edgy and toxic content. Facebook prohibits such content with extreme rigor.

o If user dislikes another Facebook user or group, it’s best to keep it to yourself. Any account on Facebook that uses hate speech, threats, or attacks against any user, page, or group is banned.

o Another popular reason for being jailed on Facebook is spamming people with posts.

o Do not post content that is fake or copied from somewhere else. Despite its love for genuine updates, Facebook despises fabricated rumors and copied posts.

o The possibility of suspending your account is unaffected by the number of fans you have. If any rule breaks, the user will be banned, no matter how many followers you have.

How to avoid facebook jail?

1.      Set a frequency of uploading posts

frequency of uploading posts
frequency of uploading posts

You risk being sent to Facebook jail if you share the same content on multiple Facebook profiles, groups, or pages. Give user some time between posting on various accounts if you want to avoid being suspended for this reason. Although it may take a long time, this is the only way out.

You might consider using a social media scheduling tool to schedule your posts in advance to keep things in order and save time. Numerous tools are available to assist you in completing the task.

Also, if you’re looking for a statusbrew alternative, you can check it out. Through its Facebook post scheduler, RecurPost is one of those tools that lets you manage Facebook pages, groups, and profiles all at once. You can post your content quickly and avoid Facebook jail with little investment.

2. Don’t use plagiarized content

Facebook hate content that has been copied. The platform supports and encourages sharing original content, which can benefit the community. Others are more likely to label your spam if you consistently share plagiarized content on your profiles. Therefore, you should consider using images saved from Google searches to avoid Facebook jail. Utilizing unique substances will make your profile look new, remarkable, and appealing.

Even if you use stock images, check to see if they have the copyright or licensing issues. Also, keep in mind that links, videos, text, and images fall under the originality category.

3. Avoid unnecessary tagging

The days user just added random people to their posts to get attention and likes are long gone. Consistently including unidentified individuals in user’s posts will negatively impact the image and increase risk of being banned from Facebook. Alongside this, try not to send companion solicitations to individuals in mass simultaneously. This behavior may impact the account and is also regarded as spam.

It is because most people will decline the request. Afterwards, they are unfamiliar with user and will report their account as spam.

4. Stay away from spamming activities

away from spamming activities
away from spamming activities

Facebook can label many of your actions as spam and send you to jail. To remain clean in Facebook’s eyes, you should avoid the following:

o Only send friend requests to friends you already know or have in common. They won’t label you spam if they don’t accept your requests. Your account may be spam if many friend requests are ignored.

o Don’t send DMs in bulk with promotional messages. Facebook demands that its users use its messaging service honestly and ethically. Therefore, if you consistently send promotional messages to people, they will mark you as spam to stop receiving notifications.

o Lastly, Spam-promoting your business on the pages or groups of other businesses can also land you in jail on Facebook.

5. Block people who can be dangerous

Regardless of whether you are aware, people will always want to harm your account by reporting every post without giving a specific reason, such as your rivals. It would help if you first took the necessary precautions to avoid such individual attacks. Block or report competitors or other users you know who might report your content. They won’t be able to see your posts anymore, preventing you from getting reported wrongly.

Moreover, your posts are brought down for not having a great explanation, and you could contact Facebook and let them know about this present circumstance.

6. Watch the frequency of liking and commenting

You may have heard of bots automatically commenting on and liking posts. Social media sites are essentially automated robots acting as humans. Furthermore, because they frequently like and comment, they are frequently identified as spam. As a result, you risk being blocked if you comment and like frequently.

Additionally, this enables Facebook traffic data monitoring, which would otherwise fail if many people participated in multiple activities simultaneously.

7. Limit the number of posts on average

You must also monitor the number of posts in addition to their quality. Experts and social media managers on Facebook say users can increase their reach and engagement with as few as five to six daily posts. Therefore, don’t upload too much content on the same day. It is unnecessary to provide Facebook users with every piece of information about your business because your posts encourage people to visit website and learn more about the business.

Using the same links on multiple accounts simultaneously risks flagging spam and getting locked up on Facebook. So, shortening your links will save your character space, prevent your links from appearing spammy, and keep your account out of Facebook jail.

You can free-of-charge shorten links with a variety of online websites.


Conclusively, Facebook jail can stop all your Facebook activities. Therefore, you won’t be able to use Facebook for personal use. Make sure you follow the mentioned preventive measures, and if you follow all the rules correctly, there is no chance of going into Facebook jail. However, the decision is from the authority of Facebook, which decides based on uploading posts. There are alternatives to facebook but comparing other applications it’s the best one. 

Here’s the guide to getting out of Facebook jail if you are still into it.

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