How To Grab Firebase Z Wonder Weapon in COD 7?

wonder weapon firebase z

Zombies are everywhere, from abandoned buildings to the roofs of hospitals. Scary enough? These terrifying scenes are the dark settings of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, where the zombies are ravaging the lands with impunity and threatening the order of the world. But they can be defeated. Only with one weapon hidden away in the Firebase Z Wonder is Weapon or R.A.I K-84 rifle.

The rifle can make the undead dead in just a few shots. However, here comes the catch: You cannot easily lay your hands on the gun. To search the rifle is finding a needle in a haystack. This is where we come. So, in this article, we have curated a list of ways to grab the covered Wonder weapon in the COD.

The Gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombie is the seventh installment of the COD series. The Firebase Z is the update, where the players went into the dark jungles of Vietnam to look for the operative with the name of Samantha Maxis, who is caged by Doctor Peck in the Dark Aether.

The mission is pretty simple: Stormed in, rescue Maxis, hunt down the zombies, and safely get back to the extraction point.

How will you do it?

Simple by finding the R.A.I K-84 Rifle in the Firebase Z Wonder weapon.

How to Get Firebase Z’s Wonder Weapon in COD?

firebase z wonder weapon
firebase z wonder weapon

The Wonder Weapon is an AK-47, charged with supernatural technology to blow the Zombies to bits. However, the weapon is divided into pieces, so you have to assemble the pieces to use it. Here is how to get the Firebase Z Wonder Weapon in COD.

Teleport Through the Firebase Z

When the mission kickoff, kill as many zombies as you can to gather enough points to teleport. And as you that much of the points, simply go to the Quick Revive perk machine to teleport yourself into the Firebase Z.

Switch the Power On

In Firebase Z, you will face a choice: Choose a reactor out of three. Each reactor has its different path. To imitate or activate any of the reactors, you will need 500 points. After the activation, you have to fight tooth and nail to defend it from the onslaught of the zombies.

Now, this line of defense for one reactor shall be extended to the other reactors, too. This means you will have to defend every reactor from the ravage zombies.

  • Pro-tip: Defend the most challenging front firsti.e., middle reactor

Ultimately, when each reactor is activated to the fullest, you can now Pack-a-Punch all of your weapons and safely return to Ravenov.

Quest for Firebase Z Wonder Weapon: Grab the Blueprints

The plan is simple. You will be teleportedto the main zone of Firebase Z. There search for the weapons lab in the right corner. In that weapon lab, you can easily find the blueprint stack against the wall. Add the item to your inventory. Go to the next round.

Get the Eye

Since starting the round. Remember you need one zombie alive to succeed in this round. Because you will need the zombie to finish this round. In this stage, you will be finding a scientist who is lost in the Zombie land.

Go to the Scorched Defense, you will see a corpse on the tank. That corpse was of the missing scientist. But he has one thing you need: his eye to scan for the weapon labs. Get the eye to the Weapon lab and put it in the retinal scanner.

Use the Keys

In getting a Firebase Z Wonder weapon after the eye is scanned in the retinal scanner—a drawer will open. The drawer has the keys you will need to unlock the lockers located in the Barracks. Mimics will show up to lung at you. Kill them. And look for the item called the Barrel Assembly in them. Repeat this cycle until you end up having the Barrel Assembly.

Solve the Dartboard

Solve the Cold War Zombies dartboard is next. Toughest stage of the game. Back the computer in the Weapon lab will blip on both sides of the clock i.e., clockwise and anticlockwise. Your responsibility is to watch where the blip stops blipping. The blip clock will make a total of three stops which indicates the position of the dartboard. The dartboard will be placedon the left of the Mess Hall of the machine of the Pack-a-Punch.

Time for Power Cell

This round has a surprise for you in the face of Mangler Zombies. This undead has special abilities like arm cannon which will end your health in a few shots. The power cell, you are finding, is in that arm cannon.

You have to somehow get that arm off to secure the power cell. The best point to do is when they are charging their arm cannon up, take a good swing at their hand, to split them up. Now you have your power cell, take the cell to the weapon lab and put it on the charger. Let the charger charge the power cell to the fullest.

How to get Firebase Z Wonder weapon: Mix All of It

You have now every ingredient to make the Wonder weapon. After it is assembled; ready to kill some zombies. The gun has 20 rounds; make it count. To tap the full potential of the wonder weapon you will unlock it almost three times with Pack-a-Punch.

The rifle also shoots a projectile full of red plasma from the under-barrel. This will wipe the sea of zombies in a jiff. To make your kill effective, get as many zombies as you can behind you. They won’t even they have been tricked. Once they get in the chain behind you—shoot the killing magma on them.