Google Pixel Smartwatch Now Supports Fitbit Sleeping Feature

fitbit sleep tracker
fitbit sleep tracker

Device Required: Google Pixel Smartwatch

Fitbit sleep tracker: After rolling out a fresh update to the pixel watch app with some additional Fitbit features, Google has confirmed that the Pixel watch now supports sleep profiles on Fitbit premium. The insights are intended to assign the user a sleeping animal that Google says represents the type of sleeper you are.

However, Google confirms that the pixel watch is now adding support for Fitbit sleep profiles. The feature sorts out your sleep habits into one of the various types of sleepers, all signified by an animal. This includes how constantly you go to bed, sleep duration, REM sleep, restfulness, and disrupted sleep. Fitbit devices such as the Sense and Versa smartwatches, as well as the charge 5 tracker and others, added support for the feature earlier this year.

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The Google Pixel watch marks all the right boxes as a first-gen product. Regardless of all its cons, Google’s first Wear OS watch is better enough to make it to our list of the best android smartwatches. Hence, it is also the first OS smartwatch with Fitbit integration, letting you use the latter’s app to track your workout and health metrics. And now, Google is making the experience even better by adding a Fitbit sleep profile feature on the pixel watch.

The sleep profile is created at the start of every month. It needs you to wear the smartwatch to bed for at least 14 days a month, and the more you wear it, the better the results will be.

Moreover, Google also makes it clear that if you wore the pixel watch to sleep at least 14 days in October, the Fitbit app would create your first sleep profile on November 22. If you start wearing it today, then the report will generate on December 1.

Sleep profile is a premium feature; you must have access to Fitbit premium to use it. Google bundles six-month of free Fitbit Premium with the pixel watch, but after that, you have to pay $10/month. Fitbit’s premium subscribers can now enjoy this feature.