Forum Credit Union Overview

Forum Credit Union

If you are interested in achieving your financial dreams, then you must join Forum Credit Union. This article is all about an overview of Forum Credit Union so that you can get a better idea.

What is Forum Credit Union?

It is a non-government financial cooperative other than banks providing products and services to meet the needs of the members with innovation and care. In this cooperation, members are the owners, and the forum is not traded publicly.

ü  The Idea Of Forum Credit Union

The owners and members do return the profits to their members via lower loan rates and higher saving rates. At the forum, it is: “Your Money. Your Voice” is a simple saying for the financial well-being of the members. Moreover, this forum provides the opportunity to take control of their money successfully and make it work harder for them.

ü  Services

They offer convenient branches at different locations, access to thousands of shared branches nationwide, and free surcharge Alliance One ATMs. In addition, they also provide online banking in case you do not belong to the same channel, which includes bill pay, online billing, mobile banking, online live chat, and mobile deposits.

Membership In Forum Credit Union

To become a member of this forum, you must:

  • First, see if you can join by reviewing the eligibility for membership in the credit union.
  • You can often find the field of information for the credit union membership on their website: https://www.forumcu .com/

How Do I Select Any Forum Credit Union?

Anyone can select a credit union, which is actually a common bond among the members:

Membership in a Group: Anyone associated with any of the labor unions, schools, worship, or homeowners can join it.

Employers: A lot of employers do sponsor their credit union.

Family Members: Many credit unions allow families to join them.

Graphical Areas: Such places like works, worship, lives, or students in school from specific graphic locations are being served by a lot of credit unions.

How Much Cost Do You Need to Join Any Forum Credit Union?

The cost of purchasing one par value share at a credit union in order to establish a membership account is generally 5 Dollars to 25 Dollars. In addition, various credit unions also charge nominal fees for the process of account opening.

In Rewards Forum Credit Union Gives Cashback Over $2.9M To Members

The cashback is given by Forum Credit Union to the members via rewards based on prizes and savings each year, on the financial cooperative spirit embodied that is on a committed basis.

Moreover, a commitment founded on the financial cooperative spirit reflected in credit unions, FORUM Credit Union offers cash back to its members through a variety of savings and prize-based awards every year. FORUM returned more than $2.9 million in benefits to members in 2022.

However, Jimmy Crase, who won the 52 Week Money Challenge, received $1,376 from FORUM as part of its savings and prize-based awards. Jimmy has been a member of FORUM since 2007.

In addition, by making 26 installments over the course of a year and saving at least $1,378 by the time customers create this incremental savings account, they are eligible to win $1,378. Additionally, winners for FORUM’s Bonus 5 Fund were selected. Members of this account can receive monthly and annual cash rewards for making regular savings.

Then, five winners were selected in 2022, and they each got $500. In addition to offering prize-based savings, FORUM also rewards its members with checking and credit card incentives, offers from other websites, awards for teachers, and collegiate scholarships through the FORUM Foundation.

Moreover. Doug True, CEO of FORUM Credit Union, noted that these figures “demonstrate the credit union’s member-centric approach and how we fulfill our purpose of helping members live their financial dreams.” 

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