FreeTTS: Mix TTS Conversion and Audio Editing



FreeTTS offers a comprehensive suite of text-to-speech conversion and audio editing tools to meet all your multimedia needs. Whether you’re converting text to speech, transcribing audio, removing vocals, enhancing voice quality, cutting audio segments, or joining audio files, FreeTTS provides intuitive and efficient solutions. With FreeTTS, unleashing your creativity and enhancing your audio content has never been easier. Try FreeTTS today and experience the power of seamless text-to-speech conversion and audio editing at your fingertips.          

What is FreeTTS 

FreeTTS is a free online platform that seamlessly integrates text-to-speech conversion with powerful audio editing features. It provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools to create, edit, and enhance audio content with ease.

With FreeTTS, you’re in control. Whether you’re a day owl or a night owl, switch between day mode and night mode with ease. Plus, even if you’re on the free plan, you still get access to all of FreeTTS’ awesome features. And guess what? New users get a generous starting allowance of 2000 characters, with a whopping 10,000 characters when they sign up and log in.

How Does FreeTTS Work 

FreeTTS employs cutting-edge technology to convert text into high-quality speech and offers a range of audio editing functionalities to refine and customize your audio files. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, FreeTTS makes the process intuitive and straightforward.

For other features in the new version, the development team used new algorithms to process the audio, such as removing vocals and improving the sound quality. These tools have been rigorously trained and tested before being put on the market. So FreeTTS can work smoothly whatever the task it is working on. 

TTS Conversion & Audio Editing on One Site 

#1 Text to Speech

Text-to-speech conversion is a breeze with FreeTTS. Simply input your text into the platform, select your preferred voice and language options, and let FreeTTS do the rest. Within seconds, your text will be transformed into natural-sounding speech, ready to be incorporated into your projects.

How to use

  • Enter or paste your text into the designated text box.
  • Choose your desired voice and language settings.
  • Customize the audio output settings, such as audio quality, output format, speed,etc. 
  • Click on the “Convert text to speech” button to generate the audio file.
  • Download the converted audio file and use it as needed.

#2 Speech to Text

FreeTTS also offers speech-to-text functionality that can convert your spoken language into text. This tool makes it easy for sharing the text to any other platforms. Whether you’re looking to transcribe lectures, interviews, or personal notes, FreeTTS makes the process quick and efficient.

How to Use

  • Upload your audio file containing the speech you want to transcribe.
  • Choose the output language and format from the given options. 
  • Click on the “Convert speech to text” button to start the conversion process.
  • Review and edit the transcribed text as needed.
  • Download the text file for further use.

#3 Vocal Remover

AI Vocal Remover is a smart tool that uses artificial intelligence to take out vocals from songs. It works by figuring out the singing parts and then softening them while keeping the music. This helps make karaoke tracks, remixes, or edit songs easier. With Freetts’ Vocal Remover, changing up your favorite tunes is a breeze.

How to use 

  • Select vocal remover function from the left board of FreeTTS. 
  • Upload the audio file from which you want to remove vocals.
  • Click on the “Start Processing” button to process the audio file.
  • Download the modified audio file without vocals.

#4 Voice Enhancer 

smart technology to analyze your voice and then applies improvements to make it clearer and smoother. Whether you’re recording a song, podcast, or just talking, AI Voice Enhancer helps your voice stand out. With just a few clicks, you can make your recordings sound more professional and polished. Say goodbye to fuzzy or muffled voice recordings and hello to clear, vibrant sound with AI Voice Enhancer.

How to use 

  • Upload the audio file you wish to enhance.
  • Click the ‘Start Processing” to let Freetts do the rest. 
  • Then the enhanced audio will be displayed below the original audio. 
  • You can preview the result by playing the audio online. 
  • Download the enhanced audio file for use.

#5 Audio Cutter 

AI Audio Cutter is a nifty tool that helps you trim and cut audio files with ease. Whether you’re removing unwanted sections, creating loops, or editing sound clips, AI Audio Cutter makes the process simple and hassle-free. Just upload your audio file, choose the start and end points for the segment you want to keep, and let the AI do the rest. 

With AI Audio Cutter, you can customize your audio files exactly how you want them, without any fuss. Say goodbye to long, complicated editing processes and hello to quick and straightforward audio cutting with AI Audio Cutter.

How to use 

  • Upload the audio file you want to cut.
  • Specify the start and end points for the desired segment.
  • The selected clip will be cut out from the whole audio and displayed on the page. 
  • You can play the audio to see if it is what you want. 
  • If satisfied with the result, download it, 

#6 Audio Joiner

AI Audio Joiner is a fantastic tool that lets you merge multiple audio files into one seamlessly. Whether you’re combining music tracks, podcast episodes, or sound effects, AI Audio Joiner makes it super easy. Just upload the audio files you want to merge, arrange them in the desired order, and click a button. The AI will do the rest, stitching your audio files together into one cohesive piece.

How to use

  • At the audio joiner page, add more than one audio file. It supports upload mp3. Wav, and ogg. 
  • Once all audio files are added to the tool, click “Merge All and Save‘. These audio files will be merged into one file. 
  • Click the Play button to listen to the music. You’ll find that all clips have been merged into one. 
  • Download the file or continue to use other tools to edit the audio on Freetts. 

What Can We Do with FreeTTS? 

  • Helps people who can’t see well by reading text out loud and lets you control devices with your voice.
  • Makes it easy to create videos and podcasts by turning written words into speech, improving sound quality, and editing audio.
  • Helps musicians mix songs, remove singing parts, and combine audio files smoothly.
  • Turns spoken words into written text, useful for writing, transcribing, or learning new languages.
  • Lets you easily cut, trim, and combine audio files to make professional-sounding recordings, podcasts, or music mixes.

Freetts FAQs

  1. What’s the difference between audio cutter & audio joiner

Audio Cutter: Allows you to trim or cut specific parts of an audio file, so you can remove unwanted sections or create shorter clips.

Audio Joiner: Lets you merge multiple audio files together, combining them into a single file. This is useful for creating longer tracks or combining different segments of audio.

  1. Can I remove a vocal from a song?

Yes, you can remove vocals from a song using FreeTTS. This feature is typically found in the “Vocal Remover” tool. By applying this feature, you can isolate and reduce the vocals in a song, leaving behind instrumental or background music.

  1. How to customize audio output on Freetts? 

To customize audio output on FreeTTS, you can typically adjust various settings, such as audio quality, play speed, voice volume pitch adjustment, pause time between paragraphs, etc. 


FreeTTS is like a supercharged toolbox for both turning text into speech and tinkering with audio. It’s not just for people who need text read aloud—it’s also great for making podcasts, mixing music, and more. With its easy-to-use features, FreeTTS opens up a world of possibilities for anyone who wants to play with sound and words. So, if you’re looking to have fun with text and audio, give FreeTTS a try!